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Vomit. Wimper. Repeat.

The Hand Loom Lament Radio Hou... // 0200-0300 14.01.11

a plague upon ye'!!!

It's the first Worst Chips Ever of the new year. Back to the fucking grind. We're all in this together! THE BIG SOCIETY, aye? Bollocks. I'm on JSA and I've been chained to a bloody toilet all day vomiting out whats left of my dignity. It's just the flu. Not that I've been to a doctor. I'm a Northern MAN, dammit. I dont have need for such quackery. Probably just read you some guff out of a book and fill you full of them antibiotics what mean you cant go down the pub. No ta. I'll see this one out with the spirit of my forefathers...and while I cant necessarily compare the sacrifice of two generations of British war dead to a tit with the flu, I reckon my struggle is, in its own way, just as trying.

Anyway, not in the studio in person tonight, but the show goes out live none the less thanks to the combined efforts of The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart and Earthly Matters, who have ensured I dont miss yet another show by sorting stuff out studio-side. Big up.

Due to me only being able to look at a computer screen for around five minutes at a time before everything goes all Anime and my brain falls through my nose, tonights show is a re-run of a mixtape I made for the short lived blog that Worst Chips Ever arose from. I only did a handful of these mixtapes but this was by far the most well received. It focuses on vocal manipulations, acapella, improvised sound poetry and non musical field recordings. Lots of garbled vowells and militant toasting, street corner proto hip hop enunciations, invocations of a parallel mystical Albion and much more. Anne Briggs, Henri Chopin, Blood Stereo, traditional vocal workouts from Burundi, sacred harp singing, gospel choirs, work songs and field hollers.


Posted at 02:55, 14th January 2011


Alabama Sacred Harp Singers Atlantic
It Was Up In The Mountains
Laurie Anderson Giorno Poetry Systems
Helium Contract
Blood Stereo Bottrop Boy
Les Pirouettes Vocales pour les Pirouettements
Henri Chopin Alga Maghren
Ma Bonnie Lad
Anne Briggs Topic
Medicine Man: Ratna Park 1.21.05
Aaron Dilloway Hanson
Hammer Ring
Jesse Bradley and Group Rounder
The Dust Blows Forward and The Dust Blows Back
Captain Beefheart Straight
When The Revolution Comes
The Last Poets Douglas
My Sweet Soldier
Cath and Phil Tyler WFMU
Bjork One Little Indian
Akazehe Par Deux Jeunes Filles
Burundi: Musiques Traditionnelles Ocora
Five Night Bleedin'
Linton Kwesi Johnson LKJ
Prayer (Excerpt)
Clear Creek Missionary Baptist Church Congregation Tompkins Square
Tour Of The Dales
The Watersons Topic
Careless Love
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Domino
What Put The Blood
Directing Hand Dancing Wayang
Bryan Lewis Saunders and Z'ev Outfall Channel
Devil Town
Daniel Johnston Shimmy

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