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Get Back To 8-bit!
10th June 2010
This Is How We Say Goodbye In Germany, Dr Jones.
3rd June 2010
Breakin' Hearts And Smellin' Of Kirk.
27th May 2010
A New Challenger Approaches!
20th May 2010
Because Other Girls Won't Talk To Me.
13th May 2010
The Mating Call Of The Kakapo, If He Were A NES.
6th May 2010
Mr Long Legged Cleggy Weggy.
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Get Back To 8-bit // 1400-1500 04.03.10

news fizz: you gotta shoot 'em in the head

Albeit somewhat delayed and with a hint of aftertaste comparable to a full and lustrous beard, here are the newslinks for Get Back To 8-bit for the 4th of March 2010!

If this is true, I suspect Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will soon be testing what really happens when you get every Chinese person to jump in the air simultaneously.


Socially awkward virgin with no idea how to satisfy you is your ideal man.


In a hundred years, the moon will become a 'no-go' zone similar to Manhattan in 'Escape From New York', mark my words.


Place your tray table in the upright and locked posi..ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND, SIR!?


Coming soon, Johnny Depp and Clive Owen in an adaptation of 'Spiral Zone'. Stop making these movies.


Posted at 21:05, 8th March 2010

how many monkeys does it take to change a lifetime

You dirty fools, get down and pray for even more Get Back To 8-bit action and so it shall be done. This week, I discuss the shortening of the day via global earthquake buggery, why the 'Mirror, Mirror' Gerald is so much hotter than the regular Gerald, Take Your kid to work day going wrong, Robot Astronauts IN SPAAAAAACE and why not every kid's toy makes for a good movie idea. In addition, I caress your ear holes with my wholly Jonathan Coulton playlist, so you'll get two kings of geeks for the price of one. Join me Thursday the 4th March @ 14:00 on subcity.org or you can download it later on.

Posted at 21:19, 3rd March 2010

you just keep on trying 'till you run out of cake.

On this week's Get Back To 8-bit, it's a week that contains my birthday and so I optioned to give thanks to the gods of nerdery for their bounty upon me by devoting the whole show to someone who kind of defined a great deal of the show's content and made it a better place, Jonathan Coulton. Join in on Thursday the 4th of March at 14:00 on subcity.org for much hirsute songmeister action!

Posted at 23:58, 28th February 2010


Monkey Shines
Jonathan Coulton Creative Commons
Jonathan Coulton Creative Commons
I'm A Mason Now
Jonathan Coulton Creative Commons
Mandelbrot Set
Jonathan Coulton Creative Commons
Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance
Jonathan Coulton Creative Commons
Soft Rocked By Me
Jonathan Coulton Creative Commons
A Talk With George
Jonathan Coulton Creative Commons
Sill Alive
Jonathan Coulton Creative Commons
Shop Vac
Jonathan Coulton Creative Commons
Jonathan Coulton Creative Commons
Mr. Fancy Pants
Jonathan Coulton Creative Commons
The Future Soon
Jonathan Coulton Creative Commons
Blue Sunny Day
Jonathan Coulton Creative Commons
Code Monkey
Jonathan Coulton Creative Commons

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