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Get Back To 8-bit!
10th June 2010
This Is How We Say Goodbye In Germany, Dr Jones.
3rd June 2010
Breakin' Hearts And Smellin' Of Kirk.
27th May 2010
A New Challenger Approaches!
20th May 2010
Because Other Girls Won't Talk To Me.
13th May 2010
The Mating Call Of The Kakapo, If He Were A NES.
6th May 2010
Mr Long Legged Cleggy Weggy.
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Get Back To 8-bit // 06.05.10 // Mr Long Legged Cleggy Weggy.

Get your vote on with Get Back To 8-bit tomorrow with a full loadscreen of hot chiptune and news that'll make you shit democracy, regarding Star Wars products of a win nature, the greatest nerd criminal foiling of our time, find out in real time how housewives are bored by one man's epic efforts to do so and rain proof technology that'll get you a chibbing. It's tomorrow only on @ 14:00 or downloadable later on, so I guess what I just told you was a lie. But not as big a lie as every political candidate will tell you. Don't let that stop you from voting. So vote.

Posted at 21:44, 5th May 2010

news rashomon: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 29.04.10 // Violent Porn Comics.

Another episode of Get Back To 8-bit and plenty of Japanese goodness to boot. I feel good. Many thanks to everyone who listened, even if you didn't have any mice themed songs you could recommend. I shall overcome. Here are the news links for GBT8-bit for 29/04/10!

That is exactly what we need, more ten year olds on X-Box Live... AND rewarding them for doing so:

If you're being proposed to with a Twilight inspired ring, you are dumb and will definitely die alone once the guy doing the proposing realises the futility of his genes and ends his life for the benefit of mankind.

Japan, you mean well, but you're doing nerdy wrong. You need more nerdy. I am annoyed:…-and-we-tested-it

Have you ever actually seen Stephen Hawking in a talk show interview? He does make the same joke over and over and programs in a pause for laughter into his computer. Smart does not = social skills, but it does add credibility to statements like this:

Posted at 00:49, 2nd May 2010

featuring ladies with tentacles in strange places.

Get Back To 8-bit // 29.04.10 // Violent Porn Comics.

Get Back To 8-bit continues the resuming of transmission after the studio move to much sunnier areas of the campus this week with a super terrific Japanese theme event. This feast of eastern delights is combined with news stories likely to make you want to punch the internet in disgust, such as boy scout gamer skillz, more reasons for Twilight to die die die die, poorly conceived fan cafes and Stephen Hawking's prophecy of DOOM. Join in tomorrow @ 14:00 and PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE!

Posted at 23:16, 28th April 2010

news blast: my responsible this.

Get Back To 8-bit // 22.04.10 // WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS?!

At the time I described today's Shatner/Nimoy episode of Get Back To 8-bit as "a jizzshot gone badly". I'm trying to get it onto essential listening because of the epic cultural fail. Thank you to everyone who listened, I think that might have been a record in terms of communication. Here are the news links for GBT8-bit for 22/04/10.

There are two kinds of girl dorks. One of which is cute. They include the librarians and pink haired chick who works in Forbidden Planet. The other isn't sexy. This is the latter.

And now I have judged humanity as completely worthless. Here is the proof. Made of Fail.

Would you believe this is actually illegal to do? Illegally awesome.


(BONUS REFERENCE +50 INTELLIGENCE POINTS!) Here is something I'd gladly suffer my tenth heart attack enjoying.

Posted at 18:46, 22nd April 2010

i'm back, baby.

Get Back To 8-bit // 22.04.10 // WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS?!

GET BACK TO 8-BIT RETURNS THIS WEEK. I'm doing a show I had planned on broadcasting on April 1st as a joke, but now I have to follow through anyway. Delivering unto you a healthy dose of Shatner and Nimoy sounds as well as meaty news of geekish proportions: ugly gamer hookers, wasteful kettles, flamethrower scooters and hirsute cars. Join in Thursday, 22nd April @ 14:00 on or download it later on!

Posted at 23:43, 21st April 2010

now loading. please wait.

If you're missing some Get Back To 8-bit goodness during the Subcity move, feel free to check out some of my favourite episodes from the past. This one, the "Time" episode features myself and Zan discussing cybernetic arses, fanny attire of the future, my man nappy and more. Plus music from some bands who talk about the future like Electric Light Orchestra, Optimus Rhyme, Zager and Evans and Leonard Cohen.

Alternatively, there's this one, the "Galaxy News Radio" episode features my discussion of Simulant liars at your party, Hutts speaking Basic FTF, 150,000 reasons you're boned robot-style and more. Also, music from the likes of Roy Brown, The Andrews Sisters, The Ink Spots, Bob Crosby and the Bobcats and more.

And finally there's the "Filling In The Void" episode from the Christmas break which features myself and Terry discussing the biggest comic fails of the last decade, child authors and their lack of Hemmingway like presence and how we completely missed the mark on how that Doctor Who special was going to resolve itself. Also there is a selection of chiptune beats from the likes of Anamanaguchi, Henry Homesweet, Bud Melvin and more.

When Get Back To 8-bit returns, expect more geekery kicking off with a Shatner/Nimoy music explosion. It'll make your ears melt. Don't miss it.

Posted at 17:45, 9th April 2010

get back to 8-bit, lost in the aether.

Get Back To 8-bit // 15.04.10 // (THE VOID)

Due to the geographical shift of Subcity premises, Get Back To 8-bit has had also go on temporary hiatus until at leat the 15th of April. But if you need to hear more geekery from Gerald, feel free to wander the streets of Glasgow until you hear me on top of a building, yelling about the robots.

Posted at 16:08, 2nd April 2010

a bunch of our ship fell off and nobody likes me.

Get Back To 8-bit // 01.04.10 // (blank space)

For this week's Get Back To 8-bit, I recommend you bring a lot of patience and some good humour as I'm delving deep into the musical bosch of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, bringing you the best (if you can call it that) they had to offer from their live and studio endeavours circa 1965-1975. Weep for your broken minds, children. It's this Thursday, April 1st, @ 14:00 on

Posted at 15:42, 28th March 2010

news pÂtÉ: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 25.03.10 // Now With 5% More 'tude.

I think that today's GBT8-bit Electro Funk session made me hungry for some top quality recreational Opal Fruits and techno drinks at a hardcore version of Bennigan's, 1985. Thanks to all of you who listened, now here is the news attack for 25/03/10!

I defy you not to look at the first link and then go to 04:42 in the second link and not think it might be related. This race of peach headed robots will destroy us all!

I think this item should come with a disclaimer that states "Only to be bought whilst drunk, for a bet, or both".

I'm not so quick to believe this, but make up your own mind. The Subcity office still had some left over cake from our 15th birthday party which in the space of two months since the photo shoot it featured in has not aged even remotely as well as this has.

Best. Headline. Ever.

Posted at 01:27, 26th March 2010

hip hop, be bop, tip top, ship shape, clam bake...

Get Back To 8-bit // 25.03.10 // Now With 5% More 'tude.

IT'S TIME FOR ELECTRO-SHOCK THERAPY ON GET BACK TO 8-BIT THIS WEEK! I'm kicking it fully old skool, sir. So I recommend you bring your full can of hairspray, a flat sheet of cardboard and a crew with an amusing pun as a name. in addition, I'm going to be rocking your socks with news of the ultimate turn off for sex, things in a bottle which smell bad, things that come in a bag which weirdly don't smell bad but should by now and the greatest typo we've been waiting for finally happening. It's on on Thursday the 25th @ 14:00 so listen in whydontcha and then download it later because I'll get more traffic that way and because then you'll finally be sexy.

Posted at 22:09, 24th March 2010

news a-splode: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 18.03.10 // You Can Write This Shit, But You Can't Say It.

If you were able to get all the way through my Star Wars episode, then I salute you and your commitment to nerdery. Now go forth and spread your seed. While you're doing that, you can check my newslinks for Get Back to 8-bit of 18/03/10.

Will your life be worth discussing in 3000 years time to the point that it'll warrant a constant signal to be emitted from your place of final rest? (Hint: Nope.)

Instead of just vibrating, it should play the 'broken' noise from The Empire Strikes Back. (Probably NSFW)

Captain EO will return in THUNDERBALL:

Shock art gets a free ride these days. You used to be able to make a poop-sculpture of the queen aborting her own face. Now it's just lame.

Posted at 19:36, 19th March 2010

a parsec measures distance, not time!

Get Back To 8-bit // 18.03.10 // You Can Write This Shit, But You Can't Say It.

How am I wasting your time on Get Back To 8-bit this week? I have news that'll send you to an early grave, info on a spaceship that can make you climax in less than 12 parsecs, I further comment on the destruction of whatever dignity Michael Jackson's career had (can't leave this alone) and tell you why art is dead and who aborted it. In addition, the playlist this week has a galaxy spanning selection of music in reference to that there Star Wars thing. It's gonna be good, so listen in or download the show @ 14:00, Thursday the 18th March on!

Posted at 00:31, 18th March 2010

bizarrely, richard pryor might = star wars canon.

Get Back To 8-bit // 18.03.10 // You Can Write This Shit, But You Can't Say It.

I'm avoiding any "Long Time Ago" humour here and keeping it as real as a white kid from a somewhat middle class upbringing can do. This week's Get Back To 8-bit will refrain from raising any bullshit midichlorian count when I broadcast a selection of songs about the Star Wars universe. Try not to get too bogged down by the nerdery this Thursday @ 14:00, won't you?

Posted at 00:14, 16th March 2010

news quim: you gotta shoot 'em in the head.

Get Back To 8-bit // 11.03.10 // Insert Coin To Touch Me.

Somewhat delayed, but never lacking in good humour, here are the newslinks for Get Back To 8-bit from the 11th March episode.

I mean this in a completely non-ironic way. Bravo, you complete and utter fucking nerds:

From what animal did the radioactive tongue come that gave this girl her incredible power?

If I 'released my spirit' into a glass and sold it online, how much would I make?

I should get a prize for consistently finding the only non-racist stories in the Daily Mail of the day:

Posted at 00:09, 16th March 2010

it's about games and that innit?

Get Back To 8-bit // 11.03.10 // Insert Coin To Touch Me.

Get Back To 8-bit is on in little less than an hour. Today's show is the second video game theme episode. LISTEN IN YOU MOFO. YES, YOU JAMIE, SITTING IN LEVEL 3 OF THE LIBRARY! YOU THINK YOU'RE BETTER THAN THE OTHERS HERE? GBT8-bit is @ 14:00.

Posted at 13:14, 11th March 2010

if you didn't like fallout 3, you're dead to me.

Get Back To 8-bit // 11.03.10 // Insert Coin To Touch Me.

Submitted for your approval. The dedication of the blind to video games makes us all look bad. The German girl with the tongue of a 15 year old sweaty dork. Why there is no escape in the afterlife from the grim spectre of capitalism. And the perkilations on the M8 are nearly complete! That's all the info I'll be spilling for now, so you'll need to tune into Get Back To 8-bit on Thursday the 11th @ 14:00 to find out what's up. Be prepared for an audio assault of choice video game themes, a topic not heard since last year. ENJOY, AS ITS LIKE WILL NEVER BE HEARD ELSEWHERE!

Posted at 18:38, 10th March 2010

put down your sad fake guitar and go old school.

Get Back To 8-bit // 11.03.10 // Insert Coin To Touch Me.

Because one wasn't enough, this week's Get Back To 8-bit returns to the well and devotes an hour of precious airtime to some of the most classic, greatest contemporary and some of my favourite video game themes. Expect those you know and those you don't yet, with a hefty lump of chat-based Materia (Maybe if I get enough Summon Materia I can secure a co-host) of only the finest quality. It's Thursday the 11th March @ 14:00. Insert coin to play!

Posted at 21:12, 8th March 2010

news fizz: you gotta shoot 'em in the head

Get Back To 8-bit // 04.03.10 // Hey, Mr Fancypants.

Albeit somewhat delayed and with a hint of aftertaste comparable to a full and lustrous beard, here are the newslinks for Get Back To 8-bit for the 4th of March 2010!

If this is true, I suspect Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will soon be testing what really happens when you get every Chinese person to jump in the air simultaneously.

Socially awkward virgin with no idea how to satisfy you is your ideal man.

In a hundred years, the moon will become a 'no-go' zone similar to Manhattan in 'Escape From New York', mark my words.

Place your tray table in the upright and locked posi..ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND, SIR!?

Coming soon, Johnny Depp and Clive Owen in an adaptation of 'Spiral Zone'. Stop making these movies.

Posted at 21:05, 8th March 2010

how many monkeys does it take to change a lifetime

Get Back To 8-bit // 04.03.10 // Hey, Mr Fancypants.

You dirty fools, get down and pray for even more Get Back To 8-bit action and so it shall be done. This week, I discuss the shortening of the day via global earthquake buggery, why the 'Mirror, Mirror' Gerald is so much hotter than the regular Gerald, Take Your kid to work day going wrong, Robot Astronauts IN SPAAAAAACE and why not every kid's toy makes for a good movie idea. In addition, I caress your ear holes with my wholly Jonathan Coulton playlist, so you'll get two kings of geeks for the price of one. Join me Thursday the 4th March @ 14:00 on or you can download it later on.

Posted at 21:19, 3rd March 2010

you just keep on trying 'till you run out of cake.

Get Back To 8-bit // 04.03.10 // Hey, Mr Fancypants.

On this week's Get Back To 8-bit, it's a week that contains my birthday and so I optioned to give thanks to the gods of nerdery for their bounty upon me by devoting the whole show to someone who kind of defined a great deal of the show's content and made it a better place, Jonathan Coulton. Join in on Thursday the 4th of March at 14:00 on for much hirsute songmeister action!

Posted at 23:58, 28th February 2010

here is the news: you gotta shoot em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 25.02.10 // Get Back To 80s-bit!

There ain't no complaints today... a big thanks for all you who listened live or listened again. Here are the news links for Get Back To 8-bit for 25th February 2010!

This is as good as it'll get for you He-Man transportation efforts. You try painting a tiger green and ride around on it and see how it works out for you.

Do you think these kids also got in trouble for sleeping in their own homes when teachers were spying on them at all hours?

Rich virgin has no need for trying to impress women. He has comics.

Xbox Live is made of fail.[update]

Also, pigeons are getting too smart for my liking.

Posted at 18:48, 25th February 2010

paul hogan only plays one role: paul hogan.

Get Back To 8-bit // 25.02.10 // Get Back To 80s-bit!

I just can't enough, I just can't get enough! On Get Back To 8-bit this week, I'm creaming myself over land vehicles of evil aquatic animal destruction, getting on my high horse over creepy uncle headteacher home invasions, lamenting the purchases of rich virgins, spreading a message of hate for people who communicate online like the knobs you are and become very scared over an unlikely user of human technology. All of this plus my great big fat 80s playlist of guff. You will enjoy it, so tune in tomorrow on @ 14:00 or download it later by using your disgusting, sticky, fat fingers on the listen again button.

Posted at 22:28, 24th February 2010

back to the future was 25 years ago. no wai!

Get Back To 8-bit // 25.02.10 // Get Back To 80s-bit!

So what's the hip hap on this week's Get Back To 8-bit? You might call it a cop out, but I don't nearly play enough 80s tracks on my show, so I'm having a special leg warmers and PSA-laden children's cartoon series kind of episode. Join in on Thursday the 25th February at 14:00 to find out what I deem to be thoroughly non-offensive on Download it later if too, I command you! For added effect, dress up like a total fud who works in American Apparel.

Posted at 23:04, 22nd February 2010

communication to gnr: established

Get Back To 8-bit // 18.02.10 // ...and I'm your host, Three Dog!

On Get Back To 8-bit this week, 'Prepare For The Future' of human annihilation as I'm paying homage to my favourite post-apocalyptic DJ, Three Dog, by playing a solid setlist in the style of Galaxy News Radio full of classic big band and rockabilly. Also, in terms of the You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head news, I'll get round to that Google Street View story I failed to achieve in doing last week, there's two stories on variant Robotic treachery from the social scene and under the ocean as well as what happens when geeks have no jobs and access to Facebook. Join in on Thursday the 18th, @ 14:00 on, or you can download it later if that pleases you. I hope it pleases you. In fact I don't care what you think.

Posted at 17:44, 17th February 2010

[error]1864.483dlndeg 7682.328dlgdeg[error]

Get Back To 8-bit // 18.02.10 // ...and I'm your host, Three Dog!

njfnjkafsnjkfwnjkf£$%^&bddd$MBH5^RFYUBBI{[ data stream corrupted...]bdbibBBBUIYVTC%$E%^&*B^%$XZ^&Y[accessing new data stream]gy8YV&TFCD%^$ss4%^BUNIM>JBHVTCR[new data stream found: connecting to Galaxy News Radio stream]9U*&^(*&^8&^%[beginning transmission: 18/02/2010 local time 14:00]jhiu^&%$^&*([end of message]

Posted at 22:11, 15th February 2010

bigo sex disease: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 11.02.10 // Will You Be My Player 2?

The 11th's Get Back To 8-bit was more than a little strange. The most visited by outside forces who came and went as they pleased, so it made for some interesting banter to say the least. A big thanks to Kerry, Ciaran and Ruaraidh for the use of their voiceboxes over the hour. Also, apologies to any girls listening because of our openness of how mental you are. Well. I'm sorry... the boys aren't. Here are the news items from the show... I never did get around to talking about the Google Street view madness I wanted to, so that'll happen later.

Proof that a person's mass and debauched lifestyle can in fact expel every logical thought from the body along with your bowel movements:

If you stop buying crap, they'll stop making crap:“this-is-it”-commemorative-hard-drive/

Such an ingenious method through which to poison us, it would not surprise me if it were the work of disgruntled robots.:

Posted at 21:52, 13th February 2010

for the geeks, not linked to a show in particular.

Why is it this mashup can pretty much cover most of the themes covered in the original Ghost In The Shell but be 1000% more coherent?

Posted at 03:06, 11th February 2010

re: subcity hosts. would you? i bet you would.

Get Back To 8-bit // 11.02.10 // Will You Be My Player 2?

On this week's Get Back To 8-bit, Me and the returning Kerry will discuss what the effin' shit is going on with Google Street View, take the time to examine Michael Jackson's hard drive, delve into the possibilities of the most incredible piece of candy that will murder you and get an enormous rage-on for early contenders in 2010's 'Biggest Waste Of Money' category. In addition, there'll be a playlist of songs celebrating the underdog geeks in their pursuit of unconventional, unrequited and waste of damn time love. Join in on Thursday, 14:00, on or download later in the day.

Posted at 19:59, 10th February 2010

girls only want that john cusack boombox scene.

Get Back To 8-bit // 11.02.10 // Will You Be My Player 2?

While my rhythmic circulation muscle might be made of darkest adamantium, I can still acknowledge that sometimes we geeks need to be loved. Because it's especially hard for the most ardent MMORPGers to get that shame and Wotsits stink off and attract a mate, this week's Get Back To 8-bit is dedicated to all those more at ease tugging themselves than tugging heart strings via songs of a supremely nerd-laden style. It's Thursday the 11th February @ 14:00. Do join in.

Posted at 18:02, 9th February 2010

news pixels: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 04.02.10 // Hello, My Name Is Justin Bailey.

Thanks for all those listening to last Thursday's Get Back To 8-bit. But if you email in again in the future, try not to sound like a Nigerian 419 scammer. The news links for 04/02/10 show are a little late this week, due to me having a legitimate social life. But now here they are:

You'll need to roll a natural 20 defense to avoid dropped-soap shower fun:

This week in boobs, just stop what you're doing:

If you can make money from this, I'm fairly certain that the CCTV of any date I've been on must be worth a fortune:


Posted at 15:53, 7th February 2010

up up down down left right left right b a start

Get Back To 8-bit // 04.02.10 // Hello, My Name Is Justin Bailey.

On this week's Get Back To 8-bit, I'm going to do exactly what it says on the tin and present to you an entire playlist of chiptune, console sound, whatever your preferred moniker might be. Going solo means more music, but don't think I'll be skipping on You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head, as this week your senses will be spazzed on news of jail-breaking level 50 dungeonmasters, the future of arty wank erotica and straight up wank, how robots have achieved speeds of Danny Boyle proportions and why the Japanese hate women but love your money. Tune in Thursday afternoon at 14:00, or download via 'Listen Again' at your convenience!

Posted at 20:22, 3rd February 2010

fruit n nut: you gotta shoot em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 28.01.10 // This One's For All The Furries.

Thanks to Jo for stopping by on today's broadcast, while curses to the Let's Get Physical boys for their Apple related heresy, even though I don't understand what the iPad is about myself. Here are the news links for GBT8-bit, for Thursday 28th January!

Tama might be living high now, but eventually she'll hit the glass ceiling while all the boy cat train supervisors make it really big:

The end of human civilisation began on January 25th 1979!

The irony is that the chimp's film is still easier to understand than Eraserhead.

This wasn't really news, we just wanted men to cut this crap out.

Also, since a large chunk of our chat was about the iPad... I recommend you look that up. It's not like it'll be hard to do.

Posted at 16:59, 28th January 2010

he's gonna start flingin' it any second now...

Get Back To 8-bit // 28.01.10 // This One's For All The Furries.

So what does Get Back To 8-bit have in store for you this week, my children? Me and the returning Jo will be flinging a series of unpleasant packages concerning songs about animals at you from our enclosure. In addition to tat fat mess, we'll be talking about train station cat promotions, apes with cameras and the things they come up with, the first recorded death by robot and portmanteaus that spell doom for our society. Join in on our mighty action Thursday the 28th at 14:00 on, or download later in the day.

Posted at 20:08, 27th January 2010

he writes stories about s&m and ponyplay. eww.

Get Back To 8-bit // 28.01.10 // This One's For All The Furries.

On this week's Get Back To 8-bit, I delve into the deepest groves and forests, lakes and oceans, exploring the animal kingdom and the songs which ask the pressing questions, like how much shit will a monkey fling even after it's been satisfied by your good self? I'm expecting an unusual influx of listeners as all the Furries catch wind of it, but I do not condone your lifestyle... least of all when you do it in the middle of an anatomy lecture. I saw you, you ham fingered weirdo. Expect the usual mix of news and cynicism from me also, this Thursday at 14:00.

Posted at 19:57, 24th January 2010

imaginary friend: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 21.01.10 // WA-

Thanks Laura, for making me look like my brain had been replaced by spanners. She is lovely really and does talk, but only during periods where a spacial anomaly obscures her from all your perceptions. Also, the 'Let's Get Physical' boys have informed me that if 'Get Back To 8-bit' were in fact 'Let's Get BackTo 8-bit' as they suggested it should be, then the acronym would be LGBT8-bit and thereby create an entirely new meaning for the show and probably increase my audience figures too. Thanks for that.

Anyway, here are the news links for Get Back To 8-bit for 21st Jan 2010:

No Christian exercise is more appropriate than killing a man from several hundred feet away through a high powered, Jesus-sanctioned rifle. Onward Christian soldiers!

Great, now we men not only need to promise to buy our women-folk the moon, but also these other bullshit planets? (For the record, I have never promised to buy a girlfriend 'the moon', because that is lame. I have however bought a girl a box of cornflakes for Valentine's day.)

World's largest Freudian metaphor is possible! He did the math!

If you look in their $1 bin, I guarantee you can find a Martian death ray.

Posted at 16:29, 21st January 2010

a triple entente of die.

Get Back To 8-bit // 21.01.10 // WA-

On Thursday's Get Back To 8-bit, prepare to feel the wrath of the Almighty through his choice of firearm, gaze in awe at one madman's underwater space cannon, get a short answer to a dumb question, find out what I'd do with the contents of NASA's 'for sale' box, learn what's worth farming for on Neptune and Uranus and more! All, all, all of this as well as a sonic carpet bombing of war related songs for you to fingle your fangle at! Join in on what I have to say Thursday the 21st @ 14:00 on, or download later.

Posted at 21:56, 20th January 2010

show me your war face!

Get Back To 8-bit // 21.01.10 // WA-

On GBT8-bit this week, prepare for the episode by bathing in the blood of your enemies and drinking tar from their skulls, since you will need to contend with an hour of songs about wartime mixed with a heady dose of You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head newsaplexus. Gerald! What is best in life?

Posted at 16:56, 19th January 2010

nude news: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 14.01.10 // Gerald Puts A Woman In A Fridge.

A big thank you to Ciaran from Let's Get Physical for being my second fiddle for today's episode. The first show of 2010 and probably one of the strangest too. Here are the news links for Get Back To 8-bit of the 14th Jan:

If I die horribly in a terrorist attack, please be sure to not honour my memory by putting your junk in anything.

bonus: please hit up the 1:47 mark on this video for the appropriate response to this news by Crow T. Robot:

My advice for dealing with the fact the dream of Pandora won't come true? Fall in a well and die/get a girlfriend:

This is an indignity similar to surrendering to R2-D2's "special" brother:

There was a time where running around the neighbourhood in tights and your underwear on the outside would land you on a different kind of register, not the Superhero register:

But the king of faux heroes who isn't even pretending to be a hero must be the amazing Dr Megavolt:

Posted at 16:29, 14th January 2010

what would ben parker do? well, better not do that

Get Back To 8-bit // 14.01.10 // Gerald Puts A Woman In A Fridge.

You filthy freaking nerds, prepare for my triumphant new year return as GET BACK TO 8-bit stomps your face and rescues your chaste self with a full show of the evil we do and the not so evil via songs all about heroes and villains, of both the super-powered and just asshole variety. Plenty of news on sex with robots, dealing with post-Avatar depression, the disabled criminal elements surrendering to robots and the peril of real world superheroes. Listen in tomorrow at 14:00 on or download later at your convenience!

Posted at 20:36, 13th January 2010

mr. freeze and captain cold kicking your ass.

Get Back To 8-bit // 14.01.10 // Gerald Puts A Woman In A Fridge.

It's a return to form! Get Back To 8-bit is back on Thursday the 14th January @ 14:00 with a focus on songs concerning heroes and villains, of both the super-powered and asshole variety. Expect some fresh news assaults from myself in You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head!, thus bringing you up to speed with the nerdiest of events which transpired over the Christmas break. So prepare to do battle with your feelings of apathy by listening live or downloading later on.

Posted at 16:13, 8th January 2010

they're breeding geeks in droves now.

Get Back To 8-bit // 27.12.09 // My Gene Pool Rocks The Mic.

Get Back To 8-bit resumes today for a one off before coming back proper in the new year. Myself and elder brother lack any theme other than to try to be as completely nerdy as possible for a period of two hours along with a playlist of chipbeat and 8-bit remixes. You will like if you are that way inclined, so listen.

Posted at 09:55, 27th December 2009

big ass news: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 17.12.09 // Who Hoes Hos?

Merry Christmas to all my geeklings. I hope Santa codes all your asses in the script of your preferred operating systems. Thanks to Allan and Jamie again, especially Jamie for doing the exclusive song for the Christmas special. Here are the final newslinks for this year's run of Get Back To 8-bit. More nonsense in the new year!

Remember the true meaning of Christmas by displaying a torture device from the classical period proudly in your living room and freak all your neighbours out:

Radioactive guard dogs from Russia are definitely super-villain worthy, but not nearly as evil as the radioactive pedophile who was in the news a few months ago:

Thank you once again Etsy, for renewing my belief that artists and amateur crafters trying to sell their wares online need a swift kick in the head. If you give your dog one of these for Christmas, I'm calling the RSPCA:

Women with sticks up their ass think computers are nerdy and boys who use them are also unwashed dorks? I would have never figured that out during my ENTIRE LIFETIME OF REJECTION BY THE OPPOSITE SEX, MOFOS!

Now as a special bonus, here is some required nerd viewing for this time of year:

Posted at 21:42, 17th December 2009

an x-mas x-clusive, not for x-men.

Get Back To 8-bit // 17.12.09 // Who Hoes Hos?

Season's beatings! Gather round my log and hear tale of Russian radioactive guard dogs, ultra aggressive christmassing, shaming your pets this holiday season and the most totally unsurprising turn of events since Paris Hilton's vagina began secreting Zyklon B. Also for your listening pleasure, a musical mishmash of geektastic Christmas songs with an EXCLUSIVE track by frequent 8-bit contributor, Jamie Lamarra. You won't hear it elsewhere, so tune in tomorrow, 14:00 on!

Posted at 21:43, 16th December 2009

he sees you when you're sleeping, the pervert.

Get Back To 8-bit // 17.12.09 // Who Hoes Hos?

Good time's 'o' the season upon your geek laden selves! Bringing you a healthy dose of nerdery-based cheer, Get Back To 8-bit will be maintaining a playlist of Christmas songs about zombies (both human and reindeer), aliens, slavery, perverts, unknown parentage, hippos! You won't have heard these in the shops while you buy your girlfriend the highly original present of perfume. Please keep in mind I do have on offer gift cards for an hour of Gerald-love you could get her. I'm super discreet and I don't leave a mess. With that in mind, join myself, Allan and Jamie this Thursday @ 14:00 on for satisfaction most definitely guaranteed!

Posted at 23:46, 13th December 2009

newsarama: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 10.12.09 // I Hear The Negative Zone Is Lovely This Season.

It felt really cold and barren in the studio like a bad uterus yesterday doing the show all by my lonesome, so thank Voltron next week I'll be packing not one, but two other bodies in my very festive pants.

Now without further blurting, here are the news links for Get Back To 8-bit from 10/12/09:

While it's still unclear just what the effcicle was happening over Norway this week (My money's on extradimensional portal to five seconds ago), I think it's safe to say that if it turns out to be something bad, some arsetard in the church will tell us to stop bumming each other because of it:

Next up, Schrödinger's Pop-Tart:

It provides you with vision so clear, that you'll be able to see vomit on the streets of Glasgow in detail never thought possible before. Also, laser vision:

Bitch-Slapping Droid claims that med schooler shouldn't have been dressed that way, sassin' his ass and disrespectin' his authoritah:

Posted at 13:12, 11th December 2009

yeah, but it's no phantom zone.

Get Back To 8-bit // 10.12.09 // I Hear The Negative Zone Is Lovely This Season.

On this week's Get Back To 8-bit, be sure to pack your shit together and bring a spare toothbrush because we're travelling to far and exotic lands. Enjoy a playlist of songs regarding locations while wrapping your brain case around a You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head style newsarama concerning Norwegian portals, mathematical bagels, robot bummers and ULTRA high-def vision. It's tomorrow at 14:00, Or would you kindly download later in the day?

Posted at 23:06, 9th December 2009

news titillation: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 03.12.09 // You Gotta Push It To The Manly-Man Man Limit!

We had a lot of fun doing an unexpected 2 hour long Get Back To 8-bit yesterday, I recommend you download it and enjoy the first hour of montage goodness and then the second hour of freestylin'

Here are the newslinks for the 03/12/09 Get Back To 8-bit!

I think the only thing missing from this image to make it any more ludicrously American would be Calvin peeing on Osama Bin Laden:

An unholy triptych of how desperately in need of help Twilight fans are. If it were a 45 year old man salivating over 17 year old girls, Chris Hansen would be paying you a visit:

Dr Diva Verdun might as well have just said "IT'S SCIENTIFIC. HONEST! We got some science and used it on this":

They only thing missing from Zan's one-liner about this was the CSI Miami stinger:


Stephen Fry doesn't care about your wedding:

Finally! A game that'll even make my Wii ashamed of itself:

Posted at 12:13, 4th December 2009

"can i borrow a cup of breasts?" and other lines.

Get Back To 8-bit // 03.12.09 // You Gotta Push It To The Manly-Man Man Limit!

What's manlier than a montage? Maybe nothing, unless it's a baby with a moustache. Get in on Get Back To 8-bit's celebration of beefcakeness with the special montage episode tomorrow at 14:00 on Even though she ain't packin' wang, Zan and I will be discussing all sorts inbetween the tracks such as Japanese sporting events of toxic death and smelling like dead guy for pleasure, so do listen in. It's going to be hard to be as manly as this, but we'll try our damndest.

Posted at 22:27, 2nd December 2009

i can't teach you to fight, you're just a kid!

Get Back To 8-bit // 03.12.09 // You Gotta Push It To The Manly-Man Man Limit!

You'll need to push it to the limit, rise above the pressure, be the best around and become a real man in order to deal with Get Back To 8-bit's Montage episode this week. Many well known and some slightly more niche tracks to get your body pumped to improve your skills will be blasted at you as well as a selection of standard nerdological newsbeats in You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head! So you know our kung fu has become even stronger, me and Zan will be fading out over the passage of time from 14:00-15:00, Thursday,!

Posted at 18:48, 30th November 2009

news wave: you gotta shoot me in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 26.11.09 // ...And VROOOSH When It Stops.

Taking the title of most unsettling thing of the week is myself in the future man nappy, ergo I gain the title of You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head! Nappy can be seen here in all its glory:

Now here are the news links for today's show.

This is all well and good, but how long until doctors attach the rocket launcher onto some poor sucker? We'll all be boned when this cyborg abomination of human hubris unleashes its fury, like techno-Prometheus.

If this were a scfi film, it wouldn't be so unusual for the Black man to want to watch his back. They're always the first to go. Dude knows what's up.

Proof, if anything, that man will put his penis into whatever he can.

Posted at 17:45, 26th November 2009

he worked for gizmonic institute.

Get Back To 8-bit // 26.11.09 // ...And VROOOSH When It Stops.

Returning from our nightmare hellscape of a future wasteland, two chrono-hoppers, Gerald and Zan, will commence transmission on all internet frequencies detailing the future of medicine, why humans are dressing like they're dancers in a bad Madonna video, government interaction with robot slavers and why even after they admit they desire our bloody downfall, we're still willing to swap baby batter with androids. All this and a playlist concerning the sounds of the future, concluding Get Back To 8-bit's fortnight of time and space tunes. You should consider the invite to our festival of frivolity: Thursday, 14:00-15:00

Posted at 22:11, 25th November 2009

bowser is laying some pipe.

It's not got anything to do with this week's show, kids... but had this come to my attention during the videogame themes show I would have mentioned it. If you ever wondered where all of Bowser's children were coming from (probably that unfaithful two timing cocktease, Peach... but maybe not) you have to wonder who this chick had sex with to be impregnated by the reanimated body of a dead Koopa Troopa:

Don't forget to listen to a double-geek nodes of myself and Zan this Thursday for part two of TIME N SPACE!

Posted at 22:37, 24th November 2009

1.21 gigawatts!

Get Back To 8-bit // 26.11.09 // ...And VROOOSH When It Stops.

Proving that time is circular, Get Back To 8-bit returns this week to finish the fight and present part two of the fortnight of quantum mess: Songs about the FUTURE! Join me and she-geek extraordinare, Zan, as we discuss the possibilities of what might be, in the regular You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head news assault, all of which will occur whilst we rock out like the Time Lords we are. It's in the not too distant future, this Thursday A.D. 14:00-15:00 only on

Posted at 23:53, 22nd November 2009

news balls: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 19.11.09 // It Goes WHOOOSH When It Starts...

Coming to you live at the time and on perpetual loop for the remainder of humanity's existence, this is GET BACK TO 8-BIT. And now the news links for the space-tastic episode of 19/11/09.

When the government, any government for that matter, is open to the idea of intergalactic communication but still won't let Black people vote, you've got problems. In all probability, Earth would have tried to make Mars our bitch. I think if at the time there might have been a Thomas Jefferson of Martian slaves all he would have been interested in is where upon their hard carapace and multi-tongued bodies could he stick his junk into:

"Yeah, sure we found water on the Moon." says pimp-supreme NASA scientist, then "Now who wants a martini?":

Show Pluto some love and reclaim it as one of our solar system's planets, even if it is smaller than Saturn's moon Titan, about the same size as its own moon Charon and is made mostly of ice. It's the principal, dammit!

I bet at that altitude the reception is awesome. But if you drop the remote you're kinda boned:


Please join us at the alterna-fest, Rockaburley, this coming Friday the 27th of November at the Classic Grand. I can't guarantee the girls will look like the ones in Jabba's palace, but I can guarantee they won't look like Jabba. It is sufficiently in line with enough retro goodness to warrant a Get Back To 8-bit mentie, so stop on by for bearded lady cake goodness:

Posted at 17:50, 19th November 2009

get ready for blast off, full-helmeteers!

Get Back To 8-bit // 19.11.09 // It Goes WHOOOSH When It Starts...

Transmitting from an outer limb of the Milky Way Galaxy, Get Back To 8-bit is starting two weeks of issues concerning space and time. Join myself and Mr Jo as we discuss Martian communication and the governments that warned us about it, sending chairs into space for the sake of television sales, blowing up the Moon for Mr Frosty fodder and deciding the ultimate fate of Pluto 332 light minutes away from it. In addition, there'll be theme-specific music and all sorts of Glasgow happenings on the deeply alternative style. It's all going down tomorrow on at 14:00. Download later if you miss it!

Posted at 21:42, 18th November 2009

i love future-hitler and future-hitler loves me!

Get Back To 8-bit // 19.11.09 // It Goes WHOOOSH When It Starts...

For the attention of all you gentle sods, Get Back To 8-bit, broadcast on the 19th November will start two weeks of songs concerning space and time. Unlike other fictional characters prominent in our media, I choose not to abuse such powers in the open forum for my own gratification. I gratify myself in private. Please join me and my guest chat-monger for the week, or download later on in the day, you strange person.

Posted at 22:59, 15th November 2009

news bomb: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 12.11.09 // The Clash At Demonhead!

Thanks to Kerry who made an appearance on the show and for reminding me how much of a super dork I am. Here are the news links for the episode of Get Back To 8-bit on 12/11/09:

I'll bet this is what your mum wanted to play after your dad took her to see Logan's Run and she got all horned up seeing Michael York in a silk shirt. The 70s were weird, dude:

SPECIAL DOUBLE 1970s GAME TRAVESTY BONUS: Did anyone at Mego seriously not get what was being said in this commercial? The whole premise is just like one enormous wink at the audience:

Contrary to what Kerry may have originally thought, the US army does not condone Panda murder. They do however create robot planes that feel ennui from the daily grind of human grinding:

That's weird because sometimes I feel like my clock is judging me and my toaster is a speaking in tongues:

Do regular Japanese vending machines only operate on the condition that you battle a tentacle monster violating some nubile co-ed before you can eat your bag of dried squid eyes? What other nation of Earth would so deviously place a challenge between yourself and cake-laden euphoria?

Posted at 20:54, 12th November 2009

my name is justin bailey! videogame music week 2.

Get Back To 8-bit // 12.11.09 // The Clash At Demonhead!

Hey there my bit-heads! On this week's show, inappropriate gaming, suicidal military automatons, coffee tables watching your dull-ass lifestyle and the Japanese making you fight for your right to dessert. All this news and a playlist comprising part two of Get Back To 8-bit's fortnight of chipbeat and videogame music. Joining me in the studio will be young Kerry, who knows nothing of the geek lifestyle and is in attendance as a control to gauge just how worthless this information I spew at you week after week is to those in the real world. I do believe Lizanne, Allan and Jamie are hard at work on completing Ep. One of StoneDEAD, hence their absence from this week's episode which they seemed to be taking up comfortable residence within, but fear not listener as I doubt we've seen the last of them by far.

Press Start to begin play!

Posted at 11:50, 12th November 2009

it's dangerous to go alone! take this.

Get Back To 8-bit // 12.11.09 // The Clash At Demonhead!

Attention Bit-heads,

The second part of Get Back To 8-bit's chipbeat and videogame theme hits this Thursday, with some old classics, lesser known offerings and some contemporary tunes thrown in to appease all generations of gamers. No remixes by geeks on their computers expecting kudos for other people's works, just the tracks as you remember them from the games. Join, join, join, listen, listen, listen!

Posted at 14:32, 8th November 2009

news blast: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 05.11.09 // Gerald Finally Gets Back To 8-bit!

Here are the news links for Get Back To 8-bit: 05/11/09

I smell Academy Award material:


I think the more pressing question is "What insane billionaire would be willing to orchestrate a theme park of genetically recreated extinct animals so that he could watch them undertake pub olympics?":

Become a fan of StoneDEAD AND join in on the filming if you so desire:

Posted at 09:51, 6th November 2009

punch kid to receive prize!

Get Back To 8-bit // 05.11.09 // Gerald Finally Gets Back To 8-bit!


Attention bit-heads,

In the aftermath of the great ASCII Apocalypse, Get Back To 8-bit is taking up the torch and doing what the title suggests by going fully retro with a two-week session of 8-bit chipbeat and videogame themes. This week will be the chipbeat, with some added chat by up to three extra players who are coming back into the studio to make amends to me for their sexist dances featured last week. Don't miss out, be sure to listen in tomorrow or download the show later. Wrong milk-fed mouthbreathers might refer to this event as "Large", we prefer to say that it is "stuffed with RAM".


Posted at 17:54, 4th November 2009

up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a

Get Back To 8-bit // 05.11.09 // Gerald Finally Gets Back To 8-bit!

This week's Get Back To 8-bit is long overdue, as it starts a two week session of chipbeat, bitpop and videogame themes. I'll also have guests in the studio discussing all of this week's geekiest subject matter as well as enough you gotta shoot 'em in the head news to keep you all satisfied.


Posted at 17:39, 1st November 2009

undead news: you gotta shoot em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 29.10.09 // Zombies and What Else?

Many thanks again to Alan and Jamie for coming in and talking about their youtube series StoneDEAD. If you want to be a zombie extra for the series, feel free to get in touch with me via one of the facebook links on my show page and I'll pass on your details. Also many thanks to Colin Armstrong for providing all the info we needed for Saturday's Zombie Walk!

Now, the newslinks for Get Back To 8-bit for Thursday, 29th October!

Already large great white shark bitten in half possibly by slightly better endowed shark with a nicer car and a cuter girlfriend. Or Godzilla, I mean Japan IS to the north:

Facebook now reanimating your profiles after your death because having your friend count go down IS UNACCEPTABLE, PEOPLE! Prepare to be poked by the clammy hand of the undead, then superpoked:

First cut Trailer for StoneDEAD to be found here!

And also all the info you need about Saturday's Zombie Walk can be found here!

Posted at 16:32, 29th October 2009

player 2 enters the game! zombies attack!

Get Back To 8-bit // 29.10.09 // Zombies and What Else?

Just a reminder peoples, I'll be interviewing Allan Groves and Jamie Lamarra about their zombie film goings on as well as an interview about the Glasgow Zombie Walk starting this Saturday at 3pm at the QMU. There's more news and a Halloween Monster/Alien playlist, because none of the subcity team can resist the maddening effect of THEME SHOW TERROR! It'll be a good one, so tune in!

Posted at 10:48, 29th October 2009

the creeping terror: zombie scotsmen!

Get Back To 8-bit // 29.10.09 // Zombies and What Else?

Greetings sub-lifeforms,

Make sure to listen to Thursday's Get Back To 8-bit when I'll be talking about Halloween events and news, including info about the Glasgow Zombie walk starting outside the QMU at 3pm (info here: and also interviewing two young men, Allan Groves and Jamie Lamarra, who will be filming the event in conjuncture with their own zombie project for your viewing pleasure on youtube: StoneDEAD ( Of course, there will be a special Halloween theme on the playlist, comprising of a head to head collision of songs about monsters and aliens.


Posted at 13:52, 25th October 2009

newsasaurus: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 22.10.09 // The Elephant Six In The Room.

What up, hinterland? Here are the news links for Get Back To 8-bit broadcast on the 22nd October! Enjoy!

Physicists theorise that the Higgs Boson particle travels back in time to prevent its own birth, boff own grandmother:

After my eighth heart attack, I just realised that was my body telling me it was so excited for more bacon:“bacon”/

Fight your class resident evil genius and all around bastards with these handy righteous power objects:

Interestingly enough, Sean's nudity still didn't stop the casinos from preventing him from gambling at their tables:

Posted at 11:54, 23rd October 2009

i can't think of another elephant-based adage pun.

Get Back To 8-bit // 22.10.09 // The Elephant Six In The Room.

SCIENCE! BACON! NUDITY! SUPERHEROES! Get yourself stoked for great ideas humanity has to offer in this celebration of anti-hubris and genuine genius on Get Back To 8-bit this week. As for the music, I'll be transmitting an all Elephant Six Collective playlist full of baroque and psych bands for you to enjoy, recognising the good idea of some friends who just want to work together to create something special. Don't miss it!

Posted at 21:15, 21st October 2009

the elephant six never forgets.

Get Back To 8-bit // 22.10.09 // The Elephant Six In The Room.

Have you ever had a monumentally awesome idea which brought something incredible into the world? Four childhood friends from Denver Colorado did when they decided that rather than limit themselves to forming one band together, they'd form different bands and work together, creating the (sometimes label, sometimes clubhouse) Elephant Six Collective. Rob Schneider (The Apples in Stereo), Bill Doss, Will Hart (The Olivia Tremor Control) and Jeff Magnum (Neutral Milk Hotel) kept in touch and while some of their musical projects ended, the collective remains and brought in new musical talent.

This week's Get Back To 8-bit salutes all great ideas for humanity and will be playing some choice tracks from several Elephant Six bands. Be prepared for some psych-folk and wave-based machinations suitable for bean bag dwellers and strange cake eaters. If you can only remember the 60s through outside stimulus and regression therapy, you may want to give this one a go. Expect news and good times along with it, so tune in Thursday at 14:00 or download at your convenience!

Posted at 15:49, 17th October 2009

news blast: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 15.10.09 // Embarrassing Dating Sims Are Not Required.

Or rather, you don't really have to shoot 'em in the head, because this week's news links don't really have anything out to get us. A first for Get Back To 8-bit.

Japanese train station employs cat as station master. First order of business, vomiting hair ball on the tracks and putting a dead bird on the 9:15am commute to Tokyo:

Japan's "Robot" Brand Milk. Contents, 90% Lactose 10% Poison:

Eventually different companies in Japan will have manufactured enough parts for you to just build your own girlfriend (Probably NSFW):

And then the third item I mentioned... yeah I was originally going to put a link up so you could see it for yourself but I think the "telling you without really telling you how bad this thing is" on the show was enough. Needless to say, it's a big bowl of wrong.

So can the dog tell you that this device humiliates both of you?:

I call dibs on She-Ra as my girlfriend:,28348,24576437-5014239,00.html

Posted at 18:18, 15th October 2009

some good geek news and some bad geek news.

Good geek news!

The city of Los Angeles recognised Stan Lee by pronouncing October 2nd as Stan Lee day and presented the man with an official certificate of commemoration. Now if only we could harvest the material which constitutes Stan's hairline I think we'd be able to create lighter, more durable spaceshuttles.

'Nuff said.

Bad geek news!

The former wrestler "Captain" Lou Albano was pronounced dead on October 14th at age 76. Lou was noteworthy to all geeks of the 80s as being the first actor to portray Nintendo's flagship character Mario in a vocal manner, in the tv series "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show", waaaaay before the now accepted voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, came along. The show might have been more on the side of ass than awesome, but for a lot of kids, this was the voice.

See you on Thursday!

Posted at 01:03, 15th October 2009

evil! pure and simple from the eighth dimension!

Get Back To 8-bit // 15.10.09 // Embarrassing Dating Sims Are Not Required.

Remember, sub-lifeforms, Get Back To 8-bit is turning Japanese this week with a playlist composed of nothing but frenetic noise waves from the land of the rising sun! Don't miss what might be the bestest show of mine and anyone's lives*! Tune in this week, Thursday 14:00, on!

Also to tide you over until then, this is most definitely worth your next two minutes:

*Not a guarantee.

Posted at 20:13, 12th October 2009

news assault: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 08.10.09 // The Way Of The Exploding Fist!

The News is now up and awake, regarding Get Back To 8-bit from 08/10/09!

Super gangsta laser military drive-by from 50,000 feet!

Fake Portal-inspired shirt is still awesome (Competition is still open, ladies.):

Lamp runs on human blood/possibly human fear:

Burger-based assault comes with fries and a large order of DIE!

What use is money going to be in the future of nuclear armageddon? They should be trading these kits for shotgun ammo, purified water and zombie repellant:

Posted at 19:01, 10th October 2009

dr. osamu tezuka cybernautic school of geekdom.

Get Back To 8-bit // 15.10.09 // Embarrassing Dating Sims Are Not Required.

If you've been listening to Get Back To 8-bit, you know how much Japan and their schenanigans influences the show, so this week is a complete Japanarama blowout! There'll be too much pickled eel and tentacle eroticism for you to know what to do with. Expect some good and bad news from the land they call Nippon in the You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head! newsbeats as well. You definitely won't want to miss this one! Now return to your normal lives, Gaijins!

Posted at 18:20, 10th October 2009

show news and a good lifestyle tip!

Attention lifeforms,

Many thanks for all of you who have been listening to the show, I've just completed nine more themed playlists which will be launching over the next few weeks (look out for Japanarama! and an Aliens/Monsters show this month) and don't forget that today's show is Random Acts of Violence. Hope you tune in this afternoon.

As this month features Halloween, I imagine many of you will be dressing as our now lost gloved-one, MJ. But to complete that look, you have to know how to moonwalk right (and on general principle, you need to know how to moonwalk right, especially if you want to WOW potential employers). But don't fret, I have the means to teach you all you need to know if you can't pull off some sweet moves.

Step One!

Keep the left leg bent and heel planted. Put your weight on that leg.

Step Two!

Slide your right leg backward by pulling at the hips, keeping that knee locked and that foot flat on the ground. Swing your left arm forward at the same time.


When your right leg is behind you, shift your weight onto it while bending the right knee and lifting the right heel. Straighten your left leg, then pull it backward at the hip and swing your right arm forward.

Step Four!

Repeat from the start. Grab crotch (optional) and exclaim "YOU'VE BEEN STRUCK BY A SMOOTH CRIMINAL! WOOO!" (not optional).

Posted at 10:36, 8th October 2009

random acts of violence!

Get Back To 8-bit // 08.10.09 // The Way Of The Exploding Fist!

This week's Get Back To 8-bit focuses on any and all excuses to make stuff get blowed up, hit your neighbours with your smaller, less quick to escape neighbour and eat the brains of your enemies to gain their power! Join Gerald for a playlist celebrating the simple pleasures a monkey knife fight represents. There'll be the standard news attack features and general misanthropy you've come to expect, so get in on that!

Posted at 16:46, 4th October 2009

news barrage: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 01.10.09 // Robert Pattinson With Me In The Shower.

The news links for Thursday 1st October's Get Back To 8-bit! Delayed, but now up.

Glasgow University Steampunk Society bids you much welcome, so join in:

Samurai wannabe butthorn eats bloody stumpy justice from the undaunted mutilated:

You are lazy and the robots will pick off your fattened calf-like human torso first after you lose the use of your legs from relying on being carried by them all the time:

Their wedding photos will look so much better than yours or anyone else's for that matter:

Completely unnecessary and terrifying cashing-in on a franchise those who are lacking in taste enjoy:

And just for shizzes and giggles, INTERNETZ:

Posted at 16:39, 4th October 2009

once more, with cake.

Get Back To 8-bit // 01.10.09 // Robert Pattinson With Me In The Shower.

A-hey, kids,

Vampires judging you in the shower and other inappropriate movie tie-ins, robot weddings, and some XXX amputee barroom fighting. It's all there in the news attack of Get Back To 8-bit this week. Plus, of course, the tunes! No theme this week, but don't be alarmed, since they'll be back with gusto in the near future!

G out.

Posted at 20:12, 30th September 2009

news attack: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 24.09.09 // Get Back To 8-bit 2: Electric Boogaloo.

This week's news links from the Thursday 24th Sept. episode in all their resplendent glory.

Japan building a Death Star, Rebel Alliance not yet informed:

Company begins actively training gun enthusiasts on where to aim to take down zombie Nazis:

The undead and robots combine once again to create Count staby-arm:

Posted at 23:48, 24th September 2009

whose responsible this?!

Get Back To 8-bit // 24.09.09 // Get Back To 8-bit 2: Electric Boogaloo.

For the benefit of all like minded carbon lifeforms, Get Back To 8-bit will be frozen in carbonite into its regular timeslot this week. To mark the second episode, we're honouring the tracks that weren't quite good enough to set the tone and lead you into their respective albums and were relegated to runner-up. If you missed Get Back To 8-bit episode one, you'll be in just the right frame of mind for this week's show, but why would you want to handicap yourself so? Download last week's episode now so you can level up beyond complete wastrel class-1 nubbin.

Posted at 21:43, 21st September 2009

news links: shoot 'em in the head!

Get Back To 8-bit // 15.09.09 // FIGHT! Super Robot Life Form Anderson.

Many thanks to everyone who tuned in last night! Apologies for the minor gaff early on, I wasn't expecting an Australian I worked with and haven't seen in five months to just pop his head round the door, mouth something incomprehensible at me and run off. If you missed the show and want to listen again, it is available for download now.

Anyway, as promised last night, here are all the "You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head" news links on robot horrors.

South Korean super robot:

Robots comprehend and use massive fibs:

Robots giving birth to tiny screaming human-killers:

Zombie Robot eats whatever it finds:

Posted at 09:31, 16th September 2009


When in doubt, shoot 'em in the head!

On Saturday 31st October, from 15:00-16:00, zombies from all across Glasgow will converge on Byres Road to do a walkaround the university campus, starting at Oran Mor. The event is completely free, so if you feel like dressing up and making some new undead friends, join in. They won't smell worse than most Freshers.

For more details, why not go here you strange person:

Get Back To 8-bit begins Tues. 15th Sept. at 21:00. JOIN USSSSSSSSS.

Posted at 19:38, 14th September 2009

first episode nonsense.

Get Back To 8-bit // 15.09.09 // FIGHT! Super Robot Life Form Anderson.

Get Back To 8-bit is taking shape! In honour of the first broadcast on FM and online, we'll be starting strong and bringing you a synthetic noise barrage of robot-themed songs from a variety of different genres. More theme shows will be coming in the next few weeks, just as soon as I can find the necessary tracks. Until next week, listener! End Transmission.

Posted at 17:10, 4th September 2009

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