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Mr. Space
6th February 2015
30th January 2015
87. Dreaming A Tangerine Dream
23rd January 2015
86. The Number Of Paradise?
16th January 2015
85. A Show In Two Halves
19th December 2014
84. 2014 - Year Of The Reissue
12th December 2014
83. Cream of the Crop, Tip of the Top; 2014 REVUE
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And welcome to the Synthetic Soul Show.
Here me and my robot friends hope to find a second home in your earholes for the 5000+ records lying around at GKHQ that we've been collecting for almost 30 years.
We play as many cutting edge sounds as we can afford to buy, mostly on vinyl but occasionally on CD, mixed with electronica from the 60s right through to the present, new wave, post punk, dub, experimental, avantgarde, psych, electro-disco and occasional contra-pop sing-a-longs......with a preference towards the synthetic side of nature.
Some of it may be uneasy listening but hey, that's what it's all about.


GK Machine's Synthetic Soul Show // 19.12.14 // 84. 2014 - Year Of The Reissue

2014 was such a great year not just for original music but for a plethora of reissues, many of which found their way into my collection. So much so that to compliment last week's 'best of 2014' show I have to now present a show consisting entirely of reissued music. Some of these I've been after for several years, some I just chanced upon. One of the former being The Residents - Santa Dog double 7" which, if you look on popsike sells for between $1000-$3000. Likewise Conrad Schnitzler's "Gruen" LP fetched rather a lot more than I'd be willing to pay until it was re-issued by Bureau B just this month. Other great artists on today's show will be Die Partei (also courtesy of Bureau B), Kerry Leimer, Bruce Haack, Don Harper, Andrzej Korzynski, Can, Woo, Damon, Fatima & The Mamluks, Severed Heads, Oto, Harald Grosskopf (Bureau B yet again) and the wonderful Javier Bergia. I must say also that as well as the three LPs on Bureau B, there are three albums featured here that are on an equally impressive and highly respected label - Emotional Rescue. Both of these labels, as different as they are, have really done a sterling job on unearthing weird, wonderful and hard-to-find music this year. Hats off to them, as they say....and a big, big thank you for the music. Enjoy the show.

Posted at 13:28, 19th December 2014

ultimate be(a)st of 2014: music revue maxi edition

GK Machine's Synthetic Soul Show // 12.12.14 // 83. Cream of the Crop, Tip of the Top; 2014 REVUE

Special two-hour show tomorrow dear listeners, featuring some of the best music 2014 had to offer.

Veering from ambient techno through to Thai funk and everything in between, today's show will be pretty darn cool I promise ya......hey, it's the 'best of 2014 after I've been selecting the finest cuts of what's been released this year all week long in order that this show will be as much a treat for you as will be for me to play 'em.

Look out for next week's show too, which will be a special one-hour programme focussing on all the amazing reissues of 2014, which number so highly that they warranted an entire show to themselves!

Tune in, as always, at 4pm SHARRRP

Posted at 13:06, 11th December 2014

news news news

GK Machine's Synthetic Soul Show // 24.10.14 // 79. Cerebral Stand-Off

Lots of great new material for ya today: Tim Love Lee & DJ Sotofett, Brenda Ray, Bufiman, Shadow Kids, Raiders of the Lost ARP, Los Hermanos Ponchos, Oto and some amazing Balinese inspired techno from The Bunker New York and whatever else I can squeeze tune IN

Posted at 13:48, 24th October 2014

special!!! "guess who?" cover versions competition

GK Machine's Synthetic Soul Show // 19.08.14 // 75. The Big Competition 2014

Happening for the second time on Subcity, after meeting with rapturous delight first time around in 2012, I return to the airwaves with beautiful, beautiful, ugly prizes which YOU can win if you guess the artist of the song, the artist of the original song AND, of course, the title!!!

The music may be weirder than usual but HELL, it'll be fun!! :)

4pm shaaaaarP

Posted at 14:08, 19th August 2014

hoga nord rekords special

GK Machine's Synthetic Soul Show // 08.07.14 // 71. HOGA NORD Radio Special

Today's show will focus on new experimental/psyche/acid label Hoga Nord from Gothenburg, Sweden who've released a series of amazing and highly original 33rpm 7"s to date with their first LP album release just this week. Expect to hear the sound of Robert Leiner, Tross, Pistol Disco, Les Big Byrd and ex-Spacemen 3...Pete Bassman.

Posted at 09:54, 7th July 2014

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