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dance! dance! dance! - paradise garage tribute - s


The Twisted Wheel

Sat 31st Jan

with DJ's:

Andy Piacentini Derek Smith DJ Ferrero Captain BK McVey

11pm - 3am


[email protected]

Pre-club in Twisted Wheel bar from 9pm


From Discogs:

Larry is revered primarily as the DJ and driving force of the famous club "Paradise Garage." With engineer Richard Long, he custom-designed the Garage's monster sound system and DJ booth, complete with audiophile Thorens turntables. Larry's brilliance lay not only in his technical skill and audio expertise, but also in his unique and eclectic taste. He confounded and greatly broadened the "rules" of what "dance music" could be, mixing everything from gospel, reggae, Philly soul and Euro-disco to rock ("Stand Back"/Stevie Nicks and "Eminence Front"/The Who, to name but two), post-punk ("The Magnificent Seven"/The Clash, and Talking Heads), ambient/environmental music (Klaus Schulze and Manuel Gottsching, for example), and just about everything else. He augmented this aural collage with disorienting sound effects and mind-expanding audio manipulations, working the crossover and balance controls to throw sound around the room as if it had a will of its own. Larry was a shaman who opened a sonic Pandora's box when he D.J.'ed, with all kinds of beautiful, scary and indescribably bizarre sounds careening around the room like spirits flying out of the Ark of the Covenant. Larry cut his musical teeth at The Loft, essentially the first underground, afterhours disco. Started by David Mancuso at the advent of the '70s, The Loft combined psychedelic culture with proto-disco music, which then consisted of longform, psychedelic-influenced soul ("Melting Pot"/Booker T. & The MG's, "Papa Was a Rolling Stone"/The Temptations, etc.), jazz-funk like The Blackbyrds, funky rock ("Woman"/Barabas, for example) and trippy head music like Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon." When "Paradise Garage" opened in 1976, Larry added gospel-and R&B-flavored disco to his musical menu. With Larry at the helm, the Garage embodied all that was beautiful about disco: glamour, unpretentiousness, excitement, hedonism, epiphany through music, black/white and gay/straight harmony, and the general concept of the dancefloor as family. Celebrities like Grace Jones, Keith Haring, Nile Rodgers, Chaka Khan and Madonna hung out and danced the night away along with thousands more of Larry's dedicated flock. As a remixer, Larry applied his inimitable touch to countless all-time club classics, including "Got My Mind Made Up"/Instant Funk, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"/Inner Life, "Can't Play Around"/Lace, "Heartbeat"/Taana Gardner, Gwen Guthrie's "Should Have Been You" and "Nothing Going On But The Rent" and many, many others. As a writer and producer, he helped create the sound of the innovative New York Citi Peech Boys and their seminal club hits "Don't Make Me Wait", "On A Journey", "Come On, Come On" and "Life Is Something Special," a joyous, mesmerizing celebration of life, love, and music. Larry's work has a spacious, epic, atmospheric quality, with a haunting blend of joy and pain. After the Garage closed in 1987, Larry kept a considerably lower profile, doing guest spots at various clubs, including "Studio 54," "Palladium" and "Mars," and D.J.-ing regularly at "The Choice," arguably the inheritor of the Garage's underground legacy. "The Choice" didn't have the grandeur of the Garage, but Larry made it his home, casting his psychedelic spell on a diverse crowd of devoted Garage heads and various other afterhours types. Although his remixing work (and, according to some, his spinning ability) diminished, there's no doubt that Larry, even on a bad night, was still infinitely more creative, interesting and unpredictable than any other jock around. It was that unpredictability that was the reason for many of his followers disenchantment by the mid-and-late '80's: it was also the reason that legions more literally lived to hear him play, or were inspired to make their own careers in music and the music business. Larry's legacy is more than just a legendary nightclub and a fistful of club classics. Larry Levan was the ultimate DJ: he didn't just excel at his job, he reinvented the concept of the DJ, blurring the boundaries of music, race, sex, sexuality, and changing thousands of people's perception of music, sound and the world around them. For those reasons alone he is still revered and talked about to this day. Larry.....we miss you, the club world has never been the same!



Here's the Paradise Garage Top 100

Can't find a couple of video's, so if anyone could add them that would be great

o Affinity – Don’t Go Away 1&index=103

o Ashford & Simpson – No One Gets the Prize Couldn’t find the Ashford & Simpson version on video, so here’s the Diana Ross version (Live at Caesar’s Palace)

o Bean, Carl – I Was Born This Way

o Bohannon, Hamilton – Let’s Start the Dance

o Bridgewater, Dee Dee – Bad for Me

o Brown, James – Give It Up & Turn It Loose (Live Version)

o Brown, Peter – Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me?

o Byrne, David & Brian Eno – Jezebel Spirit

o Central Line – Walking Into Sunshine

o Chi Lites – My First Mistake

o Chocolette – It’s that East Street Beat

o Circus, Martin – Disco Circus

o Clash – Magnificent Dance

o Company B – Fascinated

o D Train – You’re the One for Me

o Dinosaur L – Go Bang!

o Dury, Ian – Spasticus Autisticus

o ESG – Moody

o ESG – Stand in Line No video

o Faithfull, Marianne – Why D’Ya Do It?

o Family Tree – Family Tree

o Fingers Inc – Mystery of Love

o First Choice – Let No Man Put Asunder

o First Choice – Double Cross

o Front Line Orchestra – Don’t Turn Your Back On Me

o Funk Masters – Love Money Not sure which of these should be on the list so I’ve added both vids

o Gardner, Taana – Heartbeat

o Göttsching, Manuel – E2 E4

o Grant, Eddy – Living on the Frontline

o Grant, Eddy – Nobody’s Got Time/Timewarp

o Guthrie, Gwen – Seventh Heaven

o Guthrie, Gwen – Padlock

o Holloway, Loleatta – Love Sensation

o Holloway, Loleatta – Hit & Run

o Holt, Ednah – Serious Sirius Space Party

o Houston, Thelma – I’m Here Again

o Imagination – Just an Illusion

o Inner Life – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

o Instant Funk – Got My Mind Made Up

o Jackson 5 – I Am Love

o Jagger, Mick – Lucky in Love

o Jefferson, Marshall – Move Your Body

o Jones, Grace – Slave to the Rhythm

o Jones, Grace – Pull Up to the Bumper

o Jones, Tamiko – Can’t Live Without Your Love

o Kebek Elektrik – War Dance

o Kendricks, Eddie – Girl You Need a Change of Mind

o Khan, Chaka – Clouds

o Khan, Chaka – I Know You, I Love You

o Klein & MBO – Dirty Talk

o Kraftwerk – The Robots

o Labelle – What Can I Do for You?

o Labelle, Patti – Spirit’s In It

o Lace – Can’t Play Around

o Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face?

o M – Pop Musik

o Man Friday – Love Honey, Love Heartache

o MFSB – Love is the Message

o Miller, Steve Band – Macho City

o Modern Romance – Salsa Rhapsody

o Moore, Melba – You Stepped Into My Life

o Myers, Alicia – I Want to Thank You

o Nicks, Stevie – Stand Back

o Nitro Deluxe – Let’s Get Brutal

o Northend – Tee’s Happy

o Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait

o NYC Citi Peech Boys – Life is Something Special

o NYC Citi Peech Boys – Don’t Make Me Wait

o Ono, Yoko – Walking on Thin Ice

o Phreek – Weekend

o Pleasure – Take a Chance No video for this one

o Police – Voices in My Head

o Powers, Will – Adventures in Stereo

o Rockers Revenge – Walking on Sunshine

o Ridley, Sharon – Change

o Robotnick, Alexander – Problèmes d’Amour

o Ross, Diana – Love Hangover

o Salsoul Orchestra – Love Break

o Sister Sledge – Lost in Music

o Sister Sledge – We Are Family

o Sparque – Let’s Go Dancing

o Stevens, Cat – Was Dog a Doughnut?

o Straker, Nick Band – A Little Bit of Jazz

o Strikers – Body Music

o Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight

o Summer, Donna – I Feel Love

o Sylvester – I Need Someone to Love Tonight

o Syreeta – Can’t Shake Your Love

o Talking Heads – I Zimbra

o Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime

o Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love

o Touch – Without You

o Two Tons of Fun – I Got the Feeling

o Visual – The Music Got Me

o Weather Girls – Just Us No video for this one

o Womack & Womack – Baby I’m Scared of You

o Yazoo – Situation

o Yello – Bostich

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competition - competition - competition

On every show over the next 3 weeks we will be giving away guestlist to our next club night, Sat 29th Nov, + Free Tickets to our Hogmanay Party

Tune in for more info.........

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hogmanay tickets



The Twisted Wheel Queen St Glasgow

DJ's Andy Piacentini + Derek Smith

In the club from 10pm - 4am (Late License permitting)


TICKETS ON SALE from SAT 29TH NOV (At next Dance! Dance! Dance! Club night)

or contact

Derek Smith (07923386548) or Andy Piacentini (07989742485) thereafter

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dance! dance! dance! @ the twisted wheel


The Twisted Wheel Queen St Glasgow

Sat 29th November

With DJ's Andy Piacentini + Derek Smith

11pm - 3am


Pre-club from 9pm in Twisted Wheel bar with DJ Ferrero + very special guest

This month we have a very special guest playing at the pre-club, an avid record collector and record shop owner, former DJ at Traxx and all round good bloke. He wants his name kept under wraps for this one, for reasons only known to him. But it his is birthday night out so expect to hear some proper party records in the bar on the 29th. And of course our special guest will be supported by the ever mysterious DJ Ferrero, who broke his radio virginity on the Dance! Dance! Dance! show on Subcity last week.

And of course Andy Piacentini + Derek Smith will be manning the turntables in the club from 11pm - 3am. So expect excursions in Funk, Boogie, Soul, Jazz-Funk, Balearic, Leftfield Disco, Philly Disco, House, Afro-Beat, Beard Disco, Hip-Hop etc..............

DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! is now the last Saturday of every month!!!

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