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EP 21: Bingo Bananas & Sweet Chipolatas

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31st March 2013
17th March 2013
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10th March 2013
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3rd February 2013
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Echolalia // 1000-1100 25.03.12

pioneers of anesthetic-the steven cossar interview

What a treat!

In this episode we get to meet the creative mind behind Pioneers of Anaesthetic Steven Cossar. Steven shares with us his creative process on the pioneers plus the many other projects that he has on the go. We take a look at some songs that have inspired him personally and musically. We get the chance to take a look at some fantastic tracks from Pioneers of Anesthetic album Quantity Control Pt.1 and Steven recites one of his favourite piece of work on the show.

We have an EXCLUSIVE TRACK that has been recorded for us especially here at Echolalia!

So its an amazingly packed show!

So plug in, sit back and enjoy this wonderful musicians work!

Please Check out Pioneers of Anaesthetic Show your love and buy the album!


Posted at 23:56, 26th March 2012


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