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Hand Loom Lament is a digital micro-label and D.I.Y radio show run by Ship Canal. Dissociated echo phantasies and budget dole noise for no one in particular. Broadcasting fortnightly every other Friday at 1PM.

Experimental. Underground. Lo-Fi. Electronics. Bass. Free. Noise. Psyche. Outsider. D.I.Y. Shit from countries you've never been to. Library. Sound Art. Alcohol. Free Communism.


The Hand Loom Lament Radio Hour // 03.08.12 // Episode 2: A Belly Full Of Whiskey

Hang your favourite photos on those little underwear hangers.

Use the tray from a chocolate box to make fun-shaped ice cubes.

My Granddaughter was going to a fancy dress party and wanted some glittery shoes. I spray painted her crocs gold and she LOVES them.

After one of the straps broke on my favourite bag I didn't want to throw it away, so I cut off the other strap and now use it as a cool clutch bag.

If you haven't got anything to give to charity this time round, use the collection bags to protect clothes.

If the spirit doesn't move you, then scoop up your shnozz-pipe and move to the nearest workingmens club, whereupon a close-to-the-bone cabaret turn will be provided by Nick Edwards, Time Attendant, Helm, Suzuki Junzo, Frank Randle, Austerity Britain and Vainio/Drumm/Doner/Capece, amongst other genial yet unquestionably rough-hewn commoners.

A limited amount of bar snacks will be provided while supplies last. Things could get a little "blue".

Posted at 18:01, 4th August 2012

The Hand Loom Lament Radio Hour // 06.07.12 // Episode 1: Worst Chips Ever is DEAD!!!

Welcome to The Hand Loom Lament Radio Hour (formerly known as Worst Chips Ever).

With all the petty minded, arrogant ineptitude of a miniscule (and somewhat unhinged) long dissolved Trotskyist splinter group, the cavalcade of perma-semi-inebriated lo-fi guttersniping that constituted the one man war against professionalism known to all three of its dedicated fanbase as Worst Chips Ever is no longer sentient. Chuck its haggard, putrid corpse on top of next years bonfire along with all yer mildly sectarian effigies and any copies of any books written by Lynne Truss that you might have to hand. Or that new soft S&M shite that all those squares are reading to make themselves feel edgy... Fifty Bits Of Beige?

Anyway, shit was getting frankly untenable. Having one name that I make music under and another two for a radio show and label is downright fucking internet. So this should make things easier.

From now on I'm yours every fortnight for two hours. BUT THE TREATS END THERE.

This week I've got virtually all brand new stuff.

Static sine abuse, electroacoustic feedback loops, glitch callbacks and modular mulch from Keith Fullerton Whitman, Akos Rozmann and Bonnie Jones/Andrea Neumann

South Asian spine chillers from Thonghuad Faited and Ustad Abdul Karim Khan

Brutalist tech moves and gloopy night vision bass from Forward Strategy Group, Cooly G and Slackk

Deconstructo-wave white outs from Beauty Pageant and Fushitsusha

And loads of other weird shit.

Posted at 18:17, 5th July 2012

wce s02 #0018

The Hand Loom Lament Radio Hour // 27.04.12 // GOODBYE YOU HUNKY CATALAN

Century of literal translation numeric of people linguistically and inevitably highest levels overwhelmingly state organized handicrafts and the agricultural countryside important currents of migration tika taka multinational inhabitants hardly credible ancient roman.

This week:



Wretching sound poetry, contrary experimental anarcho punk, hardline imrpov scrapes, D.I.Y agit-synth hell, underwater techno, deconstructed avant rock, mournful funeral pastoralia. And other weird shit.


Posted at 11:43, 27th April 2012

wce s02 #0017

The Hand Loom Lament Radio Hour // 13.04.12 // BLOOD CLOT BRAIN

Plans to reiterate the first stage edible ones entirely independent of yankee Mitterand notalgia failiure to comprehend will result in large scale restructuring credence safe house absolute filibuster Mexican federal army.

The Hand Loom Lament radio hour returns to your earlugs after a nigh on month long separation period during which I ended up in Cologne improbably drinking cocktails and hanging out with 18 year old squares from Frankfurt, watched an outstanding game of association football in Dortmund, got snowed in in Newcastle (via Nottingham, Leeds and Milton Keynes) and then bounced back up to Glasgow to feed the guinea pig.

During that period I picked up some total fucking pearlers of weirdo wax. Getting a run out for your delectation this time round: Bernard Szajners utterly gonzo melding of Gottsching and Moroder, Carter Tutti Void, A To Austr's Lord Of The Rings on cheap acid long lost psyche adventures, Bruce Russell approved NZ fuzz garage and the new banger from Flower/Corsano/Hejnowski.

The second half of the show will feature a new Ship Canal project I've been working on. Blood Clot Brain involves me covering/heavily medicating/editing/drowning/debasing THE essential Television Personalities record, The Painted Word, in its entirety. Probably best not to listen if you actually like them.

Its one of my favourite records of all time. But don't take my word for it, Julian Cope knows:

And you don't mess with Cope. Unless you want your arsehole bored inside out by him banging on about druids and rocks or summat.


Posted at 01:58, 13th April 2012

wce s02 #0016

The Hand Loom Lament Radio Hour // 16.03.12 // SEXY WAX HAUL

Radicalizes the gap constitutive of the order ultimate enigma of desire obfuscate true horror most elementary of zero forms externalize all libidinal potency index point of the sublime overlap so the fantasy tells me.

A wretched week spent reacquainting myself with my own peculiar brand of sleep disorder, beaten just in time to fuck the whole thing up once more at the weekend. Don't even go out that much any more, barely drink half what I used to, stick to the softer supplements as a rule. Still no dice.


This week I'm bringing you a rancid, sweaty, steaming dose of the brand new. Well, as brand new as a man on my budget can possibly manage.

No themes, no bullshit. Just a mainlined fug of clapped out cyborg minge and blasted soul (not Soul)connivance. Featuring an exclusive track from Austerity Britains ultra delayed forthcoming Hand Loom Lament CD-R and dungheap fresh interventions from Robert Turman, NHK, Toshimaru Nakamura and John Butcher, Black To Comm, Ben Vida and the hearthrob dreamboat cumpuddle axis that constitutes Merzbow/Marhaug.

Might even throw in some stuff that came out over a week ago to keep you cunts on your toes.


Posted at 10:01, 16th March 2012

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