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Headlights stands for both fine music as well as fine debates.

Headlights, that is Indra and Christian, will speak to brightest heads of Glasgow University and beyond to talk about politics and philosophy, accompanied by selected tunes fitting the topic. We will look at both contemporary issues as well as taking a glimpse into the classical debates of moral philosophy.

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headlights: which we improve your memory.

Headlights // 18.01.11 // Memory & Music

Listening to today's Headlights Indra and Christian will improve your memory. We're talking about the Mozart effect and how classical music improves your memory. Or does it really?.

A Moozart effect was also observed in cows.

Indra also notes that classical music is everywhere even, in modern pop songs. Check it out yourself!

Oh, and here's a Techno Pachalbel.

Posted at 18:16, 18th January 2011

alex south: the philosophy of habits

Headlights // 30.11.10 // Alex South: The Philosophy of Habits

We are what our habits are. This could be the motto of today's Headlights, this time with Alex South. (And without Indra who got stuck in the snow) Alex is currently teaching HATII courses at Glasgow University and his own interest is in the philosophy of habits. And hence we are discussing how we can define habits, how we can become aware and eventually change habits and much more.

On top of that we are also very delighted to actually play music that is not just picked by our guest but also performed by him - as part of his engagement in the One Ensemble Orchestra and the Scottish Clarinet Quartet.

Posted at 20:03, 1st December 2010

susan stuart: consciousness

Headlights // 23.11.10 // Susan Stuart: Consciousness

Today in Headlights: A fantastic interview with Susan Stuart (Homepage/Staff Profile) on consciousness. With what probably is the lowest number of songs ever played on Headlights, we try to explain what consciousness is and how we can conceptualise it. We return to zombies, philosophical alas, a topic we have already discussed in one of our previous episodes. Philosophical Zombies are people just like you and us, except that they don't have any conscious experience of the world. They simply act and respond the world. Curious? Just listen again to the entire episode!

Posted at 18:57, 23rd November 2010

richard berry: the fall of the wall in context

Headlights // 09.11.10 // Richard Berry: The Fall of the Wall in context

On November, 9th, Twenty-One years ago, the German Wall separating West-Berlin with the Socialist German Democratic Republic fell. The Fall of the Wall was probably one of the historically most significant signs of the crumbling of USSR, and together with Professor Richard Berry, Director of the Department for Central and East European Studies at the University of Glasgow we explore the historical context that this event took place in.

We start our show with the historic clip of G√ľnter Schabowski's misguided statement on the new visa policies, that lead to the opening of the East/West-German borders immediately on the same evening. Were the ill-informed statements of Schabowski an accident, a fluke of history? Rather not so. Hence, we discuss the economic situation, opposition movements, youth groups, the Gorbachev Factor and what it meant to live in East Germany and its fellow socialist countries.

In line with the theme, the musical aspect of the show is of historically significant songs.

Posted at 19:35, 9th November 2010

democracy in crisis!?

Headlights // 26.10.10 // Democracy in Crisis!?

This week we discuss the claim that Democracy is in crisis. If this claim is true, what sort of crisis are we talking about exactly? Can we fix it? What about the gap between citizens and politicians? What about liquid democracy and liquid feedback? Tune in to hear what Indra, Christian and their studio guest Brandon have to say on the topic!

Posted at 21:09, 26th October 2010

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