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Robert Pattinson With Me In The Shower.

Get Back To 8-bit!
10th June 2010
This Is How We Say Goodbye In Germany, Dr Jones.
3rd June 2010
Breakin' Hearts And Smellin' Of Kirk.
27th May 2010
A New Challenger Approaches!
20th May 2010
Because Other Girls Won't Talk To Me.
13th May 2010
The Mating Call Of The Kakapo, If He Were A NES.
6th May 2010
Mr Long Legged Cleggy Weggy.
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Get Back To 8-bit // 1400-1500 01.10.09

news barrage: you gotta shoot 'em in the head!

The news links for Thursday 1st October's Get Back To 8-bit! Delayed, but now up.

Glasgow University Steampunk Society bids you much welcome, so join in:

Samurai wannabe butthorn eats bloody stumpy justice from the undaunted mutilated:

You are lazy and the robots will pick off your fattened calf-like human torso first after you lose the use of your legs from relying on being carried by them all the time:

Their wedding photos will look so much better than yours or anyone else's for that matter:

Completely unnecessary and terrifying cashing-in on a franchise those who are lacking in taste enjoy:

And just for shizzes and giggles, INTERNETZ:

Posted at 16:39, 4th October 2009

once more, with cake.

A-hey, kids,

Vampires judging you in the shower and other inappropriate movie tie-ins, robot weddings, and some XXX amputee barroom fighting. It's all there in the news attack of Get Back To 8-bit this week. Plus, of course, the tunes! No theme this week, but don't be alarmed, since they'll be back with gusto in the near future!

G out.

Posted at 20:12, 30th September 2009


Let's Get Out Of This Country
Camera Obscura Merge
The Magnetic Fields Merge
Basso Profundo
Devotchka Anti
Candy Shop
Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire Rykodisc
Multiplies Independent
Code Monkey
Jonathan Coulton Creative Commons
The Apples In Stereo SpinART
She Don't Use Jelly
The Flaming Lips Warner Bros.
Your Redneck Past
Ben Folds Five 550
Friday Ferris Wheel
Petset Vroom-Sound
Steady Ride (Gun Metal Green)
Trocadero Rooster Teeth
Of Montreal PolyVinyl
Jarvis Cocker Rough Trade

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