Jackie, It's a Trap!

Jackie your Body // 2200-2300 23.02.11

jackie, it's a trap!

This episode of Jackie your Body will be featuring a mixtape from It's a Trap! The mix features mainly white label Bounce from artists Big Freedia and DJ Jubilee. Bounce music is a pretty frenetic style of hip hop music hailing from New Orelans which is said to have originated as early as the late 1980s. It mainly features "Call and Response" style chant which usually is shouted over the 'triggerman' beat which is fairly typical to Bounce music. Like Juke, Miami bass, Baltimore and booty music, bounce is a highly regional form of urban dance music. Nevertheless, bounce has influenced a variety of other rap subgenres and even emerged in the mainstream with artists such as Lil Jon and so on. Shaun fae Solar will be playing some Jackin House and Hip House from the late 80's from artists such as Todd Terry and Jungle Brothers. Josh Wavy Graves will also be playing out a sweet DJ Slugo mini-mix.

Posted at 21:10, 23rd February 2011


// It's a Trap! Bounce Mix //
Load Up Yo Tec
Code 6 Ice Mike Ent
Y'all Get Back Now
Big Freedia White Label
Doggie Hop
Willie Puckett Take Fo'
Doin' the Mario
DJ Jubilee ft Willie Puckett & Junie Take Fo'
Back that Ass Up
DJ Jubilee Take Fo'
Ass Everywhere
Big Freedia White Label
Gin In My System
Big Freedia White Label
Pop Dat Dyk Up
Sissy Nobby White Label
// Shaun fae Solar Hip House Mix //
I Can't Quite Understand
Royal House LH Records
Can Ya'll Get Funky
Royal House LH Records
Nitty Gritty
Todd Terry Freeze
A Day in the Life
Black Riot Champion
In the Name of Love
Swan Lake Freeze
Just Wanna Dance
Todd Terry Freeze
Bang Go
Todd Terry Sleeping Bag
Jungle Hot (The Drum Drum Remix)
Todd Terry Freeze
The Crens
Todd Terry Freeze
I'll House You (Houseapella Mix)
Jungle Brothers Warlock
// DJ Slugo Mini-Mix //
Hey Stuck Up Hoe
DJ Slugo and Jackmaster "Charles" Dance Mania
Beat That
DJ Slugo Subterranean Playhouse
Jerk Whip
DJ Slugo Subterranean Playhouse
Beat This (instrumental)
DJ Slugo Subterranean Playhouse
Beat This (dirty)
DJ Slugo Subterranean Playhouse
DJ Slugo Subterranean Playhouse
Strap Up Before You Hit It
DJ Slugo Dance Mania
Slugmere Remix
DJ Slugo Dance Mania

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