Hooray For Tuesday

1600-1700 14.09.10


Hooray For Tuesday
The Minders SpinART
Modern History
Darren Hanlon MGM
Standard Fare Melodic
Great Lengths
The Lucksmiths Candle
Hungry Freaks, Daddy
The Fall East Village Radio
Can't Stand It
Invade Rome Unsigned
Pinback Absolutely Kosher
Nibushi Shang Hong Hong
Daddy's Song
The Monkees RCA
Walmart Parking Lot
Clem Snide 429
Emily Kane
Art Brut Fierce Panda
I Wanna Be Your Dog
Gary Oldman MCA
Freakin' Out
Graham Coxon Parlophone
Some Jingle Jangle Morning
Mary Lou Lord Kill Rock Stars
The Organist Entertains
Tindersticks Beggar's Banquet

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