Distant Plaza Lagoon { Masha }

Earthly Matters // 1700-1800 12.03.12

distant plaza lagoon

Masha Was Beaming's and Deadly Rhythm's Masha comes in for a guest mix.

Expect an eclectic palette of record selections and sounds as he takes us on an expedition through psychedelic landscapes, lo-fi folk settlements, other worldly synths and techno, instinctive beats, ambience and more.

~ ~ more information to follow ~ ~

Posted at 13:09, 11th March 2012


grace period
Shawn Kemp Chocolate Milk
Etchasketch Tress
Ernest Gonzales Friends Of Friends, Moamoo
Pavel Dovgal Project Moon Circle
Shawn Kemp Chocolate Milk
`` Masha `` guest mix ``
Grouper Room 40
Let There be Drums
Sandy Nelson Imperial
Nice n Sleazy
The Stranglers United Artists
Spread Split Slap
White Car Hippos In Tanks
Visi Rings
Abe Vigoda Post Present Medium
Leaf House
Animal Collective Fat Cat
Vegas Collie
Flying Lotus Warp
Lorn Brainfeeder
I Can't Forgive You
Actress Werk Discs
El Topo
Badawi The Index
Kode 9 & The Spaceape Hyperdub
Digital Mystikz DMZ
Liquid Dancehall
Zomby Ramp
Biometric Systems
Der Zyklus Clone
Ramadanman and Appleblim Applepips
James Blake R&S
He Hit Me
Grizzly Bear Warp
Philip Glass CBS
Dead City/Waste Wilderness
Abe Vigoda Notnotfun
No More Runnin'
Animal Collective Domino

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