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Electric Lemonade is the liquid music child of Butler and the Mighty Pollock came along to give the affair some class.

EL is dedicated to bringing the best tunes, upcoming remixes, wonderful competitions, nail-biting features-including the suspense ridden "THE WAR" and enough banter to suffice some sort of animal that thrives on Irish/Scottish combos of banter.

It's the weekend, people.
Time to get your dance on.


electric lemonade: fourth series debut

Electric Lemonade // 15.09.11

Hi there kids and kidettes,

Electric Lemonade started with a bang this year with songs from Soft Cell, Jai Paul, Wiley and Calvin Harris.

Have a listen, and get ready for a year of some epic tunes.

EL xx

Posted at 20:03, 27th September 2011

exmmdnss 2011

Electric Lemonade // 12.05.11 // Grand Return From One Week Hiatus

Descending into complete gibber jabber stock pot crazy is nothing to new to Electric Lemonade.

This week Pollock and Butler will be bringing you an Alex Metric (who?) of Depeche Mode, the new single from youtube sensations The Midnight Beast and some oldie noughties naughty indie belters that will make you want to not revise for that exam tomorrow and go egg cup style brand crazy on Level 7.

Follow by example.

Posted at 14:49, 12th May 2011

we're baaaaaaaaaaaaack...

Pollock and Butler are back to grace your ears for another series. (Can I get a woop woop?)

With our reputation for random chat, THE WAR and other such delights this series is going to be the best yet. We hope.

But starting on the 7th October, the war will be back. So get voting. And y'know. Prepare for a horrible forfeit of double or nothing.


Posted at 16:36, 28th September 2010

a cocktail? yes plz...

Electric Lemonade // 21.05.10

On this week's Electric Lemonade we have an interview with world famous mixologist Giles Locker and his portable Southern Comfort bar of wonder...

Have a listen hey, if only just to hear what a cocktail being shaken in a jam jar (hells yeah A JAM JAR) sounds like...

And the usual:

BANTER with Pollock and Butler. And TUNES.

Perfect recipe for a summer fun.

Posted at 21:22, 25th May 2010

electric lemonade is back

Electric Lemonade // 23.04.10 // EL Settles Into The New Home

Butler and Pollock are back with some revision-break worthy tunes and a heavy dose of banter-abuse... especially regarding a soundboard.

Check it out, we guarantee to make your day. (Or your wasted time back)

Posted at 10:32, 24th April 2010

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