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The A-Team Made My Capo

Define Pop // 1300-1400 09.03.10

the a-team made my capo

This week has another great guest...or guests as the case me be in the form of Glasgow band "Call Me Ishmael" who are online at
They're in the studio talking plans, introducing new members and making capo's form various devices including garden ties and elastic bands.
Also be playing some tracks from bands like Pareto, Little Yellow Ukeleles, Crush Waves and many more.
Enjoy, Wull

Posted at 19:09, 9th March 2010


Negative Talk
Young Aviators Unsigned
I Am Stop You Are Go(live)
Call Me Ishmael Unsigned
Can't Sleep
Call Me Ishmael Unsigned
He Slept On 57
He Slept On 57 Unsigned
Lizzy Borden(live)
Call Me Ishmael Unsigned
Sebastian Dangerfield Unsigned
Jumpers For Goalposts(live)
Call Me Ishmael Unsigned
Scores Unsigned
Crush Waves Unsigned
The Beast That Screamed(live)
Call Me Ishmael Unsigned
Lost At Sea
Little Yellow Ukeleles Unsigned
Pareto Unsigned
You Seem So Familliar
Lovers Turn to Monsters Unsigned
How To Swim Unsigned

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