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Joe Crogan and Frank Sinatron are the archetypes of the ideal Hunks:

Hunks only: No Dum Dums, sorry.

We've got all your favorite segments, including Honk 4 Hunks, Hunks Advice Bureau, Pups Party, Hunks in the Kitchen, Laff & a Half and the Incredible Hunk. We've also got LIVE audience, movie reviews and joshin' around in the studio.

We also make little songs and play them live in the studio.

If you like the show, please don't hesitate to contact Subcity management, and tell them to keep us on air!

And remember "It's up to you."


current affairs/weird voice special

Hunks, hunks hunks // 19.05.11 // Current Affairs/Weird Voice Special

This week we covered all the recent current news, keeping YOU in the loop. Weddings, Wars and of course the football. Also Frank Sinatron kept playing weird voice songs.

Also, hey there is a big party look


Posted at 18:11, 20th May 2011

protest/summer special

Hunks, hunks hunks // 24.03.11 // PROTEST SPECIAL

"oh look its the Hunks protest special why don't I listen?" yeah why DON'T you? Because you are a self centered little snotbag piece of crap, flip you. Or if you ain't a jerk and just wanna josh around, its also the Hunks: SUMMER SPECIAL.

Because everyone is protesting that they want summer NOW and then the police were like "Thats unfair we only get on holiday for summer" so everyone started being jerks.

Look, we all like summer. Sand, orange juice and sunshine and shades. But please, being a jerk ain't gonna make Mr Sunshine turn up at your party.

Posted at 00:27, 25th March 2011

hunks 2.0

Hunks, hunks hunks // 13.01.11 // Hunks 2.0

Finally us hunks have got our heads together and made you a real treat!

Hunks 2.0 is up and ready 4 business and that's OUR GUARANTEE OF THE WEEK!

We have all your old favs and also some new enhanced features and segments

So listen now....please?

Posted at 19:09, 13th January 2011

christmas episdode 2

Hunks, hunks hunks // 16.12.10 // Season Finale: Hunks Xmas Party

The second Christmas episode, where we invited all our friends and fellow hunks to come down to the studio and enjoy a good old fashioned Hunks Party. Unfortunately no one turned up, except our mate Josh of Wavy Graves fame. We expected more Hunks so we had alot of Wine and meats, so we ended up drinking a little bit too much and the show fell apart a bit.

We played some xmas games, a little karaoke and Josh played us some music.

After the end of the episode, we had the station manager come in and give us our season review, and offered us one last chance to get things right. So, we are using the xmas break to brush up on some radio techniques, and next season will be even better!

Merry Christmas everyone,

Love Hunks x

Posted at 16:42, 16th December 2010

we did it! (we didn't)

Hunks, hunks hunks // 02.12.10 // Rip it up, and start again

Between travelling the cosmos in isolation tanks, going for expensive din dins, and questioning wether the idea of grand narritive is relevant in todays post-hunk world we also made a radio show . We accidently deconstructed the very medium of radio this week, but we soon made up for our mistake by literally reversing the start of the show.

After winning back the audience, we then resumed the show in the style of cool Djs, but couldnt pull it off, tried to get a live interview, and reverted back to being plain ol Hunks hunks hunks.

Once back in our cosy yet hollow roles, we debuted a new segement, Hunks in the kitchen, givin you free cooking tips, so you aint a turkey, when your cooking a turkey!

We also covered Fraiser Cranes ending theme tune this week, with a special hunk twist.

As my good m8 Jean Froncois lyotard said:

“Simplifying to the extreme, I define postmodern as incredulity toward meta narratives. This incredulity is undoubtedly a product of progress in the sciences: but that progress in turn presupposes it. To the obsolescence of the meta narrative apparatus of legitimation corresponds, most notably, the crisis of metaphysical philosophy and of the university institution which in the past relied on it. It is being dispersed in clouds of narrative language elements--narrative, but also denotative, prescriptive, descriptive, and so on. Where, after the meta narratives, can legitimacy reside?”

“Shut up Jean Francois” I said. “I can do what I want.”

as juvinille said “hey theres a lot of gurls at the party, but you the only one that im looking at shorty”

Posted at 20:36, 2nd December 2010

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