The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 4th June 2011

It Ain't Workin' Chief

1600-1700 12.06.10

it ain't over just yet, chief

The Last Show of this academic year, some requests, some chat, some of my all time faves.. you know the drill by now.. join me at 4pm...

Posted at 08:31, 12th June 2010


Caught By The Fuzz
Supergrass Parlophone
Aphex Twin Warp
Police And Theives
The Clash Columbia
These Are Your Friends
Adem Domino
Ain't That Enough
Teenage Fanclub Creation
Postcards From Italy
Beirut 4AD
Blue Lines
Massive Attack Virgin
Roll Back My Eyes (Endlessly Dreaming)
Fists Hello Thor
Everlasting Light
The Black Keys V2
The Beast
The Only Ones Columbia
New Dawn
Withered Hand sl
King Creosotete 679
Pull Yourself Together
Hefner Too Pure
It's Alright - (Baby's Coming Back)
Eurythmics RCA

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