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Earthly Matters
17th November 2014
Vickie McDonald & Toby Ridler (ZONE)
15th October 2014
. spectacle . en . masse .
14th September 2014
Conal Blake, Kris Bell & Stefan Blomeier
19th August 2014
. ancestral . spirit . voices .
21st July 2014
Frankie Gallagher (Kunst)
23rd June 2014
. pagan . practice .
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We reach further and further into the space-time continuum, the visions and possibilities are endless. We come across no boundaries or genre specifics. Just appreciation.

Music from throughout the world and beyond.


vickie mcdonald & toby ridler (zone)

Earthly Matters // 17.11.14 // Vickie McDonald & Toby Ridler (ZONE)

Tonights broadcast features a very special guest mix from Vickie McDonald & Toby Ridler who both run the record label ZONE. Both Vickie and Toby also make music under the moniker Mourn, a project that seeks to explore the lineage between techno, industrial, drone, noise and experimental music. They recently released their first cassette, the "Wear Black" EP - which was also ZONE's introductory release, marking the beginning of what appears to be the first of many exciting projects that will emerge on the Glasgow based label throughout the coming months.

~ more info soon ~

Posted at 19:20, 13th November 2014

. spectacle . en . masse .

Earthly Matters // 15.10.14 // . spectacle . en . masse .

Nighttime listening with Unearthly Matters

"The anarchists, who distinguish themselves explicitly from the rest of the workers' movement by their ideological conviction, reproduce this separation of competences among themselves; they provide a terrain favourable to informal domination over all anarchist organisations by propagandists and defenders of their ideology, specialists who are in general more mediocre the more their intellectual activity consists of the repetition of certain definitive truths. Ideological respect for unanimity of decision has on the whole been favourable to the uncontrolled authority, within the organisation itself, of specialists in freedom; and revolutionary anarchism expects the same type of unanimity from the liberated population, obtained by the same means. Furthermore, the refusal to take into account the opposition between the conditions of a minority grouped n the present struggle and of a society of free individuals, has nourished a permanent separation among anarchists at the moment of common decision, as is shown by an infinity of anarchist insurrections in Spain, confined and destroyed on a local level."

~ Paragraph 93 ~ Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord

Posted at 21:45, 14th October 2014

conal blake, kris bell & stefan blomeier

Earthly Matters // 14.09.14 // Conal Blake, Kris Bell & Stefan Blomeier

My good friends Conal Blake, Kris Bell (Kunst / Rumours) and Stefan Blomeier (Instructional Media / Lux Rec) will be coming into the studio to play a live set and play records. Conal and Stefan will be performing a special live electronic composition / jam together before Stefan moves away to America. It's going to be interesting to see what ideas they come up with for the set and hopefully it won't just be for this singular occasion and if it is I'm sure it's going to be something memorable for us to look back on.


Whilst Kris and myself will be sharing our love for all things misanthropic in the form of minimal synth, cold / new / no wave, industrial, acid house, techno and post-punk with selections dedicated entirely to those detached, alienated sounds.


It's my monthly broadcasts that mean the most for me and keeps me focused and determined everyday to go out of my way to research, investigate, appreciate, question, discover, evaluate music and culture from all over the world. So it's always extra special and a real pleasure being able to provide a platform for my friends and people that I find inspiring to come onto the show to share that same passion, curiosity and enthusiasm for music so I can't emphasis more how excited I am about this broadcast!!


Here is a mix that Kris recorded in one take back in November, 2013 promoting the second Kunst event that took place in Max's La Cheetah. The one hour mix explores the deepest and darkest corners of the realms of techno and house.

Kunst's first birthday party takes place on the 23rd October 2014 at La Cheetah also. To celebrate their inaugural year Rubadub's The Creeps (Mark Maxwell & Aleks Jurczyk) will be performing their new project live for the very first time alongside a special homecoming show for the London based Frank Mitchell (This Is Our House).


Conal Blake's group Whilst released an EP on 12" entitled ''Everything There Was Was There'' earlier on in the year back in February 2014 through Optimo Music. It's important that I should emphasise that whilst the record remains completely free from genre specifics to their merit the EP naturally connects the dots between as well as capturing the spirit of dub, post-punk, disco, free jazz instrumentation, and rudimentary electronic experimentations.


Stefan released a trans-atlantic collaboration with Claire called ''Worlds Beside Worlds'' where new age synthesis, abstract oscillations and propulsive 707 kick drums transport you on a trascendental voyage toward our subconscious state of mind. This was released on L.H. Cook's excellent Instructional Media label in March, 2013. You can download and purchase the recordings which includes a cassette from their bandcamp page as well being guided to other releases from the label including the ''The Instructional Media Guide To Mindful Internet Exploration'' compilation that Stefan contributed two tracks toward. As well as a link to Stefan's soundcloud page as well.

Posted at 09:56, 28th August 2014

. ancestral . spirit . voices .

Earthly Matters // 19.08.14 // . ancestral . spirit . voices .

Late night broadcasting with Unearthly Matters.


"Incense representing the breath of life, is another aspect of this symbolism. It was presented to the dead together with an offering of blood, the mystical 'water of life.' The incense or breath was thought to pervade the blood, which stood for the red clay, the earth from which plants grow.....

And so the double offering stood for the instilling of life into matter. The dead man could use the offered blood to make a material clothing for his spirit, so that he would be able to appear visibly on earth as a ghost."


The broadcast begins with the therapeutic and meditative ambience of J.D. Emmanuel through to the atmospheric percussive experimentalism of Vrischika.


Spiritualistic / abstract jazz meets syncopated militaristic drum compositions from David Lee Jr. whose track Evolution is separated into 7 different song hence the brief moments of silence in between each recording. Every song sounds best when you give it the time to play it out in full as intended.


Bleak / dissonant / chaotic / atonal industrial recordings from Shadowlust, Cabaret Voltaire and Justine & Juliette, plenty of cold / new wave, minimal synth and gleaming in arpeggiated polyphonic synths and the sound of 4x4 kick drums a bunch of sugar coated, but very, very, very ADDICTIVE ITALO DISCO records that I found in Oxfam Music last month thanks to a very good friend informing me of their existence.


The Helen 'Witch' and Severed Heads 'Bullet' re-releases on Dark Entries Records. And some of the finest hardcore / punk and thrash 7"s that I've been enjoying lately in the form of Black Cop's 'Unscrewed' and Skiplickers 'Disease' toward the end of the broadcast.


The show also includes hypnotic ethiopian jazz from Mahmoud Ahmed, leftfield / experimental disco from Arthur Russell and Steve Hillage and Japanese noise / death rock from Gara.

Posted at 21:41, 18th August 2014

frankie gallagher (kunst)

Earthly Matters // 21.07.14 // Frankie Gallagher (Kunst)

We have a very special guest mix from Frankie Gallagher who will be coming into the Subcity Radio studio to play a solid hour of house, acid, techno and coldwave for tonight's broadcast.

Without a doubt Frankie knows his records inside out in terms of timing, mixing, having a good understanding of how sound works and more importantly having a deep appreciation / love for music. We will be having a small interview where we will be touching upon his involvement in the Kunst nights that he runs alongside Kris Bell to his interests in audio engineering and even some of his own music that he has recently been attempting to produce.

You can also stream and download a mix that Frankie recorded for Bedroom Traxx back in June 2014 in promotion for Kunst's secret summer party on the link provided below:

Posted at 11:38, 14th July 2014

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