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The Hand Loom Lament Radio Hou... // 1300-1400 16.03.12

wce s02 #0016

Radicalizes the gap constitutive of the order ultimate enigma of desire obfuscate true horror most elementary of zero forms externalize all libidinal potency index point of the sublime overlap so the fantasy tells me.

A wretched week spent reacquainting myself with my own peculiar brand of sleep disorder, beaten just in time to fuck the whole thing up once more at the weekend. Don't even go out that much any more, barely drink half what I used to, stick to the softer supplements as a rule. Still no dice.


This week I'm bringing you a rancid, sweaty, steaming dose of the brand new. Well, as brand new as a man on my budget can possibly manage.

No themes, no bullshit. Just a mainlined fug of clapped out cyborg minge and blasted soul (not Soul)connivance. Featuring an exclusive track from Austerity Britains ultra delayed forthcoming Hand Loom Lament CD-R and dungheap fresh interventions from Robert Turman, NHK, Toshimaru Nakamura and John Butcher, Black To Comm, Ben Vida and the hearthrob dreamboat cumpuddle axis that constitutes Merzbow/Marhaug.

Might even throw in some stuff that came out over a week ago to keep you cunts on your toes.


Posted at 10:01, 16th March 2012


Austerity Britain Hand Loom Lament
Ben Vida PAN
Flux 3
Robert Turman Spectrum Spools
Sticksoff III
Black To Comm De Stijl
Toshimaru Nakamua and John Butcher Monotype
Merzbow/Marhaug Editions Mego

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