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electric blues

Funky Junk // 17.03.12 // Electric Blues

Boom Boom.

A show dedicated entirely to those truly rhythmic, electrified blues songs.

After the '1st birthday's' two hour slot, we chill it this week and focus on a hotbed of spine-tingling electric blues tracks. Playing a wide array of Blues, Rhythm n' Blues, Electric Slideeeee and some funky mambo goodness.

Featuring: John Lee Hooker, Joe Tex, Betty Everett, Peppermin Harris, Gene Thompson & The Counts, Toussaint McCall, Elmore James, Ricky Allen and hunners more.

An hour of the good stuff, tune in, get blue...

Posted at 19:00, 17th March 2012

funky junk turns one

Funky Junk // 10.03.12 // Funky Junk Turns One

Funky Junk Turns One.

Come celebrate exactly one year to the day since we first berated the Subcity net-waves.

We look back at some of the best tracks and moments from the show.

2 hours of quality foot stomping; Soul, Funk, Rhythm & Blues, Rock n' Roll, Reggae, Dancehall, as well as some more contemporary tracks, from more current cats.

Posted at 14:02, 4th March 2012

can't stand the rain

Funky Junk // 03.03.12 // Can't Stand The Rain

"Du-Du-Du-Du-Du, De Dee, I can't stand the rain, against my window."

Ann Peebles knows, do you?

The week we play an eclectic, funk fuelled soul set, with the vast bulk of tracks having been cherry picked straight from a recently procured "Ace Records Sampler" CD. A fantastic compilation (Vol. 4) which covers some well known and some rarer gems from across the soul spectrum. You'll find tracks from the likes of 'The Ikettes', 'Z.Z Hill', 'Bettye Swann', 'Mary Love' and many more.

Posted at 19:24, 3rd March 2012

the rasta's pasta

Funky Junk // 18.02.12 // The Rasta's Pasta

This show we play a general smorgasbord of music coliding to form another episode of Funky Junk. Expect an odd mix of funky reggae (The Upsetters, Toots, Mr. Dekker) 60s guitar bands (The Bobby Fuller Four, The Trolls), a few contemporary groups (such as The Bees and The Black Keys) as well as some funky tropical vibes from the likes of Joe Cuba, Spanky Wilson and Orchestre Du Bawowab! Blend it up...

Posted at 20:06, 18th February 2012

dirty riddims

Funky Junk // 04.02.12 // Dirty Riddims

Funky Junk settles down into the new Saturday 9pm slot with an eclectic mix of Northern Soul, and some of the more selectively sleazy Rhythmic Blues out there. After the iTunes spending spree of this week, post pay-day; we settle down to play some of our new mp3 based purchases and report on some recent soul based shenanigans. Upto and including the drama of the talcum powdered Wee Red Bar dancefloor, and why if I actually owned Frank Wilson's "Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)" on its original vinyl, I probably wouldn't be so skint...

Posted at 00:34, 4th February 2012

"oi geno!..."

Funky Junk // 21.01.12 // "Oi Geno ..."

Get that saturday night fix of funky soul music with the first episode of 2012. Spinning all the christmas CDs hard, to loose that jive turkey midrift. Get some Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band, Isaac Hayes, Bo Diddley, Wendy Rene, The Robins and many more.

Get Smooth, Stay Smooth....

Posted at 21:11, 21st January 2012

- motown madness -

Funky Junk // 17.12.11 // Motown Madness

For the last show of 2011, Funky Junk is show-casing a "greatest hits" selection of Motown chartbusters. For a wee while on Saturday we will be taking a break from playing 'that obscure stuff your gran likes' to hits that topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic from the early 60s onwards.

Expect belters from the likes of Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Marvin Gaye, The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, The Temptation, The Four Tops and a good few more. Also, a run down of the past months events and what to expect 2012.

We may even slot in an alternative Christmas jingle at the end too, who knows.

Posted at 00:05, 15th December 2011

mixed nuts

Funky Junk // 19.11.11 // Mixed Nuts

Funky Junk kicks back today, and plays you a fantastic mix by Julian Savage, taken from the Diddy Wah music blog. Featuring funky Egyptian themed Rhythm & Blues, Tropical Tittyshakers and a whole host of fantastic gems.

Diddy Wah blog:

Julian Savage Mix (scroll down):

Posted at 11:32, 13th December 2011

mixed nuts

Funky Junk takes a break from all the chitta-chatta and brings you an absolute gem of a mix. Taken from the highly regarded and very well stocked "Diddy Wah" music blog, we play a special mix recorded by DJ Julian Savage (London / Melbourne). The mix contains a great deal of odd-ball stuff, ranging from Egyptian Exotica, Sloppy Rhythm & Blues, "loco Latin" and "other assorted mania". Hope You enjoy.

For more from the 'Diddy Wah' blog, check it out first hand here...


More Mixes:

Posted at 09:46, 19th November 2011

rhythmic blues

Funky Junk // 05.11.11 // Rhythmic Blues

Funky Junk returns to the netwaves after a month long gap to bring you a blitzing array of ballin' Rhythm & Blues, Tropical Vibes, Sleazy Surf and instrumental 'tittyshaker'.

As well as a catch up of the months recent blackspot, you can expect some rare Rhythm & Blues finds from the likes of Jo Ann Henderson, Willie Jones, Gay Poppers, The Rollers, Ray Williams and many more...

Posted at 08:01, 5th November 2011

funky kingston

Funky Junk // 08.10.11 // Funky Kingston

This episode we'll be getting down and dirty, selecting some fresh cuts of smooth funk, reggae and a Nigerian Choir song from the recently discovered / gifted "Lipi Kodi Ya City Council: Nigerian High Life" compilation album.

Some nice 'recently' sampled tracks from the likes of Ronnie Hudson's 'West Coast Pop-lock' and The Chi-Lites' 'Are You My Woman' make an appearance along with classics from James Brown, Lyn Collins, The Temptations and many more...

Posted at 08:15, 8th October 2011

northern soul special

Funky Junk // 24.09.11 // Funky Junk - Northern Soul Special

Funky Junk returns to the Subcity net-waves for the new season with a Northern Soul 'special edition' episode. Playing a wide selection of both classic hits and rarer grooves, we delve through the record crates of the 1960/70s dance-hall phenomenon.

Playing hits by the likes of Holly St.James, Frank Wilson, Gloria Jones, Martha Reeves, Tammi Terrell and many more. The history and origins of the movement will also be discussed, along with what happened during the long summer lull, but as with everything Northern Soul, it's all about the music.

Keep The Faith.

Posted at 13:54, 23rd September 2011

Funky Junk // 02.06.11 // Funky Junk - The.Revolution.Will.Not.Be.Televised

The final episode of Funky Junk, before the summer break, sees a Beatles inspired 6 degrees, going from Fats Domino through to John Lee Hooker. Vintage vinyl also returns, along with a whole host of other artists including The Coasters, Frankie Valli, Cream, Charles Wright, and The Primates. Also, melancholy music from the film 'Blue Valentine', and a selection of tracks from the late, great, Gil Scott-Heron.

" You will not have to worry about a dove in your bedroom, a tiger in your tank, or the giant in your toilet bowl. The revolution will not go better with Coke. The revolution will not fight the germs that may cause bad breath. The revolution will put you in the driver's seat. "

Posted at 11:46, 2nd June 2011

hang on sloopy!

Funky Junk // 19.05.11 // Funky Junk - Hang on Sloopy!

Episode six sees a jam packed episode, celebrating the return of 6-degrees, Vintage Vinyl and playing a whole host of fantastic artists, including Otis Redding, Muddy Waters, Linda Lyndell, Johnny Cash, Mungo's Hi-Fi and many many more!

The up coming Funky Junk gigs at Art Noise and Sound / Club 520 are discussed as well as a sneaky peak at some of the tracks that will be played!

Check out the events here:

Art Noise -

Sound / Club 520 -

Hang on Sloopy...Sloopy...Hang on!

Posted at 11:32, 19th May 2011

'embodied junk'

Funky Junk // 05.05.11 // Funky Junk - 'Embodied Junk'

Ch-Ch-Ch-Check Yo'Self!

Funky Junk has a lot to cover this episode, catching up on the chaos of recent events, as well as featuring an 'election special'. The crazy regal celebrations in the Kelvingrove to that 'courier service' you might want to avoid. Get your lovefilm delivered elsewhere y'all!

On a different note, this episode sees a wealth of classic soul/funk gems, and the new 'Vintage Vinyl' track selection. Expect hits from the likes of The Average White Band, The Coasters, Ann Robinson, Sam Hawkins, The Radiants and many more.

"I feel an urge coming on...Coming on strong"

Posted at 22:21, 4th May 2011

it's 6 degrees in the shade(s)!

Funky Junk // 21.04.11 // Funky Junk - It's 6 Degrees in the shade(s)!

Funky Junk's 4th episode sees a new "human web" theory thingy ma'bob, in 6 degrees of separation! Find out how Louis Prima links up with Mr. Presley himself through the mysterious mediums of music, acting, offspring, but mainly just good 'ol fame.

Music this week from a range of fantastic artists, with some Swing, Jive, and of course heavy hitting Soul; contributed by The Velvelettes, Little Richard, Bobby (Blue Band) Bland, Betty Everett, Bo Diddley and many more! Not one to miss.

Oh, and remember - "It's a funky situation..."

Posted at 21:12, 20th April 2011

have junk will travel

Funky Junk // 07.04.11 // Funky Junk - Have Junk Will Travel

The third installment of Funky Junk, playing the likes of Thelma Houston, Sharon Jones & The Dapkings, Wilson Pickett, The Flirtations and many more. The eagerly anticipated Funky Junk "Tour" is discussed, and why playing live with equipment you've never used before can in fact be fun!


Posted at 12:12, 7th April 2011

here comes the sun

Funky Junk // 24.03.11 // Funky Junk - Here Comes The Sun

This episode we play a wide selection of soul grooves and rock n' roll hip-shakers to welcome in the summer weather (however temporary). Expect hits from the like of Bob Marley, Gil Scott-Heron, Lee Dorsey and many more. A comprehensive review of the killer tyre film 'Rubber' will also be included, as well as why calling premium rate numbers at 2 on a lonesome sonntagmorgen is never a good idea.

Funky Junk, Here Comes The Sun, only on Subcity Radio...

"Sun is shiiiiiining, Weather is sweet, make ya wanna move yer dancin' feet..."

Posted at 11:11, 24th March 2011

funky junk - the beginning

Funky Junk // 10.03.11 // Funky Junk - The Beginning

The first ever episode of Funky Junk sees a sixteen track belter of a show come about, presented by Calum and guest co-presenter Zak. With a distinctive Soul / Dub vibe present in this episode, and a selection of tracks gifted by Zak, Funky Junk is initiated along side one of the best possible soundtracks. Listen back on demand here.

Posted at 22:12, 10th March 2011

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