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For those who's musical interest lies in the past, on Geschichtenwerkstatt you can enjoy tunes from Django Reinhardt over Miles Davies to Howlin' Wolf, Dylan over Clancy Brothers to Guthrie or Robert Johnston to Brian Harnetty. The occasional old school mix can find its way into the show to lighten our modern spirits. Music that tells us a story or just lets us escape from our dull everyday life of lectures and essays.


pull my daisy

Geschichtenwerkstatt // 26.03.10 // Pull My Daisy

Dear Friends and Outlaws,

I have just finished putting up the playlist for today's shows. As you will see, there are some great Dylan songs coming up, from his beginnings to the 70s. I'll also read two Allen Ginsberg poems, and extract from Jack Kerouac's 'On the Road' and the beginning of a Kurt Vonnegut short-story with the fantastic title 'Welcome to the Monkey House'. Hope you'll hear me and not get bored of my voice and choices! Haltet die Ohren Steif,

Charlotte "Kiddo" Fiedler

Posted at 12:22, 26th March 2010

easy listening

Geschichtenwerkstatt // 19.03.10 // Easy Listening

Hello. Just to thank all those who gave me encouraging comments after last weeks show and it can actually only get better, hopefully. I'll be playing quite a mix of Blues, Jazz and Folk today. In my opinion most songs I chose mix into each others genres though. There are some real classics coming up, so listen to Geschichtenwerkstatt.

Apologies for my bamboozling announcements by the end that had little to do with what I was playing.

Posted at 11:24, 19th March 2010

from mississippi to chicago

Geschichtenwerkstatt // 12.03.10 // From Mississippi to Chicago

Right, So I have survived delivering a first radio show with some miner injuries to our ears in the end, but I hope it wasn't too bad. The playlist is up now and if you have any questions or suggestions let me know. Find me on Facebook under 'Geschichtenwerkstatt' or e-mail me: [email protected]

Ta for listening, Charlotte

Posted at 15:15, 12th March 2010