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That Hammond Sound

Journeys // 1400-1500 08.02.09

that hammond sound - sun 8th feb - 2-3 pm

Hey folks,

This week's show is a celebration of one of the funkiest and yet most often derided of instruments; the Hammomd organ.

Invented in the 1930s by Laurens Hammond as an electric alternative to the traditional (and expensive to maintain) wind-driven church pipe-organ, it soon found a place in the hearts of musicians of every persuasion. Starting off in Gospel, Blues and Jazz, by the 1960s and 70s it was almost ubiquitous amongst Rock, Funk and Soul acts too.

Despite ceasing production in 1974, the original electro-mechanical Hammond organs (mostly the B-3 & C-3 models) are still in use in their thousands today.

The Hammond has appeared on thousands of tracks by hundreds of artists of all kinds. Yet it still retains an abiding association with that most foul of creations; Muzak (an ill-deserved reputation that it shares with the vibraphone).

Whilst I was putting the tracks together for the show, I listened to just about every tune I have that involves heavy use of one variety or other of the mighty Hammond and Gillian (my wife) asked if I was really going to do a show of 'lift music'! Charming! But actually not unreasonable, given that I was listening to a cheesy Hammond cover of some 1960s pop standard or other.

My intention in this show is to (mostly) avoid the kind of tracks that you'd expect to hear accompanied by a robotic voice saying, 'Going Up. Lift stopping. Fourth floor.', or similar, and to instead play a crackin' selection of funky, rocky and soulful Hammond grooves.

Artists likely to feature include The Beatles, James Brown, The Spencer Davis Group, Jimmy McGriff, Billy Preston, The Small Faces and Charles Kynard, as well as a host of others.

The Weird But Wonderful vote is between a couple of fairly 'recent' exponents of the Hammond-heavy sound:

1. The Charlatans - The Only One I Know -

Not only did I soooo dig this when it first came out, I even tried to grow the exagerrated mop-top sported by Tim Burgess. Class.

2. The Inspiral Carpets - Joe -

Remember when everyone wanted a pair of British Knights trainers? Then you must be almost as old as me. :) (I believe that this song actually features a Farfisa organ rather than a Hammond, but I did say 'Hammond sound'!)

To decide which one plays the show out, get in touch during the live broadcast: [email protected] or text 'subcity' then your message to 07766 40 41 42.

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Posted at 22:33, 5th February 2009


Camel Back
A.B. Skhy MGM
Fire & Water
Charles Kynard Mainstream
Here Now!
Charles Kynard World Pacific
Weird But Wonderful Contenders
The Only One I Know
The Charlatans Beggar's Banquet
Inspiral Carpets Cow
Blue Organ
Bobby Emmons - Hi
Listen Here
Eddie Harris Atlantic
Why Don't You Play The Organ Man
Memphis Black Ascot
Blue Jay Way
The Beatles Parlophone
Keith Mansfield Orchestra Pronit
Billy's Bag
Billy Preston Vee-Jay
All About My Girl
Jimmy McGriff Blue Note
Knock On Wood
The Twilighters PEB
Gimme Me Some Lovin'
Spencer Davis Group Fontana
All Or Nothing
The Small Faces Decca
The Vamp
Gene Ludwig Travis
The Hen Pt 1
Louis Chachere Paula
Weird But Wonderful Winner
The Charlatans
The Only One I Know Beggar's Banquet

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