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Wiener Kaffeehaus

Guns of Bristol // 0200-0300 20.10.11

wiener kaffeehaus

Austrian musician have fought for themselves a stable position on the electronic music stage. 'Where there's smoke there's fire' and a lot of smoke comes from Vienna. Flapper dresses? Charleston? Cigarettes and wine? No. It's not 20s. It's Austrian club scene of 21st century. Swing electrified with fat beats. Sweet combination to warm up an October night!

Posted at 21:27, 19th October 2011


Libella Swing
parov stelar Etage noir
Lost In Amsterdam
parov stelar Etage noir
Charleston Butterfly
parov stelar ft. Gabriella Hanninen Etage noir
Make My Day
Waldeck Dope Noir
Waldeck Spray
Chocolate Elvis
Tosca G-Stone
Rollin' On Chrome
Aphrodelics G-Stone
Who Am I
Peace Orchestra G-Stone
Fort Teen
Dorian Concept Ninja Tune
Wolf Myer Orchestra ft. Lilith Etage noir
Seven Doctors
Mummer Klein
Somebody To Love
Saint Privat Dope Noir
Autumn Beasts
parov stelar Etage noir

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