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Gutter Riddim // 1700-1755 20.03.11

non stop hip hop - glasgow, london & beyond

For this weeks show I'v gathered a selection of great records from both Scottish and English hip hop artists.

You will hear tracks from groups such as The London Allstars, II Tone Committee, Task Force & Champions of Nature along with beats from producers such as Mr Thing, Skitz & Mr Scruff.

This show is strictly vinyl - Non stop hip hop from Glasgow, London and beyond.

Posted at 19:05, 18th March 2011


jackin' 4 breaks
yungun & mr thing White Label
yungun & mr thing White Label
vision: 20/20 versus tunnel
damaged goodz powercut
arrest the president
rawdog ft. task force & braintax Low Life
big black boots
rodney p & skitz Homegrown
seein' red
farma g, jehst, & the sundragon unr
II tone committee White Label
the london convention (1997 original)
the london allstars washington classics
the snake charmer
Chester P Low Life
salsa smurf
champions of nature wordlab
out the bunker
chapter seven ft. braintax EV
inner city lullaby
Eastborn Dropzone
freestyle frenzie
Eastborn Dropzone
spies in the coffin
Taskforce Low Life
cross country
eastborn, disorda, mista defy & krash slaughta Dropzone
blackpool roll
Mr Scruff Ninja Tune

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