Eski Influence

Digital Dust // 2200-2300 17.06.12

eski influence

As the UK Garage scene splintered into harder, darker and more aggressive styles in the early 2000s; many subgenres appeared. Names such as 8 bar, sublow and grime were thrown about. Then in 2002 Wiley released his seminal track 'Eskimo' and cemented a new strain of UKG. Coining the genre 'Eski', Wiley made some of the most influencial tracks of this time period using strange click, drips and clanks; and a focus on gliding square bass.

So for the first hour Dusty is going to look through some of Wiley's classic eski tracks along with producers who have adopted elements of the style and used them in their productions today. Featuring tunes from Jam City, Logos, Becoming Real and more.

Posted at 22:11, 16th June 2012


Dusty and Fresh Paul DIGITAL DUST
Eski influence mix
Palace Unknown to the Unknown
Atlanta 96
Logos Keysound
Arctic (Devil Mix)
The Phantom Senseless
Shut The Lights Off (Devil Refix)
Jam City Night Slugs
Roll Deep Regular (Instrumental)
Danny Weed Roll Deep
Wiley Wiley Kat
Scratchy Dump Valve
Race Against Time
Numan Planet Mu
Knife & Gun (Blackdown Devil Mix)
Geeneus ft. Breeze and Riko and Wiley Keysound
Wot Do U Call It? (Igloo Bass Cut Mix)
Wiley XL
Like Me
Becoming Real Not Even
Dragon's Stout
Wiley eskiboy
Prevail (With Wiley Acapella)
MR K-RO unsigned dub
Jam Pie
Wiley Avalanche
Becoming Real Cold World Industries
Fire Hydrant
Wiley eskiboy
Ice Pole Vs Pied Piper
Wiley vs. Ruff Sqwad White Label (bootleg Mix)
Esqui Riddim unsigned dub
Pies (Instrumental)
Wiley XL
Morgue Vs Thuggish Ruggish Vs Ice Rink
Wiley White Label (bootleg Mix)
Colder (Remix)
Wiley eskiboy
Almost Transparent
Slackk local action
Ice Lake
Zomby Digital Release (Free Download Online)
eski oversss
Magneto (devil mix)

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