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39 - Run Them a-Run

11th June 2012
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2nd April 2012
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19th March 2012
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20th February 2012
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23rd January 2012
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21st November 2011
39 - Run Them a-Run
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Chungo-Bungo // 1900-2100 21.11.11

39 - run them a-run

Run them a-run, run them a-run when the champion a-come, champion a come.

Back in our new fortnightly evening slot, tonight we'll be covering the Reggae Roast crew more in depth with some proper insight into what they do and their releases to date, ahead of our party with them on 03/12/11.

Also listen in live for a chance to win tickets for CB meets Reggae Roast & MC Ishu.

Respect and manners.

Posted at 16:16, 21st November 2011


Jah A Guide Mi
Little Twitch Jammy's
Hot Milk Riddim
Instrumental Jah Life
Barrington Levy Jah Life
Johnny Murderer
Johnny Osbourne Jah Life
Is This Love
Bob Marley Island
Legalise Ganja
Vivian Jones Vivian Jones
Rasta Cowboy
Lionel Ganja Barrett Chopper
Original Melody
Bobby Melody Chopper
Sensi Skank version
Murray Man Reggae Roast
Sensi Skank
Ruben Di Silva Reggae Roast
Chungo-Bungo Skank
Ruben Di Silva Chungo-Bungo Dubplate
Original Sound
Conroy Smith Waterhouse
Three In One
Lee"scratch"Perry Upsetter
Bogle Riddim
Mungo's Hi Fi Scotch Bonnet
Gimme Gimme
Kenny Knots Scotch Bonnet
Gimme Gimme Chungo-Bungo Sound
Kenny Knots Chungo-Bungo Dubplate
Chungo-Bungo Sweet
Diegojah Chungo-Bungo Dubplate
Unknown Track
unknown artist White Label
Jah Saved My Life (Mr Bassie Riddim)
Barrington Levy VP
King Chamption (Mr Bassie Riddim)
Frankie Paul VP
Pass The Kouchie
The Mighty Diamonds Music Works
Pass The Kouchie (Pass The Kouchie 2011 Riddim)
Mr Williamz Necessary Mayhem
Special Lover (Pass The Kouchie 2011 Riddim)
Franz Job Necessary Mayhem
Spliff (Raw Version) (The Chalice Riddim)
Screechie Dan Rebud
Inna Tea (The Chalice Riddim)
Lloyd D Stiff Rebud
Easy Me Ting (No Warrior Riddim)
Yellow Man RAS
Jungle Man (No Warrior Riddim)
King Kong RAS
Ghetto Hot (Weatherman Skank Riddim Remix)
AZRock White Label
Infiltrate (Weatherman Skank Riddim Remix)
Sean Paul White Label
Burn Di Politicians
Spectacular Greatest Friends
Sound Boy Killing
mega banton Black Scorpio
History Book (Boops 2009 Riddim)
Assassin Jukeboxx
Fashion Attack (Boops 2009 Riddim)
Knoshens Jukeboxx
Nowadays Boopsie (Boops 2009 Riddim)
Assassin Jukeboxx
Danman Reggae Roast
Mus Come A Road
Mr Vegas A Team
Collie Buddz A Team
Legalise it!
Pato Banton Cornerstone R.A.S.
Wicked In Bed
Shabba Ranks Digital B
Inna Sancturay
Aba Shanti-I and The Shanti-Ites Falasha
Green Light
General Trix Rough Lynx

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