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The Hand Loom Lament Radio Hou... // 0010-0110 02.12.11

wce s02 #0010

Excess consumption waste bin contraband distinction info dump flaccid trad Marxist cocktease attend to the right now ring out yer towel blast bad loan bollocks to bits consume/produce night shift data shift huff huff what kind of Keith Joseph wet dream is this?

"I don’t believe another world is possible, because I know that all things superseded stick around and stink as unwelcome reminders of that we have to deal with, so another world is necessary but only built from the gutted hull of this one"

"Cyberpunk was the dream image of neo-liberalism par excellence, albeit one that encoded within it enough short-circuits to wake itself again and again."

"for what is steam punk if not a romanticized do-over, a setting of the clock back, a time of craftsmanship and real (fetishized) objects, remaking the world, not in the mode of the ceaseless slow sprawl of cheap oil but in the Victorian self-aware world making spirit?"

"What I propose in the place of steampunk, that weak handmaiden of Obama capitalism, is what I call salvagepunk: the post-apocalyptic vision of a kaputt world, strewn with both the dream residues and the real junk of the world that was, and shot through with the hard work of salvaging, repurposing, détourning, scrapping. "

Tonight I present a mix inspired by Evan Calder William's concept of Salvagepunk, expanded and expounded upon at length in his book "Combined And Uneven Apocalypse" and his essential blog Socialism and/or Barbarism.

Who the fuck says I never bring you anything highbrow? Tunes from Elklink, Diamond Catalog, Moon Pool And Dead Band, Jessica Rylan, The Lost Domain, Patrice And Friends, Chris Watsn, Frozen Border and more. I might drop a Current 93 cover I finished t'other day in somewhere too. Easy now.

Posted at 21:45, 1st December 2011


Ship Canal Hand Loom Lament
pfhatt III
Giacinto Scelsi Accord
The Spoons
Elklink Kye
Inches Of Mercury
Moon Pool And Dead Band Hanson
Morphosis (Remix)
Pinch and Shackleton Honest Jon’s
Slith'd On
Diamond Catalog NNA Tapes
Frozen Border Frozen Border
Sweet Excorcist Warp
The Bold And The Mad
Carlos Giffoni Important
USS Carl Vinson Night Tide Funeral
Vatican Shadow hospital
Patrice And Friends Sulk
Current Bun 93
Ship Canal Hand Loom Lament
Massed Knot
Chris Watson Touch
Do The Standing Still
The Lost Domain Permanent

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