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Practical Dreamers

Does Not Affect Play // 1700-1800 06.12.09

practical dreamers

"The streets are full of admirable craftsmen, but so few practical dreamers" reads the Man Ray quotation on the back of the new Rafael Anton Irisarri release, Daydreaming. This record will feature alongside others from Johann Johannsson, Anduin, and Akira Kosemura on this week's dream-like episode of Does Not Affect Play. So escape your quotidian regime, take a moment to dream, and immerse yourself in a wordless world of sound. CAUTION: may cause drowsiness.

Posted at 12:35, 6th December 2009


Waking Expectations
Rafael Anton Irisarri Miasmah
Le Lendemain Home Normal
Johan Johannsson Type
Octagonal Forms
Anduin SMTG
I've Hummed This Tune To All The Girls I've Known
Leyland Kirby History Always Favours The Winners
Akira Kosemura Someone Good
Ross Parfitt Singing Knives
The Seven Virgins
Stephanie Hladowski Singing Knives
My Life had stood - a Loaded Gun -
Josephine Foster Fire
Rickety Door
Jason Zumpano Catbird
Light Dance
Akira Kosemura Schole
Inside The Pods
Johan Johannsson Type

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