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Hi And welcome to the Synthetic Soul Show. Here me and my robot friends hope to find a second home in your earholes for the 5000+ records lying around at GKHQ that we've been collecting for almost 30 years. We play as many cutting edge sounds as we can afford to buy, mostly on vinyl but occasionally on CD, mixed with electronica from the 60s right through to the present, new wave, post punk, dub, experimental, avantgarde, psych, electro-disco and occasional contra-pop sing-a-longs......with a preference towards the synthetic side of nature. Some of it may be uneasy listening but hey, that's what it's all about. GKM

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   Fri, 21/10/2016
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GK Machine's Mystic Trip
29/07/2016 // 116. Mystic Trip

So, due to being away several weekends in a row plus a fortnight on holiday in Poland I've not managed to keep up with my Friday afternoon radio shows this last while at all.

I finally managed to get into the studio last Friday and do a show and have to say, there being 2 months of new music to catch up on, this show is definitely one of the best. For me, one of the aims of this radio show is being able to share with my listeners all this music I have in my possesion (I have over 5000 records and buy probably 20-30 records a month, at least, so having them exclusively for my own listening pleasure seems pretty selfish and rather sad).....so I'm happy to say that this show contains not just a lot of music (over 2 hours)...but also as diverse a selection of styles and genres as I could probably get away with without it sounding like someone's schizoid nightmare.

Expect to hear anything from Japanese experimental funk to spiritual gospel disco, from industrial music to North African jazz, from Joy Division-inspired dark techno to brass-heavy thundering dub.


Artists you will hear and who I thoroughly recommend you should support by buying their music are: Vox Low, The Joubert Singers, Dorjan Attamofd, TCP, Umoja, Manuel Gottsching, Juan Ramos, Wareika Hill Sounds, Vazz, Fred Und Luna, The Dwarfs Of East Agouza, Mr TC, Black Merlin, Liaisons Dangereuses, Bobby Brown, Daniele Baldelli, Roman Flugel, Mary Boyoi, Autarkic, Spacerocks, Delta T, Michal Turtle, DJ Koze, Benzaiten, Colder, Trikk, Thomash and some other unidentifiable wonders

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