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Deadbeat Club

1400-1500 05.05.10

cartoon character chaperone - it's a real job.

Izzy is away this week, so for one show only you're treated to a co-host who doesn't sound like they've been shot with a tranquiliser dart - also known as Sandra (the co-host, not the tranquiliser dart.) There's more falling over stories (and falling over songs), chilling accounts of cartoon characters being abused by children, and possibly the greatest possible outcome of a public nosebleed known to man.

Posted at 13:35, 18th May 2010


Haswell Diesel
Hank Plan B Magazine
Tom Tom
The Hundred in the Hands Warp
Working to Work
Field Music Memphis Industries
You Trip Me Up
The Jesus And Mary Chain Blanco Y Negro
Once in a Lifetime
Talking Heads Sire
See No Evil
Television Elektra
Dirty Boots
Sonic Youth Geffen
Jukebox Babe
Alan Vega Ze

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