The Average Hight of this Episode is 5' 6&1/2"

Ghosts in the Machine // 1000-1100 12.05.11

"the duke" is in

Lord Sugar said of this weeks GITM episode: "If I could hire a radio show to work for me, which I could, then I would consider this one amongst other contestants."

That's right.

Due to an apparent failure to pass the vigerous fitness tests Dave cannot make the show and therefore "The Duke" is in to slap some music, and chat, on your chops alongside yours truly. Go on, listen to it then.

Posted at 17:12, 12th May 2011


Fake Palindromes
Andrew Bird Righteous Babe
//01mins 50// Intro- "The Duke" Luke Peter Healey is in the studio due to Dave failing his fitness test- it was a close shave, What we going to do now? Juan chat is what, The switchboard is in! with at least 7 or 10 and at most 11 phones.
Everlasting Light
The Black Keys Nonesuch
St. Vincent 4AD
//13.20// First caller- and it's going to be disappointing especially after paying £46 for a phone, "You pair of tarts!", "The Duke's" jumped so it's time for Alphabeat- fantastic (6)
K&G Beat
Floating Points Eglo
Little Dragon Peacefrog
//28.50// King Tuts and the popping of two "cherries", I'll give you ABC, It was a legitimate question, 2nd caller- carrying as much frustration as the last caller (cause it's the same one with an accent)
Samba Machine
Kassin+2 Luaka Bop
//36.30// General Reporter Juan Davisez with Dr. Clive Vittel in tow- Superinjections, Will the council catch him? probably not, Making up for the lack of Dave
No Doubt Interscope
//48.50// We are trained in this, Email from... Lloyd Fernando plus plugging, Call No. 3- A. Garfunkall, Big up and large love to Dorchester.
Scarlet Ceremony
Belbury Poly Ghost Box

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