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EP 23: Judging My Fathers House

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31st March 2013
17th March 2013
EP 40: Wings of Wax and Tears
10th March 2013
EP 39: Crimson Wave Universe
3rd March 2013
EP 38: Screaming at Apathy
24th February 2013
EP 37: Fading Dreams of a Life
3rd February 2013
EP 35: Skip the Spiders Kiss
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Echolalia // 1100-1200 22.04.12

judge my fathers house take 2

Sadly no new show will be played out this week. So to fulfill your Echolalia needs for the moment we are playing out our pervious show for all those who may have missed it and those who just want to listen again. We had a great time recording it and there is a lot of great tracks and poems for you to wrap your ears around so give it a listen and let us know what you think.

Also Check out Amanda palmers website for more awesome tracks from the songtress,

And give us a like on facebook if you like what you hear

Posted at 18:15, 5th May 2012

a sweet death in my lullabye.

Good evening fellow travellers! Welcome to the 24 hour truck stop of dreams that we like to call ECHOLALIA. Tonight we are here to steal your dreams and drive you relentlessly down the perpetual highway of life.

We will be listening to sweet bedtime stories from TOM WAITS, ALICIA SOMETIMES and CHARLIE CHAPLIN. Plus the rhyme and reason of MADVILLIAN, AMANDA PALMER, THE XX and ROY ORBISON

Plus much much more so grab your blanket and snuggle up.

Nighty night Children and dont look under your bed!!

Posted at 21:42, 22nd April 2012


Tho you are gone I still ofter walk with you
A Silver Mt. Zion Constellation
Party of the First
Bauhaus Beggar's Banquet
What's he building in there?
Tom Waits Island
Great day (Four Tet remix)
Madvillan (four tet) Domino
Peter Stewart Unsigned
Astronaut: A short history of nearly nothing
Amanda palmer Roadrunner
The Knife Throwers Wife
Lords of the Empty Ballroom Unsigned
violent at heart
the reborn identity Mashed in Plastic
My father's house
Alicia Sometimes and Chris Nelms Unsigned
The other side of Mt. heart attack
Liars Emm/Mute
The xx XL
Burroughs Called the Law
William S Burroughs Sub Rosa
Final speech from the great dictator (film)
Charlie Chaplin Image Entertainment
She's A Mystery To Me
Roy Orbison Sony
Straight To You
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Mute

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