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The Mating Call Of The Kakapo, If He Were A NES.

Get Back To 8-bit!
10th June 2010
This Is How We Say Goodbye In Germany, Dr Jones.
3rd June 2010
Breakin' Hearts And Smellin' Of Kirk.
27th May 2010
A New Challenger Approaches!
20th May 2010
Because Other Girls Won't Talk To Me.
13th May 2010
The Mating Call Of The Kakapo, If He Were A NES.
6th May 2010
Mr Long Legged Cleggy Weggy.
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Get Back To 8-bit // 1400-1500 13.05.10

douglas adams would be proud.

Join in on today's Get Back To 8-bit as Gerald, Allan and Jamie indulge in some chiptunery of the Pink Floyd nature by playing The Dark Side Of The Moon in all it's synthesised goodness. Plus something else because it won't take up the full hour. We'll be discussing matters of global importance too, like ladies what lie about babies and a funny bra. Other things too. Join in today by listening live @ 14:00 and send us your messages.



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