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Digital Dust // 28.06.13 // Session

Gav and Hanlo are back in the studio together. New shit from Paranoid London, Alex Coulton, Jay Weed, Mike Paradinas, Ol & Yoin, Mark Pritchard and many more. Plus the usual blend of UK musical artefacts - aka Garage, Grime and House.

Posted at 18:07, 28th June 2013


Digital Dust // 21.06.13 // Hawl

Gav on his own, playing some house,garage,grime n dub weyy

Posted at 20:05, 21st June 2013

peng zutes

Digital Dust // 31.05.13 // Peng zutes

Hot collection of Funky & Grime classics

Posted at 13:58, 2nd June 2013

sun's out yo!

Digital Dust // 24.05.13 // Sun's out yo!

Back on tonight to play some jungle, dubstep, garage, techno, house and all that shite.

Posted at 19:39, 24th May 2013

digital dust may mix

Digital Dust // 10.05.13 // Digital Dust May Mix

We're back on for a big fuck off mix of all the shite we like! FRIDAY FRIDAY WOIII!

Posted at 19:42, 10th May 2013

altered natives warm up

Digital Dust // 29.03.13 // Altered Natives Warm Up

Warm up for our first night at stereo with Altered Natives and I Hate Fun. LEZZZZZZZZZ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEEEEEE YEEEEE

Posted at 19:32, 29th March 2013

digital dust x i hate fun - 2 hours of grime

Digital Dust // 22.03.13 // Digital Dust x I Hate Fun - 2 Hours of Grime

Ahead of supporting Altered Natives at our launch in Stereo next Friday we asked the I Hate Fun lads to bring their best grime records for a 2 hour special.

Catch I Hate Fun, Altered Natives and ourselves at stereo Friday the 29th.

Posted at 14:52, 22nd March 2013

bump and flex

Digital Dust // 08.03.13 // Bump and Flex

2 hours of UKG old and new

Posted at 14:22, 9th March 2013

digital dust x metropolis sound - dubstep special

Digital Dust // 15.02.13 // Digital Dust x Metropolis Sound - Dubstep Special

Digital Dust and Metropolis Sound are combining their shows to dig deep into some of their favourite dubstep sounds. From the early records that literally were combing jamaican dub elements with 2 step garage rhythms; to the legendary subbass behemoths of early DMZs; to the techy, sparse sounds of Tectonic and the Hessle Audio camp. We are joined by Raksha (Deadly Rhythm, High Sheen) before his set at Mala In Cuba @ Stereo and Fergus Clark from Subcity's 12th Isle Transmissions.

8 - 11pm - AHOIIIIIII

Posted at 22:06, 14th February 2013

digital dust febuary mix

Digital Dust // 08.02.13 // Digital Dust Febuary mix

House, Rap, Grime, other stuff

Posted at 23:47, 11th February 2013

hanlo solo #2

Digital Dust // 25.01.13 // Hanlo Solo #2

Ruari and Gav were out of town so Hanlo took the show himself. Spanning techno, house, garage and the weird shit (is it called bass music?). All vinyl show.

Posted at 15:41, 26th January 2013

reminissin': 2008/2009 - part 1

Digital Dust // 11.01.13 // Reminissin': 2008/2009 - Part 1

As the noughties decade entered into its last years the UK underground electronic scene seemed to go into overdrive. Styles that had been etched into the decade years before like Dubstep and Grime cross pollinated with the more hedonistic and upbeat rhythms of UK Funky and House. Producing some of the weirdest and hardest hitting dance floor bangers of the decade.

Meanwhile a small selection of producers in Bristol were using a grime mentally, crossed with a swaggering 90s G-funk flava to come out with the sound known as Purple.

Along with this, the lush sounds of deep house and the vocal flutterings of garage were creeping into tracks ever more, spearheaded by the likes of Martyn and Joy Orbison.

Furthermore you had madmen like 2562, Pangaea and Untold making entries into a very dark end of the spectrum where techno, 2step, 8bar grime and dubstep all met with unbelievable sonic results.

So for the next 2 hours we are going to celebrate and reminisce on the tracks that made 2008 and 2009 so very special. [PART 1]

Posted at 21:45, 10th January 2013

2012 favorites

Digital Dust // 28.12.12 // 2012 Favorites

Playing some of the tunes that we rated that got released this year, tunes from Spaceghostpurrp, Andy Stott, DJ Q and many more

Posted at 20:13, 30th December 2012

deckz n dust part 64740585

Digital Dust // 14.12.12 // Deckz n Dust part 64740585

Ruari & gav b2b for 2 hours flexing a lot of garage.

Posted at 16:53, 16th December 2012

digital dust house party

Digital Dust // 30.11.12 // DIGITAL DUST HOUSE PARTY

We were feeling in one of those special kinda moods on Friday, celebratory we pulled out all our favourites for a Digital Dust house party. House, Garage, 2step anthems for all the family to enjoy!

Posted at 10:23, 1st December 2012


Digital Dust // 16.11.12 // b2b2bz

b2b2b of music

Posted at 13:34, 17th November 2012

Digital Dust // 16.11.12 // b2b2bz

The full team is back on at 8pm after Dusty n Hanlo went mental seeing Flylo in Manchester last Friday. Delving into some classic Dubstep, Garage and Grime this week - you know the deal.

Posted at 17:04, 16th November 2012

deckard solo

Digital Dust // 09.11.12

deckard goes in with some different styles

Posted at 23:53, 9th November 2012

mostly funky

Digital Dust // 02.11.12

Techno and Funky

Posted at 23:50, 2nd November 2012

original flex **throwback show**

Digital Dust // 26.10.12 // Original flex **THROWBACK SHOW**

Original crew tonight, Didge in with a guest mix of grime, hip hop and everything else.

Posted at 10:48, 27th October 2012

garage and grime no. 2

Digital Dust // 19.10.12 // Garage and Grime No. 2

100% Vinyl

Posted at 21:05, 18th October 2012

the darkness...perhaps?

Digital Dust // 12.10.12 // The darkness...perhaps?

In a dark dark town there was a dark dark street.

In the dark dark street there was a dark dark house.

In the dark dark house there was dark dark stairs.

Down the dark dark stairs there was a dark dark cellar.

In the dark dark cellar some skeletons lived.

There was techno and there was dubstep.

Posted at 00:20, 13th October 2012

guest mix: raksha

Digital Dust // 05.10.12 // GUEST MIX: RAKSHA

Setting pace for Levon Vincent at deadly rhythm tonight we have Raksha in the studio for a guest mix(cop his new vinyl release on high sheen here >>, and the chance to win some gueties for the night.

Glued together with some fine UKG

Posted at 17:18, 6th October 2012


Digital Dust // 28.09.12 // Friday.

Back on friday nights, hot house, techno and garage to get you in the mood.

Posted at 01:28, 30th September 2012

warm up.

Digital Dust // 04.09.12 // Warm up.

All back in the studio to warm up before the full schedule kicks in, with a diverse collection of music everything from techno to rap to dubstep opened up and explored within the duration of the show!.. Remember to come see us live at the subcity freshers party at chambre 69 on Wednesday, 12 September, where we will be providing the vibes and more.

Posted at 00:49, 5th September 2012

3 hours b2b2b2b

Digital Dust // 06.07.12 // 3 hour show featuring Fergus from Earthly Matters.

Four people controlling the decks everything from techno to grime and everything in between.

Posted at 23:43, 7th July 2012

bonus round *dusty*

Digital Dust // 26.06.12 // Bonus round *dusty*

Just dusty in for an extra shift bringing in the lower tempo of his record bag mixing mainly records 120-130 bpm

House, boogie, funky, techy sounds

Posted at 18:05, 26th June 2012

eski influence

Digital Dust // 17.06.12 // Eski Influence

As the UK Garage scene splintered into harder, darker and more aggressive styles in the early 2000s; many subgenres appeared. Names such as 8 bar, sublow and grime were thrown about. Then in 2002 Wiley released his seminal track 'Eskimo' and cemented a new strain of UKG. Coining the genre 'Eski', Wiley made some of the most influencial tracks of this time period using strange click, drips and clanks; and a focus on gliding square bass.

So for the first hour Dusty is going to look through some of Wiley's classic eski tracks along with producers who have adopted elements of the style and used them in their productions today. Featuring tunes from Jam City, Logos, Becoming Real and more.

Posted at 22:11, 16th June 2012

rack and ruin #2

Digital Dust // 27.05.12 // Rack And Ruin #2

With our appearance at rack & ruin this Tuesday we thought we would invite the nights creators in for the show, warm up!

Posted at 01:24, 28th May 2012

oooooooh aren't we sooooooo alternative

Digital Dust // 20.05.12 // OoOoOoOh Aren't We SoooOoOo Alternative

We were done with mixing this week. Thought we'd just play some music from the other end of electronica. You know "The dusty malchronic imprintations of post-folk, post-rnb and post-dubstep" - yh know? YH KNW? Post-hipster jargon aside - this is a damn fine show. Music from Tri-angle, Grouper, Dro Carey, Various Production, Me'shell Ndegeocello and more....

Posted at 20:05, 21st May 2012

garage and grime

Digital Dust // 16.05.12 // Garage and Grime

We invited Fergus from Earthly Matters in for a little B2B with Dusty and he did not disappoint!! Classic selections of UK Garage and Grime from start to finish.

Posted at 21:56, 16th May 2012


Digital Dust // 06.05.12 // Vibrate-vi-vi....

Full crew in... fresh selection from the top, featuring house, garage, funky, dubstep and other low end styles.

Posted at 01:01, 7th May 2012

hanlo solo

Digital Dust // 29.04.12 // Hanlo Solo

Dusty & Deckard were out of town so Hanlo took it on himself. Selections from the smoother end of dubstep, garage, house and disco.

Posted at 14:40, 1st May 2012


Digital Dust // 15.04.12 // Revitalize

Come revitalize yourself with some tunes from the Digital Dust corner, Dusty opening up with some garage up to dubstep and Hanlo & Deckard keeping it smooth with an all house & garage selection.

Posted at 01:14, 16th April 2012

various selection

Digital Dust // 08.04.12 // Various Selection

We're back after two weeks so got a lot of shit to play.

Dusty and Deckard B2B for the first bit with a selection of UK funky and UK House.

Hanlo ends with a varied selection of bass, Usher and a black metal tune.

Posted at 00:12, 9th April 2012

rack and ruin

Digital Dust // 25.03.12 // rack and ruin

Dust Head goes in for the first 45 with some grime/funky/garage.

Deckard then prepares for Rack and Ruin in Edinburgh at the Third Door this Tuesday with a mix of techno and house.

Hanlo rolls for the last bit with lesson in UK garage selection.

Rack and Ruin :

Posted at 03:21, 26th March 2012

glasgow grime 2

Digital Dust // 19.03.12 // Glasgow Grime 2

Guest mc's , Skola, Philly Bluntz and Hendy join us in the studio for a set on some classic and newer grime with some old school garage to finish off.

Posted at 04:37, 19th March 2012


Digital Dust // 11.03.12 // B2B2B

B2B2B for 2 hours, Dubstep, Garage and Funky

Posted at 23:52, 12th March 2012

wud be laff

Digital Dust // 07.03.12 // Wud Be Laff

After having some problems with the decks on Sunday night we were not able to broadcast so we thought that it wud be laff if we just did a day time show for the first time ever.

expect b2b anything goes vibes.

Posted at 22:28, 4th March 2012

bass - beats - garage

Digital Dust // 26.02.12 // Bass - Beats - Garage

Dust Head comes in for a quick mix of next generation beats including that Desto tune that has us hunting deer in the forest any time we hear it.

Hanlo plays a few beats off his Ipod (no traktor this week). Followed by a 100% vinyl selection of 2step garage.

Posted at 12:52, 27th February 2012

deckz n dust (part 3)

Digital Dust // 12.02.12 // deckz n dust (part 3)

Just Deckard and Dust Head this week going b2b for the full 2 hours ..expect funky, garage, grime and Dubstep.

Posted at 21:21, 12th February 2012

sunday sublime

Digital Dust // 06.02.12 // Sunday Sublime

UK Garage, House, UK Funky, Dubstep, Grime.

Posted at 23:14, 5th February 2012

happy birthday dust head

Digital Dust // 30.01.12 // Happy Birthday Dust Head

This week Hanlo intros with some UK Garage and Bassline cuts including DJ Q, Dexplicit and Horsepower. Then Deckard takes it into deeper territories before they get into a B2B of good old 140bpm stuff.

Deckard and Jonny 'Biskwee' take the last hour even deeper with a proper clash of the finest dubstep! Happy birthday Dust Head!

Posted at 23:05, 29th January 2012

sunday night jam

Digital Dust // 23.01.12 // Sunday Night Jam

Hanlo & Deckard only tonight, Dust Head is out of town. Playing boogie, disco, hip hop, house and all sorts of soulful vibes.

Posted at 22:10, 22nd January 2012

old skool special #2

Digital Dust // 15.01.12 // Old Skool Special #2

Back from the depths of festive depravity we begin the semester with another old skool special. Blending the classics from house, garage, grime and dubstep. RARE vibes!

Posted at 17:43, 15th January 2012

deckz n dust (part 2)

Digital Dust // 04.01.12 // deckz n dust (part 2)

Dust Head and deckard

Posted at 22:57, 4th January 2012

digital dust christmas party

Digital Dust // 21.12.11 // DIGITAL DUST CHRISTMAS PARTY




Posted at 19:02, 21st December 2011

best of 2011/ goodbye ramino - famalee!

Digital Dust // 11.12.11 // Best of 2011/ Goodbye Ramino - Famalee!

On our last official show of the year we take a look back at the club tracks that had us moving, weeping and grinding in 2011!

We got garage, we got grime, we got house, we got uk funky, we got dubstep, we got grunky, ohh helllll ITS ALL TOO MUCH!!

Farewell to Ramin! FAMALEE 4 LIFE WOOP WOOP!

Posted at 17:04, 11th December 2011

deckz n dust

Digital Dust // 05.12.11 // deckz n dust

Hanlo trapped in an Edinburgh abyss swimming in a windy sea of farm hay, so Dust Head and Deckard will step up and provide a intense selection of music ranging from down tempo house to bassline and grime, all vinyl selection from the top.

Posted at 20:40, 4th December 2011

raksha + ray in the house (3 hour special)

Digital Dust // 27.11.11 // Raksha + Ray in the House (3 hour special)

Tonight we're joined by our good friend Raksha from Estonia!, He reps the Glasgow division of Deadly Rhythm (one of our favourite club nights) which has brought Alex Nut, Martyn, Braiden, Samiyam, Krystal Klear and many more to Chambre69 over the past year. A top selector and producer himself, keep your eye on Raksha as we expect big things from him very soon. Check his beats here

Also joining us is our friend Ray from the east side! You may know him from such things as the skinny club listings, the skinny student guide and now a recent recruit of The Scotsman! We've found Ray to be a fine selector of the house and techno variety and tends to keep his vinyl very clean. Deckard and him go B2B 100% Vinyl

Hanlo will be playing a couple of exclusive tracks off the forthcoming FREE Duncan Powell album - 'Franked'. After the death of Amy Winehouse Duncan rediscovered his love for her album 'Frank' and decided to remix the whole thing. Inbetween that all strains of UKG.

Dust Head = grime x funky = grunky = UKG Yuhh Yuhh Yuhh


Posted at 17:37, 27th November 2011

super swag sunday

Digital Dust // 21.11.11 // Super Swag Sunday

Dust Head intros with a mash up of UKG, Grime n Dubstep. Hanlo & Deckard b2b UKG, House n everything else!

Posted at 23:19, 20th November 2011

bucky n kool aid

Digital Dust // 14.11.11 // Bucky N Kool Aid


Posted at 20:17, 13th November 2011

gadaffi had the rarest garms

Digital Dust // 07.11.11 // Gadaffi Had The Rarest Garms

No theme or guests this week Digital Dust just gonna go in with a mash up of UKG.

Posted at 19:18, 6th November 2011

halloween special

Digital Dust // 31.10.11 // HALLOWEEN SPECIAL


Selection of dark n deep beats in a Halloween theme.

Posted at 22:53, 30th October 2011

paranoise in the mix

Digital Dust // 24.10.11 // Paranoise In The Mix

This week we are joined by Paranoise in our 2nd of the 'in the mix' series. A Polish DJ/Producer who has carved a healthy reputation in the Edinburgh club scene. Responsible for co-running the first club night in Edinburgh that played dubstep (before the bros)and the night that brought EL-B to a largely un-garage city (at the time) - Volume!. A man who blends many styles Paranoise will be dropping a set rich with exclusive tracks - unreleased and forthcoming from the hawt side of bass we all love. Dust Head and Deckard are going b2b for one hour UK Funky only and Hanlo will finish off with some smooth beats.


Posted at 17:02, 23rd October 2011

old school speshhhyalll

Digital Dust // 17.10.11 // Old school Speshhhyalll

Due to commitments to working for that money, the show has been moved to sunday nights/monday morning, still gonna be the same UKG flavours week in week out, for Dust Heads first show back we decided to have a old school special, Garage & Grime, expect lots of Zed Bias, Wiley, Eastwodd & Oddz, Groove Chronicals and many more old school white labels as we draw for the inspiration for most modern UKG being made today.

Posted at 16:30, 15th October 2011

c.r.s.t in the mix

Digital Dust // 08.10.11 // C.R.S.T In The Mix

At Digital Dust we love our garage and we love our party beats so we thought who better to ask to kick off our series of guest mixes than CRST? A collective of producers from Cardiff who make straight UKG bangers. With releases on Herve's Cheap Thrills, Ten Thousand Yen, Well Rounded and countless remixes including a brilliant rework of the Shelter by the XX, its clear these boys are in demand!

Deckardo & Hanlo will be providing funk, house, garage, rnb and all the rest as per. Dusthead where are you??? :(

Posted at 17:26, 7th October 2011

bones n silk

Digital Dust // 01.10.11 // Bones n Silk

|*|Starts 19 Minutes In|*| Dusthead & Deckard were nowhere to be seen so Jonny Biscuits stepped in to provide some serious subweight pressure for the first 40 minutes! The last hour contains UKG + a little bit of house as played by Hanlo. Bones n Silk!!

Posted at 14:25, 1st October 2011

rip dust head's tonic

Digital Dust // 24.09.11 // RIP Dust Head's Tonic

After a frightful event on our way to the studio Deckard returns to subcity with a shaken mix of house, acid and other shit. Hanlo does his usual before Dust Head gives us 40 minutes of bass to commemorate the tonic he lost. Closing with a lil b2b by Hanlo & Deckard of UKG! In the words of Dust Head - "Disaster".

Posted at 21:47, 24th September 2011

the high life

Digital Dust // 17.09.11 // The high life

Been a mad summer, Played many party's in Edinburgh along with hosting weekly Edinburgh festival club night twenty twenty, having just returned from Outlook festival and having played the subcity freshers party at the sub club Digital Dust is now focused on returning to the air waves.

With recent departure of Didge(fresh paul/xtra p) we welcome Hanlo & Deckard who over the past year or so have built up a heavy rep in the Edinburgh club scene, rinsing out venues week in week out such as sneaky pete's, cab vol and the store.

They are now part of the Digital Dust stable and will be joining me every week to bring their heavy house party vibes they are known for.

So for the first show back we will be focused on playing quality vinyl we have collected over the summer and also anything else released that we have been feeling......

........summer was dusssssty

(Dust Head & Hanlo rock separate sets each then collab on a b2b towards the end of the show)

Posted at 18:48, 11th September 2011

dubstep special (last show of the season)

Digital Dust // 11.06.11 // DUBSTEP SPECIAL (last show of the season)

Last show of the season, joined by hanlo and deckard as we run through some of the best dubstep tunes to come out, deeper vibes in this show and a reminder of how good dubstep can really be.

Posted at 12:23, 11th June 2011

penultimate shit

Digital Dust // 04.06.11 // Penultimate Shit

Dust Head and Fresh Paul inside dropping funky and grime, with a few inhouse productions!...second last show.

Posted at 03:32, 4th June 2011

glasgow grime

Digital Dust // 28.05.11 // Glasgow Grime

opening with some house, then into some night slugs/instra:mental tunes before going in with the glasgow grime, mc's on set: skola, philly b and hendy.

Posted at 04:43, 28th May 2011

digital dust #32

Digital Dust // 14.05.11 // digital dust #32

not much happening here dust head on decks for 1 hour, with a bag of records, zoot break half an hour in, which leads to some unexpected dead air!

Posted at 02:36, 14th May 2011

*garage special* (dust head and hanlo b2b)

Digital Dust // 07.05.11 // *GARAGE SPECIAL* (dust head and hanlo b2b)

Hanlo joins this week to merge with dust head in a garage(classic and new) b2b, kicking things off is dust head with some grime and dubstep wit jonny biscuits on the mic then str8 into the b2b!

Posted at 04:42, 7th May 2011

the rise of hanlo

Digital Dust // 02.04.11 // The rise of HANLO

Dust head and hanlo in the studio this week, flexing out seperate vinyl sets, then its straight to the mp3 for a clash b2b, 3 hours of music, mixing and technical problems.....lock in! out for the sick bassline b2b in the last hour!

Posted at 04:11, 2nd April 2011

quick 1

Digital Dust // 26.03.11 // Quick 1

straight in...played some tunes then straight out....grime,funk and house with it

Posted at 04:22, 26th March 2011

dust sqwad

Digital Dust // 19.03.11 // Dust Sqwad

*2 HOUR SPECIAL* Dust head bringing some vocal grime then into a deep vinyl selection, didge with classis dubstep and some classic hip hop.

tunes from wiley, terror danjah, wu tang clan, alias and more

Posted at 03:12, 19th March 2011

sober sessions

Digital Dust // 19.02.11 // Sober sessions

First soberish show in tiiiiime, extrap flexing some ramadanman, skream and others, while dust head digs up el b, src, kode 9 vibes, not much chat just beats the way the show should always be really.

Posted at 04:14, 19th February 2011

can't chat to me (featuring guest mix from hanlo)

Digital Dust // 12.02.11 // CAN'T CHAT TO ME (featuring guest mix from hanlo)

Hanlo in the studio tonight before he came to the show we had a conversation

digital dust:"what you playing tonight" hanlo:"dunno yet" digital dust:"dark and chunky garage is what you should play" hanlo:"cool"

so he came with that vibe.

dust head with the usual grime/bass mash up

then dust head and hanlo back to back just pulling out anything really.

Posted at 16:16, 12th February 2011

the rise of deckard

Digital Dust // 05.02.11 // The rise of DECKARD

joined this week by deckard coming in to play some dubs and chat a bit about the new weekly night hes starting in edinburgh, sick show.

Posted at 23:48, 6th February 2011

digital return

Digital Dust // 15.01.11 // Digital return

dust head, xtrap in the studio, grime,dubstep,house,bassline and 4x4 shit, old new dark vibes

tunes from dok,musical mobb,d double e,2562,terror danjah and lots more....lock in!

Posted at 05:19, 15th January 2011

didge, dust, bomb

Digital Dust // 05.06.10 // Didge, Dust, Bomb

This show is a 2 hour special

dust head opening with a packed mix filled with some dubs from 2003 to 2004 to 2005 to present day including benga and skream collab from 03, plasticman dubs from 04, dj oddz classics and newer dubs from maniac and rude kid etc

didge blending beats such as prince into wiley war dubs and a cd is dead remix from MR mitch, techy and funky, a big set and a didge standard

also in the studio is the U.K's best and most well know exclusive garage/2 step dj, hanlo providing two step flavours old and new including so solid crew classics featuring the best two step flow....romeo dun

one of the last shows and def not to be missed

Posted at 16:55, 5th June 2010

digital dust and gravious

Digital Dust // 22.05.10 // Digital dust and GRAVIOUS

Fortified audio's gravious giving us a guest mix with forthcoming dubs from the fortified label, check it out

digital dust reppin with some dubstep and garage.

Posted at 15:38, 22nd May 2010

dust head and jinty

Digital Dust // 15.05.10 // Dust head and Jinty

No didge this week, we enlisted the help of jinty gutter riddim, who kindly came to the studio with a bagga vinyl!

dust head starting off with some garage flavours some new brackles and el-b bits, the taking it darker with some dubstep era 2005-2006

jinty coming in after with some bassline,grime and funky flavours

Lock in!

Posted at 17:58, 15th May 2010

the return (2 hour special)

Digital Dust // 24.04.10 // The return (2 hour special)

Been away for a while but back with a volley of tunes, garage, grime, dubstep

big man shankz in the building going back to back with the digital dust crew 15 mins a piece sound clash

tunes from rude kid, ikonika, kromestar, silkie and many many more!!!!!!

Lock in

Disclaimer: may contain some brostep

Posted at 15:33, 24th April 2010

maniac vs terror danjah

Digital Dust // 20.03.10 // Maniac vs Terror danjah

Two of the biggest grime producers go head to head in dust heads mix with one of his own productions thrown in for good measure,

Didge starting off funky then taking it teky

Hanlo in the building


Posted at 17:20, 20th March 2010

the goons are back

Digital Dust // 13.03.10 // The goons are back

Digital dust return from there world tour and are back on from, come get what you desire from them , a whole load of fresh dubs and the classic's that will never leave us

were back

also on the show 5 minute mini mix from Dj SHaNKz who came thru with the usual murky dosage of murk

Posted at 22:01, 17th March 2010

1 to the 2 step flavaz

Digital Dust // 13.02.10 // 1 to the 2 step flavaz

Guest mix by the supreme being hanlo (formerly plasmic)

and some fruit goodz from dust head

DISCLAIMER: this show was pre recorded

Posted at 17:26, 14th February 2010

synth tech with plasmic

Digital Dust // 06.02.10 // synth tech with plasmic

Plasmic dropped by to premier a new beat of his

hype grime and dubstep from dust head

techy dubs from didge

were the best

Posted at 15:03, 6th February 2010

dust head's off his head

Digital Dust // 30.01.10 // Dust head's off his head

Dust head turned 21 the week of this show and was in no fit state to be on radio,,,,, he went on any way

some serious body moving music

tunes from starkey zomby, royal t and a host of other goonz

Posted at 15:39, 3rd February 2010

ghosts of wonk

Digital Dust // 23.01.10 // Ghosts of wonk

Pre recorded show, but still the same powerful music get locked in

Posted at 15:28, 26th January 2010

winter heaters

Digital Dust // 16.01.10 // Winter heaters

smooth mix from didge, and some rugged bass by dust head and shankz

get on it

Posted at 23:39, 19th January 2010

doing the grime

Digital Dust // 09.01.10 // Doing the Grime

It's been a long break due to the holladaze but Digital Dust are back in the studio for another set of seriously monged music. didge's mix of percussive dubstep and obligatory Wiley tune is followed by Dust Head's shanking grimers.

The Roads are Cold!!!

Posted at 20:35, 12th January 2010

crunked out

Digital Dust // 12.12.09 // CRUNKED OUT

Guest mix from the shankz and the usual audio assault by digital dust ,,, enjoy!!

Posted at 21:28, 12th December 2009

the deep, then the grime and bass

Digital Dust // 05.12.09 // The deep, Then the grime and bass

First show since playing the lite club so got a more flowing mix going in this show. Show opens with a rustie track that he gave out free on his myspace earlier in the week so if youve not got it get over to his myspace, didge kicks it off from there with a deep selection to get you zoned, and then dust head brings the bass with a dirty mix of grime and dubstep.

Posted at 22:57, 5th December 2009

heavenly descent

Digital Dust // 28.11.09 // Heavenly Descent

With a guest mix from Big Man DJ Jonny B coupled with Digital Dust's typical ill steaze, this episode covers a wide range of BASS. Sometimes deep, sometimes electric; always putting man on a hype. Enjoy.

Posted at 18:49, 29th November 2009

plasmic scientist in the building

Digital Dust // 14.11.09 // Plasmic scientist in the building

Plasmic scientist hanlo is in the studio all the way from edi, so some wierd bant and a couple sick mixes

brand new untold tunes , geiom & appleblim , 2562 and more!!!!

Posted at 18:03, 14th November 2009

the funk and the bass

Digital Dust // 07.11.09 // The Funk and The Bass

Yo! , feels like we have been away a while , so were back with a bang , didge providing the funk and myself providing the bass. Big tunes from , Moderat, ras g, Ikonika, skream, maniac and a brand new remix from Guido!


Posted at 16:51, 7th November 2009



Deep sub bass mix from dust head , guest mix from ewan todd showcasing some house/electro kinda vibes and didge finishes with the warp funk

(this is a pre record coz were at joker , so no chat)

Posted at 00:36, 4th November 2009

super plasmic scientist mix with the digital funk


Guest mix from the plasmic scientist hanlo, also brand new tune from plastician just out today, and a tune made by myself entitled TONIC, check it out!!!

Posted at 03:02, 22nd October 2009

zoot's a-hoy

Digital Dust // 15.10.09 // Zoot's a-hoy

Had some tech problems last week and the show never existed,,,,

But we return this week to murk your head-top-off,

BIG! tunes from JME,Joker,Dorian concept,N-Type and more

It's alot

Posted at 16:00, 15th October 2009

bong of crack

Digital Dust // 01.10.09 // Bong of CraCk

Just like a bong of crack , this show will trip you out.Sick tunes from joker, hud mo, brackles etc, etc etc

Posted at 12:46, 2nd October 2009

the deep end

Digital Dust // 24.09.09 // The Deep End

On a different tact from our first show, this is a seriously deep selection of tunes designed to get your head in the right place. With a mix of new releases and a couple of classics prepare to get the chiiiillllzzzzzz.

Posted at 13:56, 24th September 2009

count hypeula

Digital Dust // 17.09.09 // Count Hypeula

First show, so came through with some heavy stuff, bits from wiley, zomby,terror danjah and more!!

Posted at 17:15, 21st September 2009

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