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And welcome to the Synthetic Soul Show.
Here me and my robot friends hope to find a second home in your earholes for the 5000+ records lying around at GKHQ that we've been collecting for almost 30 years.
We play as many cutting edge sounds as we can afford to buy, mostly on vinyl but occasionally on CD, mixed with electronica from the 60s right through to the present, new wave, post punk, dub, experimental, avantgarde, psych, electro-disco and occasional contra-pop sing-a-longs......with a preference towards the more synthetic side of production.
Some of it may be uneasy listening but hey, that's what it's all about.


a-z of african music pt.2

GK Machine's Synthetic Soul Show // 09.04.14 // 58. An A-Z of African Music Pt. 2 (Mali-Zimbabwe)

The second part of an A-Z of African Music 'showcase' done as a collaboration with Dark Mart's "Beats Of All Nation" show here on sub city.

This second part features music from countries Mali to Zimbabwe.

The first part, featuring music from Angola to Liberia, can be heard here:

Posted at 20:05, 9th April 2014

GK Machine's Synthetic Soul Show // 18.02.14 // 50. 50th Show Special Showcase: The Residents

OK, music lovers, it's the show you've all been waiting for (or dreading in some cases) 50th show on Subcity Radio is this afternoon!!! And for this momentously special occasion the show will be weirder than ever before with an astonishing 2-hour non-stop jamboree of music from none other than the amazing The Residents!!!! As their page says: "For 40 years, The Residents have remained a riddle of Sphinx-like wilful obscurity, the band's members never identified themselves by name." But hey, not just that....these highly imaginative pranksters who dabble in almost any artistic field you can think of and not just music are their own worst enemies as they have too many releases to mention (I alone own over 170 and I don't even have them all!) and so curious beginners often don't know where to start with these guys and turn away, frightened and let down by their fear of this enormous and occasionally terrifying world!! So I thought, hey, that's my job for my 50th show. Make everyone feel happy and more confident! No, not that. Instead I will go through their whole back catalogue and play the best of what they have to offer. A tricky job this will be and I have no idea what I'll play. Tricky because many of their albums are created in line with some concept or drama or another and are intended to be listened to as a whole. But I will cope, dear listener, as I hope you will, because some of this territory will undoubtedly be strange to yore ears. But I'd like to think this: by around 1hr 55mins you'll hopefully be feeling a lot more relaxed in your general discomfort and will now confidently purchase your first release by these godfathers of experimental electronics and multimedia art!! Tune in at 4pm sharp

Posted at 12:07, 18th February 2014

46. rpm

GK Machine's Synthetic Soul Show // 14.01.14 // 46. RPM

So, I had decided to play only 45rpm 7" singles on my 45th show on last week, but then along came a couple of African records and that idea got shelved til this week. It may no longer make sense to you that I am playing 7" 45rpm singles on my 46th show this afternoon but (being the obtuse person that I am) I will, of course pitch up each of the singles by approx 2.2% so that they are now playing at 46rpm.

Aside from this cheap stunt, the wide of selection of records I have in store is pretty 'dope', as they say in some parts of the US (mostly white suburbia).

If I can squeeze them in (and I'm hoping that this 2.2% increase in speed will help) I have singles by Hermine, Quad Throw Salchow, Sadar Bahar, Ivor Cutler, General Strike, Synthi & Gert, Torn Sail, Ella Fitzgerald, The Residents, Fetus Productions, Kurtis Scott, A1 People, Electric Chairs, Eddie C, The Sugarman 3, The Distributors, Beaver & Krause, Plastic Bertrand, Max Romeo and last but not least Sroeng Santi & Somjai Nilbarun from Thailand!!

A treat, in other words. Tune in at 4pm sharp.


Posted at 14:05, 14th January 2014

it came from africa

GK Machine's Synthetic Soul Show // 07.01.14 // 45. It Came From Africa

Hey!! After a week off I'm now back and raring to go. And with the new year comes positive NRG!!!….In the form of music from the cradle of civilisation itself…..AFRICA. Yes, I know it's awfully cool to play African music these days but I've been collecting African music since the late 80s when I first heard several of the WOMAD compilations so you can expect some of the not-so-trendy side of African music……..all on vinyl…….from the likes of Cheb Mami and Hamid El Kasri to the modern sounds of Janka Nabay and Tamikrest….music from Cameroon to Mali, Algeria to the Ivory Coast…..for the spiritual side of Africa….tune in at 4pm sharp.

Posted at 15:08, 7th January 2014

new releases showcase

GK Machine's Synthetic Soul Show // 05.11.13 // 37. Hello Sweet Sound

So, seeing as it's been a couple of months since my last show I feel I really should spend this hour dedicating the time to completely new releases as there's so much to catch up on. Tune in for new releases from Peaking Lights/Secret Circuit, Tornaado, Ali Renault, Patrick Cowley, The Dubless, Spirit Bear Mezcal Ensemble, William Onyeabor, Voyage, Jamie Paton, Daniele Baldelli, Beppe Loda, Michoacan and if there's room I'll squeeze in Glasgow's own Vazz and Cameroonian Francis Bebey and whatever else I can manage.

Posted at 13:07, 5th November 2013

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