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43 - 23.03 Preview Session

11th June 2012
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43 - 23.03 Preview Session
20th February 2012
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21st November 2011
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Chungo-Bungo // 1900-2100 19.03.12

43 - 23.03 preview session (ticket giveaway)

After missing a few shows (sorry!), we're back.

This Friday (23rd March) at Chambre 69 we are representing for Scotch Bonnet Records alongside Mungo's Hi Fi, as we welcome Kenny Knots and Part2Style to Glasgow.

Expect this show to be a proper preparation for this Friday's session, with many tunes we'll be playing on the night, along with a few new dubplate versions.

Listen close for a chance to win a pair of tickets for this Friday. Don't miss!

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Posted at 15:42, 19th March 2012


Rididididdip Up (Skidip Dub)
Charlie P Chungo-Bungo Dubplate
No Darkness
Courtney Melody Chopper
Rocky Road
Don Carlos Furybass
Stand Off
Daddy Scotty Scotch Bonnet
Leave The Oil Alone
Afrikan Simba and Dixie Peach Scotch Bonnet
Stand High DubaDub
Nah Run From No Clash
Trevor Levy Firehouse
Life in Ghetto
Andrew Bees New Name
Line Up
Johnny Osbourne Firehouse
Andrew Bees White Label
Musical Murder
Johnny Osbourne Black Temple

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