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A journey through a messy record collection - from early rock'n'roll to new tunes through everything inbetween. Playing what we like - because we can!


it's time to split, chief

It Ain't Workin' Chief // 04.06.11

This will be the last show of this current run of IAWC (I'll be at Doune The Rabbit Hole next week) so I'm going to pick some of my favourite tunes of the year so far and some forthcoming tracks to look out for over the summer... Join me at 4pm

Posted at 12:40, 3rd June 2011

it ain't just a festival chief: doune the rabbit

It Ain't Workin' Chief // 28.05.11

Doune The Rabbit Hole special with music by acts from the festival:

Songs by James Yorkston, The Vaselines, Rozi Plain, Alasdair Roberts and loads more... Join Me at 4pm on Saturday.

Posted at 12:15, 26th May 2011

(it ain't workin' chief...)

It Ain't Workin' Chief // 14.05.11

This week's theme is songs with parentheses in the titles.... (Join me at 4pm)

Posted at 10:33, 13th May 2011

it ain't walking, chief

It Ain't Workin' Chief // 30.04.11

This week's theme is walking, tunes from Guillemots, Found, The Cure, The Four Tops and more. Walk This Way!

Posted at 10:00, 29th April 2011

it ain't too much trouble, chief

It Ain't Workin' Chief // 23.04.11

Several songs with 'Trouble' in the title have been on my radar, so I thought I'd find some more, and play them. No trouble at all...

A truck load of trouble from artists including Jessica Lea Mayfield, Keren Ann, Big BIll Bronzy, Marvin Gaye and The Burns Unit.

Don't trouble yourself, join me at 4pm. And if you haven't already, take the trouble to 'like' the facebook page.

Posted at 08:46, 22nd April 2011

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