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The Ghosts in the Machine difficult second series continues.

The show is described by critics as "alright for a radio show".

Don't miss music's back-catalog being stretched to breaking point in semi-legendry feature Alphabeat plus our two regular special guests: professional storyteller Lloyd Fernando and Columbian maverick general reporter Juan Davizes.
And music.

*GITM facebook page & occasional contributor Luke Healey's very good podcast are available via the links bottom right*


"the duke" is in

Ghosts in the Machine // 12.05.11 // The Average Hight of this Episode is 5' 6&1/2"

Lord Sugar said of this weeks GITM episode: "If I could hire a radio show to work for me, which I could, then I would consider this one amongst other contestants."

That's right.

Due to an apparent failure to pass the vigerous fitness tests Dave cannot make the show and therefore "The Duke" is in to slap some music, and chat, on your chops alongside yours truly. Go on, listen to it then.

Posted at 17:12, 12th May 2011

toast for brunch?

Ghosts in the Machine // 21.04.11 // To Be Named Retrospectively (TBNR)

Andrew Marr attempted to take a 'super-injunction' out on this weeks episode citing it to be "Too good for anyone else to know about" but unfortunately letting on that he had indeed listened to the show while informing everyone to its existence regardless. Now how can you not listen to it?

Posted at 16:26, 27th April 2011

let's get on with that then

Ghosts in the Machine // 14.04.11 // Simply, Ghosts In The Machine

This weeks show was described by Clare Balding as "in great form"

Luke AP Healey makes an appearance on this weeks episode and out of mutual interest plus for wor Dave's appearance on his podcast there is now a link for you to click in the 'links' section and right here: So go give it a listen (after listening to our show first)

Posted at 14:02, 14th April 2011

the bells! the bells!

Ghosts in the Machine // 07.04.11 // Glad We Sacked Last Week Off

The newest and freshest episode is ready for your ears to be submerged with a wall of noise and absolute sheer class. Why not join our facebook why you're at it too? Click here:!/group.php?gid=127270338897

Posted at 13:56, 7th April 2011

just one ghost

Ghosts in the Machine // 10.03.11 // Ghost in the Machine

The latest episode is ready to play but this week with only one Ghost. Dave, compounded by work, is away leaving you with the more handsome of the two presenters to play some tunes and chat talk meaninglessly. Get in touch and like it if you like it dudes and dudettes.

Posted at 13:40, 11th March 2011

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