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EP 24: The Gospel of Guilded Splinters

Echolalia // 1100-1200 06.05.12

speeding wheels on the vanishing train

In this episode we look at how artist pay homage to other artists with their interpretation!

Plus we get to play a hugely overlooked artist Mr Jeff Buckley!

So for you listening pleasure in this episode of echolalia we present:

A brand new track from the Mark Lanegan Band.

Some Classic tracks from Dr John, The Amboy Dukes and the The Electric Prunes

Some of our in-house favourites Robert Creeley, Allen Ginsberg and Ken Nordine


Bon Iver, Emily Browning, The National and The Books

Plus much more so warm up the valves and raise the anntenna its time for echolalia Radio!

Posted at 23:07, 22nd May 2012


I Walk On Guilded Splinters
Dr John Rhino
Baby Please Don't Go
The Amboy Dukes Repertoire
The Immoral Proposition
Robert Creeley Jagjaguwar
I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)
The Electric Prunes Rhino
Future Speeding On Swift Wheels
Allen Ginsberg Rhino
Flibberty Jib
Ken Nordine Chrome Dreams
Lump Sum
Bon Iver 4AD
Emily Browning Watertower
The National Beggar's Banquet
Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have Them Again
The Books Temporary Residence Ltd.
Edgar allen poe
Jeff Buckley and ADA Global
Tribute to Jack Kerouac
Inger Lorre and Jeff Buckley ADA Global
Deep Black Vanishing Train
Mark Lanegan Band 4AD
Morning Theft
Jeff Buckley Sony

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