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10th October 2013
Collective Resonance #36 (Greg Turtleneck Mix)
3rd October 2013
Collective Resonance #35 (Prof.Logik Guest Mix)
26th September 2013
Collective Resonance #34
22nd August 2013
Collective Resonance #32 (Funk Juice Mix)
8th August 2013
Collective Resonance #31
1st August 2013
Collective Resonance #30 (Guest Mix W/ Duktus)
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Collective Resonance is an independent record label based in London, United Kingdom. Founded in 2008, the label focuses on electronic music, Instrumental Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Pyschedelic music, Experimental and Jazz. It has signed artists such as GO Yama, Duke Slammer, Prof.Logik, Axion117, Kaelin Ellis, John Derek Bishop, Sadsic and The Architect.

There is now also a weekly Collective Resonance radio show that is featured here on Subcity Radio. You can expect to hear some exclusive Collective Resonance material showcased by Greg Turtleneck on the show, as well as occasional selections from guest DJ's/artists playing music from a variety of artists from all over the world.

Catch the show on Thursday mornings 11am-12pm GMT. If you should ever miss the first run you can always catch up here on the Subcity Radio website via this Collective Resonane page.


collective resonance #36 (greg turtleneck mix)

Collective Resonance // 10.10.13 // Collective Resonance #36 (Greg Turtleneck Mix)

Greg Turtleneck presents this weeks mix which kicks off with some new Cor Stidak. We then get into some tracks from Moka Only, Madvillain, Mac Miller, FlyLo, DaM Funk, Snoop Dogg, Negrosaki, Lidly, Beem, jublet and so on. All these guys can be found on Soundcloud or just Google search them. Enjoy and see the playlist for who did what exactly.

Posted at 00:53, 16th October 2013

collective resonance #35 (prof.logik guest mix)

Collective Resonance // 03.10.13 // Collective Resonance #35 (Prof.Logik Guest Mix)

This week South Carolina based beat artist Prof.Logik hijacks the show. He is presenting a guest mix that he threw together which features some present day Hip Hop/rap he likes, as well as more instrumental stuff.

Expect to hear some goodness from Martin $ky, Danny Watts, Earl Sweatshirt Feat. Domo Genisis, Andy Ongulous, iLL SUGI, Durag Dynasty, Jalen, Black Milk, TONY FERRARI and others. Enjoy and see the track listing for who did what exactly.

P.S. - If you can't play the show here for whatever reason then you can also stream it via our Mixcloud. See the link below, the full track list for Prof.Logik's guest mix can be found here too...

Posted at 02:07, 4th October 2013

collective resonance #34

Collective Resonance // 26.09.13 // Collective Resonance #34

Greg Turtleneck wants to say apologies in advance for the loudness. I think something messed up during mixdown or something. You may want to to turn down the volume. Anyways this latest mix I did for Collective Resonance episode number 34 kicks off with J Dilla's Workinonit off of his Donuts LP.

We then get into some James Pants, a track off of Japanese producer Lidly's latest release, Nosmo King's contribution to the new Prof.Logik Relief Compilation, some GO Yama, a track off of Beem's new release, a track from UK based Hip Hop collective Baishe Kings who have just been signed to Ninja Tune, some Earl Sweatshirt featuring RZA, Asonic Garcia & Stainless Steele and we finish off with a track from W.O.L.M off of the latest Pragmatic Theory compilation.

P.S. - Check out the new Prof.Logik Relief Compilation at...

Posted at 18:58, 2nd October 2013

collective resonance #33

Collective Resonance // 12.09.13 // Collective Resonance #33 (Preview)

Due to technical issues Collective Resonance #33 has only been uploaded to our Mixcloud page. Don't worry though the link you need to check it out can be found below this text. Damien Connell is presenting some sounds from Collective Resonance artists Kaelin Ellis and Sadsic. Showcasing material off of their upcoming Collective Resonance releases.

There is also some goodness to be heard from the likes of Chesslo Junior, IAMNOBODI, Amin Payne & DOC Mastermind, Prof.Logik/The Bins, Fitzroy and ChromadaData. Check it out and enjoy the ride.

Posted at 19:43, 12th September 2013

collective resonance #32 (funk juice mix)

Collective Resonance // 22.08.13 // Collective Resonance #32 (Funk Juice Mix)

This weeks show features a mix with a funky twist that was put together by The minipimp. We apologize that the show/mix is so short this week. This is of course available not only here but on Mixcloud too. See the track list below for who did what and enjoy. We will be back with an hour long show next week.

Posted at 00:36, 22nd August 2013

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