Episode 11: No Stairway

Daily Dischord // 1400-1600 17.04.12

Vinyl records, acoustic/folk nonsense, dirty rock n roll, sludge punk metal and something melodic and upbeat spliced with hip hop beats. Revolutionary? Experimental? Or just crazy non-hype?

More buzz words than a marketing executive's bible.

Posted at 20:34, 15th April 2012


Ass Dragger
Stallion Onslaught of Steel
Pray for Rain
A Loss For Words Rise Records
American Nightmare Equal Vision
Winnebago Deal Double Dragon
Play the Blues
Danko Jones Bad Taste
Jake Leg
Baroness Relapse
Fly by Night
Loma Prieta Deathwish Inc.
Side Effect
Take A Worm For A Walk Week Dizzy Storm
Breathe Armageddon
Cancer Bats Hassle
Some Appetite
No Island Stuggletown
Lipstick Vogue
Gaza Strippers Triple X
It's Gonna Be Alright
Mary's Kids Ghost Highway
B. Dolan Strange Famous
Balance and Composure No Sleep
The Hellacopters White Jazz
Fast One
Super$hit666 Inferno
Mattress Majesty
Torqamada Bronx Cheer
If You Need It
Daytrader Rise Records
Worn-Out Passport
The Copyrights Red Scare Industries
I Ain't Gonna Be History
Imperial State Electric Onslaught of Steel
White Tar
The Bronx Ferret
Fall Down, Never Get Back Up Again
La Dispute No Sleep
Fireworks Triple Crown
A Modern Way of Letting Go
Idlewild Parlophone
59 Gallon Bladder
The Maggots Gearhead
Leave Me Alone
The Hard Feelings Gearhead
The Artist in the Ambulance
Thrice Island
Don't Believe a Word
Gonzales Kornalcielo
My Star
The (International) Noise Conspiracy Burning Heart
End of a Century
Blur Parlophone
Young Punks
Hard-Ons and Neil Hamburger Alternative Tentacles
Breakin's a Memory
Kid Dynamite Hopeless

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