The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 7th June 2011

Hooray For Tuesday

0700-0800 21.11.09


Green Eyeliner
The Hot Puppies Fierce Panda
Cookie Machine
PacoVolume Discograph
A Better Friend
Hefner Too Pure
She Fell Into My Arms
Ed Harcourt Capitol
Black Smoke
Tindersticks 4AD
I Saw You
The Dirt Unsigned
Rubber Tree
Creed Bratton Kindred
Sesame Street Theme
Joshua Radin Mom and Pop
My Lovely Horse
The Divine Comedy Setanta
Come Clean
BMX Bandits Vinyl Japan
South of Love
Friends Again Universal
Sky is Falling
James Rough Trade
Brandi Carlile Sony
In Your Bright Ray
Grant McLennan Beggar's Banquet

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