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The Hand Loom Lament Radio Hou... // 0200-0300 18.03.11

Underground Mancunium:

Manchester. Fuck all to answer for, now you ask, y'nosey cunt.

The Peterloo Massacre. The civic totem of the Chartist and Suffragette movements. The worlds first nuclear free city. Fuck, the worlds first CITY In industrial terms. Cottonopolis. Friedrich Engels Dad's factory was kickin' about, his broke mate Charlie Marx and him came up with a few ideas. It was one of our lot who first imported E into the British Isles too, so sorry about that.

And then there was Acid House and shit. Factory. Which everyone knows about. Joy Division, New Order, all that. Oh aye, the birth of the Football League and the Trades Union Congress happened in the capital of the north too.

This is part one of a personal view of the Mancuniun underground. We have more to offer than testosterone fuelled cock slapping Gallagher tragedy snuff rock. Serious.

Guy Called Gerald. The Stranger. Irma Vep. Big Flame. Tools You Can Trust. Infinite Light. Autechre.

Yes mate.

Anthony Burgess too. And Trevor Griffiths set The Comedians here. And our fucking takeaways dont shut at like 1am, like some fruity blah. And we can get alcohold till 2am at Spar and for 24hrs a day at certain supermarkets.

Beat that.

Posted at 06:36, 18th March 2011


A Guy Called Gerald Juice Box
Autechre Warp
3 On Baffled Eyeland
Big Flame Ron Johnson
Hors d'Ouveres
Roy Harper Harvest
Clouds Of Flies
The Hamsters Messthetics
Starved Dog
Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra Concrete Moniker
Mere Pseud Mag. Ed
The Fall Rough Trade
Over The Moor, Im On The Moor
The Stranger VVM
Messy Body Trust
Tools You Can Trust Red Energy
The World It Keeps Turning
Serfs Singing Knives
Andy Stott Modern Love
Muslimgauze Eliminator
Executioner Blues
Irma Vep Icicles

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