To Be Named Retrospectively (TBNR)

Ghosts in the Machine // 1000-1100 21.04.11

toast for brunch?

Andrew Marr attempted to take a 'super-injunction' out on this weeks episode citing it to be "Too good for anyone else to know about" but unfortunately letting on that he had indeed listened to the show while informing everyone to its existence regardless. Now how can you not listen to it?

Posted at 16:26, 27th April 2011


Queens of the Stone Age Domino
//04m 40s// Intro- bringing back the moment, Football chat, News irritation, Football chat (not for much longer), New album- listen to a song from it now, bitch!...
Can't Let It Go
Strong Arm Steady ft. Blaqthoven Blacksmith
Idiot's Rule
Jane's Addiction Warner Bros.
//14.50// "In Searsh of Shoney Jackshon", "Hello, I'm Awesome" t-shirt, Contact us, Rubbish eating food bars- 50p!, 2 song Davison.
Love is a Fire
Genya Raven A&M
//24.30// Catmate, The sound of the children that sing- leading to Dave singing an impression of the children, Alphabeat- tree
Tinariwen World Village
Girlfriend is Better
Talking Heads Sire
//36.00// Juan Davizes reports- on Northern banter over the EU: people will promise you things, Loving the craic.
N.Y. State of Mind
Nas Columbia
//51.55// Blood, Lloyd Fernando storytells- 'His One Mistake', Hearting?, Break next week- back in two.
I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire
The Ink Spots Decca

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