NoFACE Vs ERA (Electrikal)

Custom // 1900-2000 29.04.11

noface vs era (electrikal)

Our Guest this week hails from Edinburgh and is one of the founding members of the Electrikal Sound System. As well as this, his residencies at both Jungledub and Big N Bashy allow him to unleash his intense medleys of jungle, drum & bass and dubstep upon respectable crowds most weeks while also co-hosting the weekly Big N Bashy show with Deburgh on internet radio outlet, Nasty FM. Just lend him 10 minutes of your eartime and he’ll no doubt show you why his nickname of ‘The Don’ has been affectionately bestowed upon him by those who see him ruff tings up.

Posted at 10:46, 29th April 2011


Resketch White Label
Koreless Pictures
level crossing
Joe hessel
taking it all (Mele remix)
samo sound boy Palms Out
Ramadanman hessel
you always start it
XXXY White Label
Hudson Mohawke Warp
the bells (girl unit remix)
C.R.S.T White Label
the break up
Kavsrave Tighten Up
arterial girl
Taz White Label
Kokoro White Label
Endless White Label
red hot car
Squarepusher Warp
DTI Remix
Skepta White Label
benny page White Label
Arpz 3000
Dj Madd Subway

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