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Thunder Storm

Codeine Drums // 1400-1500 22.06.12

hiding from the elements

We ducked into the studio between the madness of the thunder, lightning, wind and rain to bring you todays show, and it was a pretty eclectic one.

As ever. When do we ever just stick to one sound?

Everything is as new as it possibly can be.

Thanks to all the listeners.

Posted at 18:21, 22nd June 2012


Night Drops
Indian Wells Bad Panda
AD Bourke Scenario
Say Something
Fort Romeau 100% Silk
Empire (Maribou State Remix)
Alpines White Label
Baby I Don't Know What You Want
Jacques Greene LuckyMe
Percolator Meme
Teeth Sound Pellegrino
Floyd Campbell Body High
The Sour Drink From The Ocean
Lockah Jeffrees
Sweet Vixen
s-type LuckyMe
The Black God
Spaceghostpurrp White Label
There We Go
Cadence Weapon Upper Class
Survival Tactics
Joey Badass x Capital Steez White Label
Azealia Banks White Label
Mercy (Salva & RL Grime Remix)
Kanye West White Label
Harlem Shake
Baauer Jeffrees

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