The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 10th June 2011


It's a Trap! // 0000-0100 29.04.11


where they at?
Biggidy Bounce It
Ha-Sizzle Take Yo Shirt Off
Rode That Dick Like a Soldier
Ha-Sizzle Take Yo Shirt Off
Getcha Sum
G.S.B. Money Unreleased
Nobby's Party
Sissy Nobby Bouncespot
Drop Real Low
MC Shakie Gutta Bounce
Doggie Hopp
Willie Puckett Take Fo'
Melpomene Block Party
Katey Red Take Fo'
We Don't Love Them Hoes
Partners N Crime Big Boy
Where's My Bitch?
Females in Charge Pack
If U Ain't Got No $
Raheem The Dream 4 Sight
Adjust The Bass
Vic Da Baron Grindstone
I Ain't Had Sex in a Long Time...
Faster Boyz Take Yo Shirt Off
Drop & Gimme 50
10th Ward Buck Take Yo Shirt Off
Monsta Wit Da Fade Gutta Bounce
Y'All Get Back Now
Big Freedia Unreleased
Bend It Ovur!
DC-Zee ft. Tha Big Brotha Unreleased
Stop Stalkin' My B.
MC T.T. Tucker Take Yo Shirt Off
Zoom (Gutta Bounce mix)
Took Gutta Bounce
Get Jiggy
DJ Jubilee Take Fo'
Do The Mario
K.C. Redd ft. DJ Jubilee Take Fo'
Back That Ass Up
DJ Jubilee Take Fo'
Project Musik
Gotty Boi Chris Unreleased
MJ Wit It
Monsta Wit Da Fade Gutta Bounce
Blocka Blocka
Gotty Boi Chris Unreleased
Double Time
MC Shakie and Hot Boi Johnny Take Yo Shirt Off
Holy Ghost
Elm Boy Peg Take Yo Shirt Off
Pop 4 Me
MC Shakie and Westbank Erike Take Yo Shirt Off
Let Me See You Pop It
Get It Boyz Pandisc
Da Boodie Crew
Jock D Pandisc
Wassup Hoes
DJ Omega Databass
Can I Get a Ride (Edmn mix)
313 Bass Mechanics Breakin
Da Booty Perk U Later
DJ Funk Funk
Detroit Zoo
Disco D ft. Paradime GTI

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