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Episode 4: Love Hurts

The Hammy & Jenko Show // 2000-2100 15.02.11

episode 4: love hurts

This week we talk much more pish than usual - whether that's to the detriment to the already questionable worth of this show is something we'll leave you to judge.

Right off the back of Valentines Day, we generally talk about relationships and all that, but as you can expect, the conversation leads to talk of toilet pans, pricks working for T-Mobile and the male strippers who come into the studio.

Posted at 22:39, 15th February 2011


Hammy & Jenko discuss what happened just before they came on air
Ready to Start
Arcade Fire Merge/Mercury
They then go onto discuss Valentines Day, and the topic of love in general
All You Need Is Love
The Beatles Parlophone
We talk some more shite - including Jenko's new phone, some of the guys who come into the studio and Hammy talks about some of the things that have been pissing him off.
Candy Shop
The Dan Band Watertower Music
We talk about our new competition - we're looking for the best story of how a relationship has ended - a mystery prize will be given to the best entry.
We leave you with comedian Bill Hicks talking about the subject of love

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