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The Hand Loom Lament Radio Hou... // 0200-0300 08.04.11

Apologies folks. Turned up at the studio t'other night and some bugger had made off with the Subcity keys without checking them back in again. Fear not though. Sending a homebaked version of the episode off to the I.T orcs as we speak. Yes Cinders, you xanax munching end-of-night-shoe-carrying tear stained mess... YE SHALL GO TO THE BALL.

Posted at 00:54, 12th April 2011

long/drawn out

Sound good? Aye, thought so.

After last week's aural abortion of a program, in which your preternaturally sozzled host managed to semi-puke his way through an hour of meticulously planned best-of-the-first-quarter-of-the-year radio sound with all the verbal panache of a sack full of Premier League post game interviews... I have decided to play it oh so fucking safe this week.

Six tracks, one hour. BIG FAT LONG SONGS. Weirdo gurgle spasms and broken glass blips that nudge at the ten minute mark (and then some). Ecstatic synth drone, sound art, free jazz, gutter HxC and total teuton machine worship.

Hope I'm back in your good books or summat.

Posted at 19:04, 7th April 2011


Olivia Block and Kyle Bruckmann either/OAR
Ambidextrous and Half Japanese
Jason Lescalleet Cut
Skull Theft
Infinity Window Arbor
Conrad Schnitlzer and Wolf Sequenza Captain Trip
Live 11-15-09 At The Eyedrum, Atlanta, Georgia
Neon Blud West Palm Beotch
The Sun Is Coming Up
Ric Colbeck Quartet Fontana

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