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Violent Porn Comics.

Get Back To 8-bit!
10th June 2010
This Is How We Say Goodbye In Germany, Dr Jones.
3rd June 2010
Breakin' Hearts And Smellin' Of Kirk.
27th May 2010
A New Challenger Approaches!
20th May 2010
Because Other Girls Won't Talk To Me.
13th May 2010
The Mating Call Of The Kakapo, If He Were A NES.
6th May 2010
Mr Long Legged Cleggy Weggy.
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Get Back To 8-bit // 1400-1500 29.04.10

news rashomon: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

Another episode of Get Back To 8-bit and plenty of Japanese goodness to boot. I feel good. Many thanks to everyone who listened, even if you didn't have any mice themed songs you could recommend. I shall overcome. Here are the news links for GBT8-bit for 29/04/10!

That is exactly what we need, more ten year olds on X-Box Live... AND rewarding them for doing so:

If you're being proposed to with a Twilight inspired ring, you are dumb and will definitely die alone once the guy doing the proposing realises the futility of his genes and ends his life for the benefit of mankind.

Japan, you mean well, but you're doing nerdy wrong. You need more nerdy. I am annoyed:…-and-we-tested-it

Have you ever actually seen Stephen Hawking in a talk show interview? He does make the same joke over and over and programs in a pause for laughter into his computer. Smart does not = social skills, but it does add credibility to statements like this:

Posted at 00:49, 2nd May 2010

featuring ladies with tentacles in strange places.

Get Back To 8-bit continues the resuming of transmission after the studio move to much sunnier areas of the campus this week with a super terrific Japanese theme event. This feast of eastern delights is combined with news stories likely to make you want to punch the internet in disgust, such as boy scout gamer skillz, more reasons for Twilight to die die die die, poorly conceived fan cafes and Stephen Hawking's prophecy of DOOM. Join in tomorrow @ 14:00 and PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE!

Posted at 23:16, 28th April 2010


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