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The Hand Loom Lament Radio Hou... // 1300-1400 09.03.12

wce s02 #0016

In celebration of International Womens Day, Ship Canal presents a mixtape consisting of some of the least easily reducible female crafted out-sounds this side of a swollen perma-wanking patriarch!

Rapturous tribal chants from Burundi, cracked psycho-shred lo fi gutter rock, totally dessicated ketamine disco, fuck off Fluxus iconoclasm, naked invocations of a mystical Eden and slow-mo psyche trances.

Posted at 01:55, 9th March 2012


Evening Of Light
Nico Elektra
Poppy Opera
Fursaxa ATP
Fedicia Exine (I Am A Vowel remix)
The Doomed Bird Of Providence Front And Follow
Chant De Femmes
unknown artist Occora
A Blind Eye
Christina Carter Blackest Rainbow
Music From "The Sea, The Sea"
Elizabeth Parker BBC
Thorneymore Woods
Anne Briggs Topic
I Am
Matana Roberts Constellation
Country Way Of Life
Margaret Dygas Perlon
Tons Of Love
LA Vampires goes Ital Notnotfun
For A String Player (John Cage)
Charlotte Moorman Alga Marghen
Nalle Pickled Egg
I Trust My Guitar
Magik Markers Ecstatic Peace

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