The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 1st April 2009

Dance is not a Genre

1500-1600 01.04.09


Ace of Spades (Mustard Pimp remix)
Motörhead White Label
Hablando (Vandalism remix)
Ramirez Simply Vynil
Zombie Disco Squad Eurovision
What (Foamo edit)
jack beats cheaper thrills
Float My Boat
Lazy J Big & Dirty
Murder Rocket
Hostage White Label
Feel Too Good (Jackbeats remix)
Kidda Skint
DINAG Spring 30 min mix, download it here
They Move Like Somnambulists
Filastine Soot
The Fear (Herve remix)
Lily Allen White Label
Up Down
High Powered Boys Institubes
C'mon Baby
Dances With White Girls Throne of Blood
Run Around (Udachi remix)
Jason Tyler vizo
Vertibulate (Propro vertibulatti remix)
Techjio and BSBTRGDCLUB White Label
Rock it Out
AC Slater nightshifters
War Drums
Black Holes White Label
Animal (B.Rich remix)
Knowlton Walsh Cross Section
It's Beat Now (Riva Starr remix)
Pirate Robot Midget hell yeah
Dusty kid Boxer
Pulp Fiction (Foamo remix)
Alex Reece White Label
Beggin' (Dirty Basement)
Frankie and Valli and the Four Seasons White Label
Go Back (Damage remix)
Grum White Label

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