The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 3rd August 2012

Episode 1: Worst Chips Ever is DEAD!!!

The Hand Loom Lament Radio Hou... // 1200-1400 06.07.12

Welcome to The Hand Loom Lament Radio Hour (formerly known as Worst Chips Ever).

With all the petty minded, arrogant ineptitude of a miniscule (and somewhat unhinged) long dissolved Trotskyist splinter group, the cavalcade of perma-semi-inebriated lo-fi guttersniping that constituted the one man war against professionalism known to all three of its dedicated fanbase as Worst Chips Ever is no longer sentient. Chuck its haggard, putrid corpse on top of next years bonfire along with all yer mildly sectarian effigies and any copies of any books written by Lynne Truss that you might have to hand. Or that new soft S&M shite that all those squares are reading to make themselves feel edgy... Fifty Bits Of Beige?

Anyway, shit was getting frankly untenable. Having one name that I make music under and another two for a radio show and label is downright fucking internet. So this should make things easier.

From now on I'm yours every fortnight for two hours. BUT THE TREATS END THERE.

This week I've got virtually all brand new stuff.

Static sine abuse, electroacoustic feedback loops, glitch callbacks and modular mulch from Keith Fullerton Whitman, Akos Rozmann and Bonnie Jones/Andrea Neumann

South Asian spine chillers from Thonghuad Faited and Ustad Abdul Karim Khan

Brutalist tech moves and gloopy night vision bass from Forward Strategy Group, Cooly G and Slackk

Deconstructo-wave white outs from Beauty Pageant and Fushitsusha

And loads of other weird shit.

Posted at 18:17, 5th July 2012


Keith Fullerton Whitman Editions Mego
Stations Vi i
Akos Rozmann Ideologic Organ
Andrea Naumann and Bonnie Jones Erstwhile
Tipsy Dance
Anoice Important
Industry And Empire
Forward Strategy Group Perc Trax
Is It Gone
Cooly G Hyperdub
Lagoon Leisure
Konx Om Pax Planet Mu
Drei Schneewalzer
Atom TM Rasternoton
SillagesTuti 2 Aigu
Guy Reibel Editions Mego
Rig Of Bone
Yek Koo Stunned
Shire Ru (Toiukoto)
Fushitsusha PSF
I'm A Man
Key & Cleary Chocolate Industries
Wishful Wishful Wanton
Pinkcourtesyphone Line Segments
Les Anarchistes
Leo Ferre EPM Musique
Bags For Life
Beauty Pageant
Hoofus Exotic Pylon
Tomorrows Story
Richard Youngs and Andrew Paine Sonic Oyster
Hongong Konong Thaim
Thonghuad Faited EM
Langton St
Radiant Husk Recital
Tlaotlon Trensmt
90 Years
Slackk local action
Dromily Vale
Ekoplekz Public Information
The Gasman Believer's Roast
Gunman With Silencer
Vatican Shadow Blackest Ever Black
Basant Khyal Jalad: Phagava Brija Dekhana Ko Chalo
Ustad Abdul Karim Khan Important
Trapist Staubgold
Track 2 (Promo Copy, No Tracklisting)
Ninni Morgia and Marcello Magliocchi Solar Ipse Audio House

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